School a grammar school Bishkek

                       The brief characteristic of the organization.

The given school - grammar school is one of the most prestigious and large general educational
city centres Bishkek. The school works since 1990. At school it is trained more than 2700 pupils
though the building is designed for 1260 places that exceeds a designed capacity on 91 %. At
school children living not only on a microsite of school, but also from other areas of city are
trained. Many parents not casually try to define(determine) children in it(her): with enviable
stability the grammar school - complex achieves high results in educational activity, and in the
three of leaders among domestic schools borrows(occupies) the first, than the second place is
more often. Successful became for a grammar school and its(her) anniversary 15-th year. 1 place
in city Olympiad of the schoolboys, the second place in republican Olympiad. From 56 gold
certificates on results общереспубликанского testings 9 were received by graduates of this
school. 90 % of graduates became students of budgetary branches of the best high schools of
capital, successfully study in the countries of near and far abroad. In 1997 the school of the first
in republic has passed on a corporate control system in the formation(education), supposing not
only a vertical, but also a horizontal of management, having created control centres on directions
of training – информационно-analytical, humanitarian, natural-science, ecological, the center of
studying of a state language, мониторинговый, diagnostics, the control and a
management(manual) and of some others, only 14. All centers are headed by teachers to whom
administrative powers are transferred(handed) also. Thus, all collective so, all are interested in
results is involved in management. (From interview to the principal.)
The school works in two changes. Pupils at will, proceeding from a structure of a class, receive
additional paid services over гимназического a cycle. These employment(occupations) are
carried out(spent) according to the plan agrees the plan which annually affirms a municipal
government of formation(education). Classes share on three directions. If parents do not want,
that their child received additional services the child does not visit(attend) these lessons.
Therefore at drawing up of the schedule of lessons additional employment(occupations) are put
by first or last lessons. At school various circles and section work. There is a swimming pool and
a training hall.
List number of workers 193 persons. As at school constant shortage of employees (teachers,
technicians) all employees conduct more than one rate, that allows them to raise(increase) wages.
The rate makes 18 hours per week at the senior school and 16 hours for initial.
Turnover of staff looks as follows: only for 2005 it is dismissed 24 (13 %) чел., and it is given
an employment 17 чел. All are dismissed at own will. The overwhelming majority dismissed and
given an employment, is graduates of HIGH SCHOOLS – young experts who are in search of
the best. The main reason of their dismissal is low wages. The teachers who are possessing
experience of work, practically do not leave school, about 100 person is the employees working
from the basis of school. Among the personnel more than 50 person prepension and a pension
age. Middle age of the personnel of 40-45 years. Vacancies on a post are available constantly.
The staff are searched by independent image. At school the commission of experts which solves
the questions connected to acquisition of the staff, as an estimation of readiness of school by new
academic year, consideration of modifying in a category and distribution of surcharges to
teachers works. The structure of the commission includes administration, профком and
managing the centers.
Qualification of teachers high. The structure of the personnel is those: a category the teacher – 40
чел., the teacher of 2 categories (2-5 years of the experience) – 18 чел., the teacher of 1 category
(5-10 years of the experience) – 24 чел., the teacher of the maximum(supreme) category – 90
чел. (more than 10 years), from them honours pupils of formation(education) - 17, the deserved
teacher of republic - 2 чел., workers УСП – 14 чел. (технички), the watchman – 2 чел., yard
keepers – 2 чел.. The Majority of the personnel - women.

Number and qualitative structure of the personnel.

                                                   Workers (þѽ).
Aggregate number                                   194
Men                                                28
Women                                              156
                                   Structure on categories / average wages
Category the teacher                               40/1200 catfish
The teacher of 2 categories                        18/1400 catfish
The teacher of 1 category                          24/1600 catfish
The teacher       of   the    maximum(supreme) 90/1900 catfish
УСП                                                14
The watchman                                       2
Handymen                                           3
Yard keepers                                       2
The maximum(supreme)                               131
Unfinished the maximum(supreme)                    12
Average special                                    24
The average general(common)                        17
                                     Movement of the personnel
Have left in the current year                      24
Arrived in the current year                        17

The main problem connected to work of the personnel are the low wages.
The school is budgetary establishment and is financed from the city budget. In 2005 the school
was financed: approximately 42 % from the local budget, 21 % surcharge of the Mayoralty
Bishkek and 37 % are the means received from parents of children for additional paid services (a
deepening гимназического a rate). The means received for additional paid services, are
accumulated on the special account of school and go on surcharges to teachers for additional
employment(occupations) and public work according to Position « About encouragement of
workers of a grammar school », and also on payment of services for export of dust,
communication(connection), protection of school and to technicians for cleaning of the senior
classes. The system of surcharge includes the following specifications: a class
management(manual) – 300 catfish, the organization and carrying out with children of scientific
and creative works 100 - 200 catfishes, organizational - methodical work in the center in
subjects-100 catfish.

