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   "The defeat of Berna-in-mil was inflicted on Tomaltach Mac Diarmata and on
                                                                                                    List of years in Ireland
   Mac William, where were killed many of the people of Mac William by the son
   of the Earl and Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh."
   January 20 - May 2 Justicier de Lucy campaigns in Munster, where he captures William and Walter de Bermingham in
   February (see July 11)
   April 7 Roger Mortimer's outlawry of Hugh de Lacy queried
   July Bunratty castle captured by King Muirchertach of Thomond and Mac Con Mara
   August 4 Justicer de Lucy ordered to stay execution against magnates imprisoned for felonies; Roger Outlaw
   commissioned to treat with English and Irish at war with Edward III
   August 17 Parliament at Dublin
   September 9 - November 15 Justicier de Lucy leads expedition to Thomond
   September 15 Edward III's expedition to Ireland abandoned
   September 20 Prisage of wine at ports of Dublin, Drogheda, Limerick and Waterford granted to the Earl of Ormond
   September 30 John Darcy reappointed justicier (see February 13, 1333
   December 3 Thomas de Burgh acting as deputy justicier
   Richard FitzRalph of Dundalk appointed chancellor of Oxford University; holds post until 1334


   Walter de Burgh starved to death while imprisoned by his cousion the Earl of Ulster
   July 11 William de Bermingham, hung at Dublin

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