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					   Often businesses find that their shared server is no
  longer enough for them; yet their website doesn't yet
   require the resources of a dedicated server – and
they don't want to pay the cost. A virtual private server,
 or VPS, is the perfect option for bridging that gap and
   putting control back in the customer's hand. A VPS
looks and feels like a dedicated server so the customer
   can do what they would like with it - but without the
            high cost of the dedicated server.

managed hosting
  A VPS is one computer that is virtually divided into separate
compartments Those compartments contain one website, or one
company's important data, and they each operate independently of each
other Because of this, one website on a VPS can run off a Linux-based
operating system, while another can work with Windows One
compartment can also add or remove software, without it affecting any of
the other websites on the server
 In fact, one website on a VPS can be completely shut down, while the
others continue to operate as normal         Also contained with each are
different resources that are allocated for speed, storage space, and
bandwidth These resources are managed by the hypervisor inside the
VPS, and it's this hypervisor that distributes the resources to each
different website
 Businesses that make the switch from a shared server to VPS will find
managed hosting that the latter is much faster, and the website
downloads much more quickly, than it does in the shared environment
The website, from the end user's perspective, also operates much more
quickly and efficiently than it would when being stored on a shared server
     However, some business owners become confused about this
aspect of VPS, thinking that the bandwidth and storage space resources
on this type of server will be the same as with a dedicated server; but this
is one area where the two differ from each other
 Because a VPS is still just one physical computer, it's still only going to
have a limited amount of resources that each website on that server will
have to share – even though the computer is divided virtually It's not
like a cloud server, that can draw from other resources – it's simply one
server divided up into many       For this reason VPS, while good for
many business owners, will not work for everyone
 Those who need a lot of RAM, disk space, and heavy duty processors
won't find those features with a VPS For businesses that need these
kinds of resources, a dedicated server is probably going to be a better
option       VPS may also not be the best option for those that are not
comfortable running and managing a server, or that don't have a
technical team waiting to take on those responsibilities for them
 VPS web hosts typically don't offer managed VPS options and so if a
business owner is going to need constant, on-going support, a dedicated
server may also be the better option       For small business owners that
need a better experience from their website than they're currently
experiencing on their shared server though, and don't want to pay the
high cost of dedicated services, might just find that VPS is the perfect
combination of both! Resource Box         Class C Host provides the best
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managed hosting

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