As school state it means use of system of rates and the posts stipulated by normative documents.
Therefore the administration is compelled to adhere to existing specifications. Otherwise, regular
checks will record infringements in use of budgetary funds.

                         The description of the trade-union organization

The trade-union organization of school is the primary trade-union organization of trade union of
workers of formation(education) and culture. In the trade-union organization all workers of
school will consist, but it does not mean, that membership is formal. Opposite to interview and
supervision of researchers have shown, that membership of the majority of workers realized. All
wrote personally applications(statements) for the introduction into trade union.
Heads trade union профсоюный committee, present structure Profkoma will consist from 7
person. All members профкома it is teachers as technical workers it is people of a pension age
or the employees working in combination. Elections of members профкома pass on a
democratic basis, voting by show of hands, nominees are put forward and discussed at sessions
scientific – the methodical centers.
For the period 1991-2006 4 trade-union leaders have been elected. Present chairman профкома –
the teacher of initial classes, it is elected in 2004. The post of chairman профкома is not
released(exempted) unit, and is combined with the basic post of the teacher and any surcharges
due to a membership dues does not receive. On a question, and whether such question answer
was put in general was received, that never did not arise at all. Chairman профкома - the young,
vigorous expert of the affair, well knows a real situation in collective and is respected
administration and collective as a whole.
At trade union of school are created and the commissions work on:
      to labour disputes,
      to ethics,
      cultural – mass work,
      to social insurance,
      to labour safety,
      to wages,
      organizational – mass work.
Each commission is headed with a member of trade-union committee. Each commission has
position and the plan of work which is made usually for one year and affirms at session
The basic questions which are included in plans of work of the commissions: control of an
operating mode and rest (loading, holiday, carries of holiday, "window" in the schedule; control
of observance of light and thermal modes at school; conducting magazines under the safety
precautions and carrying out of instructing; control of observance of the Law on a labour safety
of the Kirghiz Republic, conducting the account and registration of hospital sheets, deseases of
employees of school, etc. At occurrence of a disputable situation, the employee all over again
addresses in профком where his(its) application(statement) is considered(examined). If
necessary and taking into account specificity of a question the given situation can be born for
discussion of the commission. In case of dispute with actions of administration профком the
decision passs for discussion of administration where it is jointly made a decision
The collective weekly meets on faculty meetings. The rest of the time the opportunity for
meetings is complicated, as teachers work in shifts according to the schedule.
Members профкома are part of the Commission of experts of school where interests of teachers
are actively lobbied. Almost all teachers in time receive surcharges to wages from the special
Trade-union payments are listed(transferred) in the city trade-union organization at a rate of 1,5
% from a wage fund where they are accumulated and then the certain part of them is used on
purchase of permits for summer holiday.
Общешкольные trade-union assemblies are carried out(spent) two times one year. By
preparation for assembly профком studies problems, by carrying out of questioning,
In the questionnaire all questions exciting employees are reflected. Preliminary at session
профкома the agenda is made in view of the lead(carried out) interrogation which is placed at
the stand of announcements профкома that allows to be prepared beforehand by all interested
person and if necessary to bring in corrective amendments to the agenda.
On общешкольном assembly the agenda produced at session профкома is offered.

The report-back election assembly passes time in five years. Annually pass the general(common)
accounting assemblies on which профком reports about the done work for last calendar year.
Members of assembly assess his(its) activity. Assemblies pass formally enough, special criticism
is not observed (viewing of reports of assembly). The basic questions which rise this informing
collective on the one to whom what help has been rendered by trade union and as the trade union
participates in tariffing and certification of teachers

                                  The collective agreement

Collective agreement (КД) is the special document fixing main principles of bilaterial
obligations between administration and employees, entered in members of the trade-union
organization. It(he) is accepted annually in the beginning of calendar year.
In the collective agreement obligations of the parties(sides) in sphere of labour
attitudes(relations), payments, a mode working hours, the organizations of work and rest,
questions social and a legal protection of workers of establishment are stipulated and discussed.
The project of the collective agreement is developed профкомом and then leaves to
administration and joint discussion of his(its) items(points) begins. The collective agreement will
consist of 4 sections: rights and duties of administration, the right and a duty of trade-union
committee, the general(common) actions on performance of the given collective agreement,
validity of the collective agreement. Questions of payment and an operating mode of employees
are considered in the labour contract which consists with each employee of school, at
employment. To the collective agreement annually made the changes dictated by needs of
collective. In particular members of trade union can be dismissed administration only at presence
of the consent профкома. In the collective agreement reception by employees of surcharges is
stipulated, agrees « Regulations about encouragement of workers of a grammar school ». Last
КД has been accepted on January, 4, 2006.

