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					                                       Hall Of Fame

Alyssa Smith (Teach Me How To Shimmy) - Platinum, 3rd Overall in Petites
Rebekah Wendt (If My Friends Could See Me Now) - High Gold
Alex Walraven (Happy Working Song) - High Gold
Abi Wendt (Welcome To The 60s) - Gold
Kylie Davis (So Much Better) - Gold
Haley Smith (Hero) - High Gold
Haley Smith (Hound Dog) - High Gold, All-Star Scholarship
Angel Smith (Are You Ready For A Miracle) - Platinum, 4th Overall, Costume Award, Hall Of
Fame Junior Inductee
Angel Smith (Garden Of Eden) - Platinum, All-Star Scholarship
Madison Duncan (Everybody But Me) - Platinum, Choreography Award
Madison Duncan (Hernando's Hideaway) - Platinum
Madison Duncan (Two Steps Away) - Platinum, Technique Award, 1st Overall, Hall Of Fame
Senior Inductee

                       Tremaine Convention Scholarship Auditions

In the Junior Room, Olivia George, Alex Walraven, Alix Davis, Haley Smith, Alana Lindsey,
and Angel Smith made it through the ballet cut. Haley Smith, Alana Lindsey, and Angel Smith
made it through the jazz cut as well and were selected as finalists. Alana and Angel both
received year-long scholarships to Tremaine Conventions.
In the Teen Room, Jazmine Cooper and Allie Spellman both made it through the ballet cut.
In the Senior Room, Madison Duncan and Holland Humphrey both made it through the ballet
cut. Madison was a finalists and won a scholarship as well.

            Congratulations to everyone!!!

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