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									                       How To Practise Telepathy Across Continents

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Telepathy is thought to many things including instinct and intuition. In reality, it the communication
without using speech, writing or hand signs. It is, at its base, mental communication.

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In short, we can put telepathy on its own pedestal regarding a language.

It is common knowledge amongst those who work with various variety of animals that some
possess a type of telepathy for speaking to each other or conveying thoughts. Some mammals
such as whales have been thought to be able to use this to send out messages over miles and
miles of ocean.

Many believe that ancient man inherently had this ability to communicate with each other as a
necessity of survival and that some may not have lost this ability over time.

It is not that telepathy is a cryptic thought process, it is that many do not know what it is or if they
have felt it before. At one time in our historic history, humans have been telepathic. Just as easily
as humans could read or write, they were able to communicate telepathically.

With modern times being what they are, our society has all but lost their natural abilities of
telepathic power. These abilities are deep inside of everyone and are just as natural as the ability
to speak, listen to music and respond and using your common 5 senses.

Would you believe that telepathy is linked to your sixth sense? Well it is and you may hear some
refer to it as the third eye. Whatever name you have for it, telepathy should just come to be
second nature.

People all the time experience 'gut feelings' that turn out to be accurate guideposts, feel as if
someone is looking at them from behind (which turns out often to be true), have intuitive
perceptions about another person that largely turn out to be accurate, have a 'strange feeling' that
someone they haven't been in touch with in a while is going to contact them or visit them and it
happens, get the feeling that someone they love is in danger and it turns out to be true (this most
commonly happens between mother and child, but it's not limited to that), and so on. These are all
aspects of telepathy.
Why did society lose their abilities of telepathy for the most part?

The advent of modern day religions has effectively demonized telepathic powers to the point that
the only association they have is with demonic control or with a tool of Satan. There are many new
age religions that are becoming more in tune with telepathy however.

It may be that as the world population grew, our need for telepathy began to wane as our survival
was not dependent upon it and putting this sense on to a higher power made more sense at the

Of course, this also brings to light as to why organized religion is so adamant that this ability does
not exist unless you are possessed by the devil. What is their fear of this natural ability?

The opinion is that if anyone can have this ability, it would make the power of a deity less
impressive. You would basically be admitting that anyone can see the future or communicate
silently. These abilities are supposed to belong to a higher power, not the common man.

Another problem the modern world has with telepathy is its elusiveness from an orthodox scientific

Science is about discovery so perhaps one day soon there will be real tests that can be conducted
to prove or disprove the theory that telepathy does exist. Science has not yet come up with any to
do this, nor is it believed that telepathy exists so they do not bother even trying to test for it.

It is common knowledge that we all feel emotions and have instinctual behaviors. These can not
be measured either but they are still customary feelings that are accepted by the scientific

Whether scientists choose to call it instinct or just refuse to believe because they do not
experience it themselves is mute, the point is it just because you do not feel it does no mean it
does not exist.

Maybe we can date back this loss as far as the Tower of Babylon story and the confusion that
surrounded languages. Maybe it wasn't just language that was a setback; maybe people who used
telepathy had this problem as well.

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