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   This article is about the year 1011. For the number (and other uses), see 1011 (number).

                                                                                 Millennium:                    2nd millennium
Year 1011 (MXI) was a common year starting on Monday (link will display
                                                                                  Centuries:   10th century – 11th century – 12th century
the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
                                                                                  Decades : 980s 990s 1000s – 1010s – 1020s 1030s 1040s

Events                                                                                Years:    1008 1009 1010 – 1011 – 1012 1013 1014

                                                                                                              1011 by topic
By place
                                                                                                               Lists of leaders

Europe                                                                                                        State leaders
                                                                                                         Birth and death categories
   June 11 – the Byzantine army under the catapan Basil Mesardonites takes
   Bari from the rebellious Lombard lord Melus.[1]                                                           Births – Deaths
                                                                                               Establishments and disestablishments categories
   Danes capture Canterbury, taking Alphege, the Archbishop of Canterbury as a
   prisoner. [2]                                                                                 Establishments – Disestablishments
                                                                                                                     · T·       ·
   Byrhtferth of Ramsey writes his Manual, on the subject of time.[2]
                                                                                                                 V          E

   The German king Henry II enfeoffes Adalbero, Duke of Carinthia with the                         1011 in other calendars
   Carinthian duchy, including the rule over the March of Verona (or in 1012).
                                                                                         Gregorian calendar                 1011
   Ermengol II succeeds Ermengol I as Count of Urgell                                                                       MXI
   Albert II, Count of Namur succeeds Albert I                                           Ab urbe condita                    1764

Middle East                                                                              Armenian calendar                  460
                                                                                                                            ԹՎ ՆԿ
   Baghdad Manifesto: Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah's descent from Ali ibn Abi Talib is
                                                                                         Assyrian calendar                  5761
                                                                                         Bahá'í calendar                    -833–-832
   Ibn al-Haytham (Alhacen), a famous Persian scientist working in Egypt, feigns
                                                                                         Bengali calendar                   418
   madness in fear of angering Al-Hakim, and is kept under house arrest until
                                                                                         Berber calendar                    1961
   1021. During this time he begins writing his influential Book of Optics.
                                                                                         English Regnal year                N/A
   In Georgia, Bagrat III dispossesses Sumbat III of Klarjeti, who dies thereafter.
                                                                                         Buddhist calendar                  1555
Eastern Asia                                                                             Burmese calendar                   373
   The Chinese Guangyun rime dictionary is compiled under Emperor Zhenzong               Byzantine calendar                 6519–6520
   of Song.                                                                              Chinese calendar                   庚戌年十一月廿四日

   Emperor Sanjō ascends to the throne of Japan.                                                                            (3647/3707-11-24)
                                                                                                                                   — to —
Births                                                                                                                      辛亥年十二月初四日

   Eleanor of Normandy, a Norman noblewoman and the daughter of Richard II               Coptic calendar                    727–728
   of Normandy (possible date; d. after 1071)                                            Ethiopian calendar                 1003–1004
   Ralph the Staller, earl of East Anglia (d. 1068)                                      Hebrew calendar                    4771–4772
   Robert I, Duke of Burgundy (d. 1076)                                                  Hindu calendars
   Shao Yong, Song Dynasty philosopher, cosmologist, poet and historian (d.               - Vikram Samvat                   1067–1068
   1077)                                                                                  - Shaka Samvat                    933–934
                                                                                          - Kali Yuga                       4112–4113
                                                                                         Holocene calendar                  11011
   February 23 – Willigis, Archbishop of Mainz and a statesman of the Holy               Iranian calendar                   389–390
   Roman Empire (b. c. 940)                                                              Islamic calendar                   401–402
   November 21 – Emperor Reizei of Japan (b. 950)                                        Japanese calendar
  December 12 or December 15 – Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (b. c. 975)                    Julian calendar            1011       MXI
  Emperor Ichijō of Japan (b. 980)                                                        Korean calendar            3344
  Albert I, Count of Namur (b. c. 950)                                                    Minguo calendar            901 before ROC
  Armentarius, Galician bishop (b. 983)                                                                              民前901 年

  Sumbat III of Klarjeti, Georgian prince of the Bagratid dynasty of Tao-Klarjeti         Thai solar calendar        1554
  and the last sovereign of Klarjeti[3]                                                              This box: view · talk · edit ·
  Yohannan V, Patriarch of the Church of the East
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