Tracing Quick and Easy With Inkscape

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					Tracing Quick and Easy With Inkscape

Sometimes we need a vector software if they can relay other than Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. In the case that we want to use the
auto trace feature available in all standard vector software though.

But that can sometimes result does not match expectations, not to mention the deadline has begun to haunt. We need something that
is quick and easy, do not worry anymore because now there is Inkscape, a free addition to the auto trace his very able in the count. But
still I remind you not to rely on software, better hone skills that will never go away

The best results in the auto trace Inkscape can be if we want mentrace silhouette quite a lot of detail, or to image vectorization our
hands. I think the most useful Inkscape to create a vector image of our manual.

Before you try it, please download Inkscape here. After that you manually prepare images that have been scanned.

Step 1
Run Inkscape, this software will automatically create a blank document. No need to ignore the size of the document, because we will
only take its course auto trace.

Step 2
Select the images you want to scan (on the recommended form of black and white, high-resolution, JPEG), how to import document
images, File -> Import. Then the dialog box will appear as below.
If you have selected, click Open.

Step 3
We will directly download autotrace image. Click / image selection and Path -> Trace Bitmap

Now we will set up its trace settings. Click Update to mengaktifkanPreview, so we can see some results of its auto trace. Adjust
Brightness Cut Off Her accordance with your wishes, the higher the number, the darker and the possibility that we want detail will be
lost, so you often have to experiment with this setting.
Once satisfied with the preview, click Ok.

Step 4
Delete the last pixel image we use, so there is only the result vector only. Have seen the results right? Nice and smooth once the
results of its auto trace.

Step 5
Save the results of its vector in SVG format, that can be opened in Adobe Illustratoratau Corel Draw.
Now this vector if the software is ready to use in your favorite vector, both for its color change, in perfected form, and so on.

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