                         Attitudes(Relations) with administration

« Chairman профкома at school to Be very difficult, but also it is very interesting » - the
principal considers, and complexity consists that is talented, very capable and at heart not
ordinary and versatile people.
Chairman профкома can be only such person whom all would respect, liked, understood.
Therefore our elections always pass very carefully and is very much weighed, and I cannot
specify or advance this or that person who has grown fond to me, it will not work. In trade-union
committee people which do not transfer the internal disagreement, discomfort on
attitudes(relations) with colleagues get out. These are people tolerant, able to listen to the
another's opinion, able to assert the opinion. Administration and профком, are to the same extent
responsible(crucial) for realization of educational process, the result of their work and efforts is
directed on children. Trade-union work is work with people which carry out this educational
process: teachers, workers of school, technicians. For people it is necessary that them
appreciated and respected, and also the feeling of security is necessary for them. Even in those
commissions which are formed in профкоме, people should get out in view of those or other
qualities of character and temperament.
For example, the commission on cultural - mass work should include people, temperamental,
cheerful, able to get(start) all collective, writing verses, and people pedantic more approach for
the commission on social insurance, as this category of people accurate in the business, assidious
These comments of the principal speak that the administration understands a role and value of
the trade-union organization as the tool the managements of the personnel. In opinion of director,
trade-union movement to develop and refuse him(it) in no event it should is impossible, as it can
cause changes of a microclimate in collective. The administration works in close contact with
профкомом schools.
Attitudes(Relations) профкома and administrations constructive. Serious conflicts between
administration and профкомом was not, as both and others count those, that as the members of
one collective doing(making) one business, can always find the common decision of a problem.
The administration carries out(spends) questioning parents, teachers and pupils. Questionnaires
are made together with psychological service of school and allow to open becoming ripe
problems that helps in many respects further to avoid conflicts. Results of questioning are in
common considered(examined) by administration and профкомом.
Профком schools participates in distribution of surcharges to the personnel, and also other
financial assets.
Профком to administration has offered procedures on drawing up of more convenient schedule
for teachers, proceeding from their interests. In the beginning of each academic year after the
statement of loading gathering the information on the schedule convenient for him(it) where
individual loading and wishes of the employee is underlined, about that is carried out(spent), as
though it(he) wanted, that to it(him) have made the schedule, day convenient for him(it) also is
underlined as methodical. The information is processed профкомом and transferred the director
of studies making the schedule, and at his(its) drawing up it is as much as possible taken into
account wishes of the employee. Updating of the schedule already individually with everyone is
in case of need carried out(in case of need spent). The truth because of переполненности
schools (can not be free cabinets(studies)) and shortages of the staff, not always turns out to
make the schedule without windows, but employees see, that is used the best efforts and
consequently there are no conflicts.
Certification of employees passes time in 5 years. She(it) is carried out(spent) by a certifying
commission which gets out on teachers' meeting of school. The structure of the commission
necessarily includes the representative of administration and trade-union committee (all
members of the commission should not pass certification this year). Quantitative structure of a
certifying commission 6-7 person. Employees of school are warned for two months of
certification and he(it) gives time for preparation. It agrees the stipulated Position « About
certification ». The employee can raise(increase) the category ahead of schedule. The certifying
commission of school considers(examines) the given nominee, the experience of work and
participation in methodical work of school (preparation of pupils for Olympiads, carrying out of
open lessons and actions is taken into account within the framework of school and city, etc.) . At
school there was no case when the employee has not been satisfied with decisions of a certifying
commission. The commission on wages профкома supervises performance of Position about
certification of employees, as. The system of certification directly is connected to increase by

                        Interaction with higher trade-union bodies

All methodical, consulting and organizational help appears trade-union city committee which
carries out(spends) various seminars for chairmen профкомов.
Basically seminars are carried out(spent) on themes: explanations under the labour legislation,
correctness of dismissal and translation, safety precautions regulations and labour safeties, under
labour conflicts, correctness and timeliness of filling of work-record cards, charges of a wages,
correctness of registration and charge on hospital sheets, etc.

