For the three companies listed below, find the statements of by pptfiles


									              Starbucks                      Johnson & Johnson                  Ben & Jerrys
              Giving back to                 committed to improving the         supports the
              communities - By making        community through a variety of     communities of which
              investments that benefit       programs both in the United        they are a part
              coffee producers, their        States and abroad. actively
              families and communities,      involved in supporting ongoing
              and the natural                health care, educational and
              environment, Starbucks is      cultural programs

              helping to promote a
              sustainable model for the
              worldwide production and
              trade of high-quality
              Treating people with           Diversity is part of the culture   deep respect for
              respect and dignity - At       of Johnson & Johnson, where        individuals in and
              Starbucks, we believe in       we recognize the value that        outside the company
              treating people with           differences in age, race,
              respect and dignity. This is   gender, nationality, sexual
              especially true of the way     orientation, physical ability,
              we treat the people who        thinking style and background
              work for Starbucks – our       bring a richness to the
              partners                       working environment. Our
                                             vision is to be the Employer of

                                             Choice in a Dynamic Global

              Helping protect the            We are committed to a              We strive to minimize
              Environment - promoting        healthy environment through        our negative impact on
              conservation in coffee-        a reduction in our facility        the environment. We
              growing countries to in-       environmental impacts and          support sustainable and
              store “Green Teams” and        our participation in               safe methods of food
              recycling programs,            conservation projects              production that reduce
              Starbucks has established                                         environmental
              high standards for                                                degradation, maintain
              environmental                                                     the productivity of the
              responsibility                                                    land over time, and

                                                                                support the economic
                                                                                viability of family farms
                                                                                and rural communities.
                strive to be a responsible   Our primary focus is on           Social Mission
                neighbour and active         making life-changing, long-       To operate the
                contributor in the           term differences in human         company in a way that
                communities where our        health by targeting the world's   actively recognizes the
                partners and customers       major health-related issues.      central role that
Surrounding area

                live, work and play.         We will fulfill this, and other   business plays in
                                             philanthropic efforts, through    society by initiating

                                             community-based                   innovative ways to
                                             partnerships.                     improve the quality of
                                                                               life locally, nationally &

                                             Health and Safety efforts -
                                             established high standards for
                                             the health and safety of our
                                             workers and has worked with
                                             others in our community to
                                             share our knowledge in this
                                             area - Our vision is to be "the
Health safety

                                             world leader" in health and
                                             safety by achieving healthy
                                             lifestyles and injury-free

                                                                               Product Mission
                                                                               To make, distribute &
                                                                               sell the finest quality all
                                                                               natural ice cream &
                                                                               euphoric concoctions
                                                                               with a continued
                                                                               commitment to
                                                                               wholesome, natural
                                                                               ingredients and
                                                                               promoting business
                                                                               practices that respect

                                                                               the Earth and the
                                         Additional policies:       Economic Mission
                                          Climate Friendly Energy    To operate the
                                          Policy                     Company on a
                                         Employment of Young        sustainable financial
                                          Persons                    basis of profitable
                                         Equal Employment           growth, increasing
                                          Opportunity Policy         value for our
                                         Global Labor &             stakeholders &
                                          Employment Guidelines      expanding
                                         Global Workplace Policy    opportunities for
                                          on HIV/AIDS                development and
                                         Harassment Policy          career growth for our
                                         Health & Safety Policy     employees.
                                         Health Care Compliance
                                         Johnson & Johnson
                                          Consumer Companies,
                                          Inc., Product Safety
                                         Johnson & Johnson
                                          Safety Vision Statement
                                         Laboratory Research
                                          Animal Testing
                                         Our Ethical Code For The
                                          Conduct of Research and
                                         Our Policy on Grants
                                         Policy on Business
                                         Work and Family Leave
                                          and Family Medical
                                          Leave Absence (FMLA)
                                         Worldwide
                                          Environmental Policy

                                         Worldwide Tobacco-Free
                                          Workplace Policy

         I prefer the statements of Johnson and Johnson and think they are more
         ideal at showing the consumers what they believe in, what they actually do,
         how they have paired their missions up with meeting the needs of the
         community, the environment, the workers, and the world as a whole. Their
         statements cover every topic, in depth, with examples, facts, figures and are
         all together more convincing than the sweeping statements (in particular
         made by Ben and Jerrys). Ben and Jerrys proclaims to have respect for
         people, Johnson and Johnson show you what they think that means and
         applies it. The in depth, well presented, well thought out policies that it has
put into action far outweight and almost ridicule those of the other two
companies. They have covered every topic professionally and fully.

Baby cereal social and ethical policies:

Products – our products are healthy nutritious, only use sustainable material
from fair trade farmers, top quality at an affordable price.

People – Whether you are a customer, a worker or an investor, you will be
treated with respect. We will listen to your opinions and promote diversity.
Our policies are worldwide and we will provide a workplace free from
discrimination and have protective measures in place for all our employees.

Environment- all of our packaging is environmentally friendly. We use the
latest technology to ensure the efficient production of our products whilst
causing the least damage to the environment. We promote recycling
initiatives and encourage all of our packaging to be recycled. Al of our
ingredients are taken from sustainable sources and purchased under fair
trade agreements.

Communities – we work with and support the communities in which we are
based and support community charities world-wide. We encourage the
development, education and productivity of communities nation-wide and
our support programmes help to ensure the communities are supported,
financed and guided in achieving their goals.

Health and safety – we have rigorous policies put in place in order to protect
our workers from injuries and hazards in the workplace. We promote health
and safety in our work places world wide and have the same high standards.

This statement covers all of the key points that I think a company should
have in order to be considered socially and ethically responsible. From
people to environment, it states that the highest care is taken in production,
the work place, and the environment to ensure the products not only benefit
the consumer, but the nation as a whole.

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