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									16th (Staffords) Parachute Battalion
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The 16th (Staffords) Parachute Battalion was an airborne infantry
                                                                                                     16th (Staffords) Parachute Battalion
battalion of the Parachute Regiment, raised by the British Army during
the Second World War.
The battalion was formed in India from the 1st Battalion The South
Staffordshire Regiment in January 1945. The South Stafford's had
previously been part of the Chindits special force. in India. The
battalion was assigned to the 77th Indian Parachute Brigade, of the
44th Indian Airborne Division. The war ended before the battalion was
                                                                                                         Cap badge of the Parachute Regiment
committed to action but a number of men parachuted into Japanese
Prisoner of War camps to aid the prisoners.
                                                                                           Country              United Kingdom
The battalion was disbanded in 1946, but a new battalion was formed
                                                                                           Branch               British Army
in the United Kingdom as part of the Territorial Army (TA). Renamed
                                                                                           Type                 Infantry
the 16th (Welsh) Parachute Battalion (TA), it was assigned to the TA
5th Parachute Brigade of the 16th Airborne Division. It was re-                            Role                 Airborne

designated 16 (Welsh) PARA (TA) in 1948 and resulting from defence                         Size                 One battalion
cuts disbanded in October 1956. [2]                                                        Part of              77th Indian Parachute Brigade
                                                                                           Nickname             Red Devils[1]
Notes                                                                                                                Insignia
                                                                                           The emblem of
   1. ^ Otway, p.88
                                                                                           the Second
   2. ^ "16th Parachute Battalion"          . Paradata. Retrieved 6 April 2011.
                                                                                           World war
                                                                                           riding the
                                                                                           flying horse

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