 In the working order the city committee advises on interesting профком to questions, both legal,
and financial. The city trade-union committee payments, аккумулирующиеся from all primary
trade-union organizations of schools and kindergartens of city, lists(transfers) in republican
branch trade union which is included into Federation of trade unions of Kyrghyzstan

In opinion of chairman профкома schools, the branch from city trade-union committee will
cause the certain difficulties. As members of the trade-union organization of school are loaded
also by him(it) difficultly to combine trade-union work with primary activity. To begin the
released(exempted) chairman профкома till now expressed nobody desires.
                       Regulation by trade union of labour conflicts

Collective labour conflicts at school was not. Even within non-payments when teachers did not
receive wages on 2-3 there were no protest actions against administration since all understood,
that it does not depend on administration, and simply there is no money in the budget. One of the
reasons of absence of collective actions(shares) it is some moral standards of behaviour which
have developed in the budgetary organizations and actually administrations are favourable. « To
the teacher absolutely not ethically to speak about money. Time it(he) has chosen a trade of the
teacher money cannot stand on the first place. By the way teachers and doctors are always there
were underpaid people. Who wanted to receive more all of them already have left school. In
school those who anywhere cannot find work » any more come or on a calling, or.
Unfortunately, the majority of teachers divide(share) the given belief.

On one of general meetings members of trade union the decision on increase in trade-union
payments from 1,0 % from fund of the basic wages up to 1,5 % was accepted. Participants of
assembly have decided additional 0,5 % to direct on purchase over the specification of permits
on summer holiday. In 2004 the part of members of the organization has suggested these of 0,5
% to leave at school and to direct on purchase of New Year's gifts to children of employees. This
question has been born on assembly. At carrying out of voting by show of hands the given
decision has not received the majority (from 163 person present at assembly pro has voted only
15 person). Therefore all money, heat-sink from 0.5 % do not remain at school, and are
listed(transferred) in city профком.

Basically in collective there are individual disputes.
The complex(difficult) situation has developed with техничкой, worked some years at school.
She(it) carried out work diligently, but in due course she(it) began to behave not absolutely
adequately (with a cloth has pursued the child, could without the reason cry or laugh, pass to
shout at conversation). On it(her) complaints have started to act. Профкому it was necessary to
solve this situation. Simply so the person to dismiss it is impossible. Especially she(it) was not
going to leave. The urgent contract all over again consists in school with all for one year, then
it(he) лангируется or not лангируется the decision of the Commission of experts. With it(her)
the contract was пролангирован. To it(her) tried to talk, suggested it(her) to lie on treatment, but
she(it) on contact went badly. Have invited her(it) to session профкома, but she(it) on session to
come has not wanted. Профкомом it has been found out, that she(it) has consisted on the
account in РПНД earlier. Was accepted decision to invite her(it) in the commission on ethics
with participation of psychological service. They have softly explained to it(her), that we work
with children and we are responsible for their life and health. Chairman of the commission has
managed her(it) to convince, and she(it) has agreed, that probably it(she) needs to go to work in
other place. She(it) has written the application(statement) for going away from work.

Other case is connected to dismissal of the teacher of an average link. On the teacher in
administration the complaint has acted(arrived) on the part of parents on the biassed
attitude(relation) to children and display of roughness to them. At what the class was
divided(shared) into two camps. One wanted, that the teacher has remained with them, and
others that her(it) have dismissed. The teacher have invited session of a commission of experts
where to come she(it) has refused and has written the application(statement) on dismissal. The
administration has suggested the application(statement) to satisfy. Профком has decided to
interfere with the given situation and to protect rights of the teacher. At session of conflict
commission it is accepted to disband the conciliatory proposal a class and to leave at it(her) those
pupils who want to be trained and transfer(translate) at it(her) to other teacher, who does not
want those. The commission of experts has supported this decision. The teacher till now works at

