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Everything About Telepathy


									                              A True Understanding Of Telepathy

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When you try to understand telepathy it all starts when one person transfers their thoughts and
emotions to another person. The definition commonly known is that telepathy is a term for the
feelings over a distance.

binaural beats telepathy
To communicate telepathically is to do so on a whole different level than what we are used to.

Over the years animal trainers and scientists have come to understand that animals use telepathic
communications when connecting with one another. However, this can also extend over a far
distance and not just when in close proximety.

While humans in the West consider this to be a phenomenon, there are still primitive tribes around
today who naturally use the power of telepathy. This way they can communicate with one another
silently and secretly.

Telepathy does not need to be feared nor it is very well understood, but it is apart of every humans
make up. Many have had telepathic experiences without even knowing it. Maybe it was taught to
young children of primitive civilizations they way we teach our children today to speak and read. If
one had difficulty, there were probably shown ways to over come the difficulty in learning to use

It is felt that there is the possibility that telepathy has evolved out of mankind through natural
selection. Perhaps with all the modern advances we no longer need to be telepathic.

We all have a sixth sense that we are familiar with. There was even a movie by this name so it is
not an uncommon way of looking at telepathy.

You may not even realize the times that this happens to you, but everyone has telepathy as a tool.
The only problem is most people don't know how to use it. Oddly enough we experience it all the
time and call it instinct instead. Maybe you're driving home from work and just have a bad feeling
about something at home, and then when you get there a problem arises. These are considered
"gut feelings" and while many people accept this as an answer, they don't realize that it has to do
with telepathy. The most common instance you will hear is the connection between a mother and
Why did society lose their abilities of telepathy for the most part?

The advent of modern day religions has effectively demonized telepathic powers to the point that
the only association they have is with demonic control or with a tool of Satan. There are many new
age religions that are becoming more in tune with telepathy however.

Faith no longer belongs to the human being but to outside forces or gods. Instead of putting faith
in ourselves, we cherish and worship gods to match our personal beliefs.

Knowing this, you have to wonder why they are so distrustful when it comes to telepathy.

It may be that when it comes to religion, it is easier for the men in power within the churches to
simply say is their god because then the people who follow that religion will accept it as divine
power and will more readily accept that they do not have the power of telepathy at all. It may make
a religion seem more important if the spiritual leader can communicate with his god through

While this is a major problem, there are many other issues as well. One of the biggest has to do
with the assurance that comes from science.

Most scientists have the thoughts that if it is not something that can be studied or tore apart and
put back together that it can not be a true ability. Some scientists do agree that instinct does exist
within humans and the animal kingdom however.

It is common knowledge that we all feel emotions and have instinctual behaviors. These can not
be measured either but they are still customary feelings that are accepted by the scientific

There may be envy involved as well. Even those with high IQ's and degrees can feel envious of
something they do not have themselves, or choose not to acknowledge. By calling it instinct, they
leave themselves room to have a certain belief that undermines the envy.

It is hard to say when we humans became bereft of our natural telepathy. Perhaps the gods
decided that we no longer needed it.

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