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   This article is about the year 132. For the number (and other uses), see 132 (number).
Year 132 (CXXXII) was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display the
                                                                                   Millennium:               1st millennium
full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of
                                                                                    Centuries:   1st century – 2nd century – 3rd century
the Consulship of Serius and Sergianus (or, less frequently, year 885 Ab
                                                                                    Decades : 100s 110s 120s – 130s – 140s 150s 160s
urbe condita). The denomination 132 for this year has been used since the
                                                                                       Years:      129 130 131 – 132 – 133 134 135
early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the
prevalent method in Europe for naming years.
                                                                                                                          132 by topic

Events                                                                                                                        Politics

                                                                                                                          State leaders –
                                                                                                                         Sovereign states
By place
                                                                                                                          Birth and death
Roman Empire
                                                                                                                         Births – Deaths
   The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Athens) is completed using Cossutius' design.
                                                                                                                         Establishment and
   The messianic, charismatic Jewish leader Simon bar Kokhba starts a war of liberation for Judea (Bar                    disestablishment
   Kokhba revolt) against the Romans, which is eventually crushed (in 135) by emperor Hadrian. Rabbi                         categories
   Akiva is supportive of the rebellion.                                                                                Establishments –
   The legion X Fretensis must evacuate Jerusalem, returning to Caesarea. The Jews enter the city and         Disestablishments
   re-establish their system of sacrifices. They strike coins to celebrate their independence, which would        V · T· E ·

   last for only 30 months. The legion XXII Deiotariana, which advanced from Egypt, is completely
   destroyed.                                                                                 132 in other calendars
   Merchants in Britain build structures outside the forts of Hadrian's Wall and       Gregorian calendar         132
   offer goods and services (including brothels) to Roman soldiers, who receive
                                                                                       Ab urbe condita            885
   salaries in a region that otherwise has virtually no ready money.
                                                                                       Armenian calendar          N/A
   Construction begins on the Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome, today known as
   Castel Sant'Angelo.                                                                 Assyrian calendar          4882
                                                                                       Bahá'í calendar            -1712–-1711
Asia                                                                                   Bengali calendar           -461
   Change of era name from Yongjian (7th year) to Yangjia of the Chinese Han           Berber calendar            1082
   Dynasty.                                                                            English Regnal year        N/A

By topic                                                                               Buddhist calendar          676
                                                                                       Burmese calendar           -506
Arts and sciences                                                                      Byzantine calendar         5640–5641

   Chinese scientist Zhang Heng invents the first seismometer for determining          Chinese calendar           辛未年十一月廿六日

   the exact cardinal direction of earthquakes hundreds of miles away; the device                                 (2768/2828-11-26)
                                                                                                                         — to —
   employs a series of complex gears around a central swinging pendulum.

                                                                                       Coptic calendar            -152–-151
   Cai Yong, Chinese calligrapher and musician (d. 192)                                Ethiopian calendar         124–125
   Han Huandi, emperor of the Han Dynasty (d. 168)                                     Hebrew calendar            3892–3893
   Tao Qian, Chinese warlord (d. 194)                                                  Hindu calendars
                                                                                       - Vikram Samvat            188–189
                                                                                       - Shaka Samvat             54–55
   Sun Cheng                                                                           - Kali Yuga                3233–3234
                                                                                       Holocene calendar          10132
References   Iranian calendar           490 BP – 489 BP
             Islamic calendar           505 BH – 504 BH
             Japanese calendar
via 132
             Julian calendar            132      CXXXII

             Korean calendar            2465
             Minguo calendar            1780 before ROC
                                        民前1780 年

             Thai solar calendar        675
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