            Participation of trade union in distribution of a social package

The social package is limited enough, since the establishment is not the profitable enterprise and
practically there are no free financial assets, all acting budget is painted under clauses(articles).
There is a traditional set distributive практик due to means of the special account, namely, gifts
by holidays and anniversaries. There was such practice, that due to payments permits on resort
treatment of employees and summer holiday of the personnel and their children act only.
Material aid from these means is not given, and the most important профком never addressed for
it(her), game rules are accepted by default.
Reception of the permit in years(summer) camp of rest for the child is carried out on the basis of
the application(statement) in профком schools. The list of interested persons is transferred in
city committee of trade unions. Where the application for the necessary quantity(amount) of
permits is done(made). In the same place permits also are redeemed during the years(summer)
period. Permits all interested persons receive, cost of the permit for the employee 289 catfish,
term of stay of the child in camp of 15 days.
For reception of the sanatorium permit and the permit on summer holiday профкомом criteria
are developed: term of submission of the application(statement), the experience of work at
school, disease of the employee, observance of a labour discipline on the basis of which the list
which is transferred in city trade-union committee where in process of presence of places in the
necessary sanatorium and a rest house the permit for the employee is allocated is made. Permits
on schools are distributed(allocated) on numerical structure of employees. Курортно-sanatorium
the permit one is given out time in two years. Cost of the permit for the employee about 800
catfish, term of stay in sanatorium 24 days. Cost of the permit in a boarding house 300 catfish
duration of arrival of 5 days.
Hospital sheets are made out by chairman of the commission on social insurance. It(he) carries
out(spends) registration and the account of hospital sheets, calculation of payment on a hospital
sheet and transfers them in accounts department of school.
The special attention is deserved with activity of public fund " Trustee " which is created at
school by parents in 1997 and is the independent legal person, it is registered in the Ministry of
Justice, in statistical and tax management, has own bank account.
 Over activity of Fund the Board of guardians of school consisting from 6 чел supervises..
Financial assets of fund are administered by accounts department of school. The basis for
movement of financial assets is the written order of chairman of Fund. Neither teachers, nor
administration in the Board of guardians do not enter. The public fund sets as the purpose
increase of image of school and rendering intellectual and material aid to school. Participation of
parents in work of fund has voluntary character. The payment of parents also is done(made) in a
various kind it, for example, both bank of a paint, and the organization of any action, and directly
delivery of money. The application(statement) on material aid moves in профком which carries
out(spends) personal meeting with the applicant and gets acquainted in more details with a
situation of the worker. Then профком makes out the petition in written form and directs
documents on consideration of the Board of guardians. Also administration of school together
with профкомом represent I shall sweep away charges and the plan financially – a hardware and
development of school, it agrees which are allocated money for improvement of operating
conditions. The fund, as a rule, goes towards to administration профкому or refuses, if counts it
necessary. Practically on the average 15 % of money resources of this Fund go on rendering of
material aid to teachers in case of operation, death of relatives, and 85 % go on development and
improvement of financially technical base of school, on maintenance of image of school and
rendering assistance to children (the pupils leaving on international
olympiads), encouragement of prize-winners of Olympiads and a Games, and also active

                          Legal aid of trade union to the members

After the seminar lead(carried out) by the city trade-union organization « Correctness and
timeliness of filling of work-record cards ». Профком school has inspected filling work-record
cards, and also has instructed the inspector on the staff about the changes brought in the labour
code on this question. Then the schedule for acquaintance with the records made in work-record
cards (encouragements, letters, awards assignment of categories) has been made. Each employee
should familiarize with records in the work-record card and undersign, if he(it) did not have
objections. If at acquaintance with record in a work-record card the employee has noticed any
discrepancy making corrections or the necessary records. Further acquaintance of employees
with records in work-record cards is carried out(spent) annually.

                                         The conclusion

As a whole the organization of a school - grammar school can be counted effective. The school
has changed and continues to vary. Uniformity is overcome, the psychological service gains in
strength, are open and experimental platforms work, new technologies of training and
management of formation(education) are entered in practice.
In administrative style of the given organization such tendency, as aspiration to informality,
application of flexible ways and methods the managements(manuals) based on delegation of
powers of a management(manual) on a local level is looked through. Delegation of powers of a
management(manual) is shown in statement before the personnel of the purposes, restrictions,
resources and to independent search of problems(tasks) and methods on realization of objects in
view. Activity of trade union is widely supported by the positive attitude(relation) on the part of
the principal who sees in it(him) the assistant. Director does not have bases to carry out an
antitrade-union policy, it(he) first of all is interested in preservation of the staff, maintenance of
uninterrupted educational process and decrease(reduction) in fluidity of workers. And the school
trade union helps administration to solve many personal problems of collective, to find out and
warn disputed situations. Though, at a sight of researchers, trade union could more actively and
safely put problems of teachers of the school not only before its(her) administration, but also
before the higher organizations. There is an excessive structure of management of trade unions
of an education system though members of trade union did not ask such question. As a whole the
control system of trade unions and specificity of work practically do not differ from trade unions
of the Soviet period of development. On the part of workers the trade union sees the buffer
between administration and them in the decision of insignificant questions at issue, the
organization which practically has no own resources, but tries to see and protect interest of the
worker always. Absence of the big conflicts and протестных does not mean actions(shares), that
in collective there is no development. The trade union has borrowed(occupied) the worthy niche
in the organization, a duly regulator of internal attitudes(relations) in the collective, promoting
rallying of collective on the decision of objects in view and problems(tasks) пред school.

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