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					  Are you looking forward to have your own
     e-commerce website to promote your
  business? Before this lest understand the
 related and some important aspects to it. To
  get your website aired on internet you will
require web hosting services. When you see
a website on internet you actually see a web
 page which accessed from a web server via
    web browser. So when you make your
website for any propose it should be available
on internet via server so that people basically
    internet users can see your website.

shared web hosting
  That is the reason if you have e-commerce website or any type of website
you will require web hosting services to get it available on internet for various
online users The companies who offer these kinds of web hosting services are
generally known as web hosting service provider          In last few decades has
become very popular to promote shared web hosting various types of business
on internet As business owners find it the best way to reach a great amount of
targeted customers In India web hosting are available with various options
 Like Shared Web hosting services, dedicated web hosting services,
co-location webhosting services, reseller web hosting services      In shared
web hosting services multiple websites get hosted on one particular server It
is commonly known as virtual web hosting While opting for this web hosting
services a good hosting provider should be considered, because good web
hosting service provider keep a check on the server for the better and fast
performance The advantage of shared web hosting services is that it falls
     In dedicated web hosting services a dedicate server is given to the
customer These types of hosting services are best for high end web hosting
requirement which involves processing and storage of large amount of data
Here customer gets opportunity to host multiple websites as per the business
requirements And it can be customized as per the specific requirement to
handle data and traffic on website with help of good amount of bandwidth
Good companies related to web hosting India offer great deals in dedicated
web hosting, though this type of hosting is little expensive but it is best and
reliable for customized business requirements
    In co-location web hosting services the customer owns the server being
used for hosting services and uses the secure data centre This helps the
customer to have hundred percent controls over web server This kind of
services are good for companies who have their own dedicated technical
teams to cater all kind of technical issues for hosting services The expanses
on this service entirely depend on the business requirement
    In Reseller web hosting the web hosting company provides web space
and bandwidth to third party at low prices, which than offered to the customer
These are generally the mediator companies who sell web services first taken
from other merchant and then offered with add on services to the other party or
customers This kind of services is available in market on extremely
discounted rate
shared web hosting

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