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   This article is about the year 131. For the number (and other uses), see 131 (number).
Year 131 (CXXXI) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display
                                                                                      Millennium:               1st millennium
the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year
                                                                                       Centuries:   1st century – 2nd century – 3rd century
of the Consulship of Laenas and Rufinus (or, less frequently, year 884 Ab
                                                                                       Decades : 100s 110s 120s – 130s – 140s 150s 160s
urbe condita). The denomination 131 for this year has been used since the
                                                                                          Years:      128 129 130 – 131 – 132 133 134
early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the
prevalent method in Europe for naming years.
                                                                                                                             131 by topic

Events                                                                                                                              Politics

                                                                                                                             State leaders –
                                                                                                                            Sovereign states
By place
                                                                                                                             Birth and death
Roman Empire
                                                                                                                            Births – Deaths
   Emperor Hadrian builds the city Aelia Capitolina on the location of Jerusalem.
                                                                                                                            Establishment and
   The Praetor's Edict is definitively codifed by Salvius Julianus on Hadrian's orders. This change means                    disestablishment
   that senatorial decrees become a mere confirmation of the imperial speech (oratio principis) which                           categories
   initiated them.                                                                                                         Establishments –
   Reorganization of the Imperial Council: Central administration is reinforced, and administrative positions              Disestablishments
   are entrusted to Knights according to a very strict hierarchy. Under the reorganization, the Roman                           V   · T·   E   ·
   Senate is excluded from controlling the business of state.
                                                                                                    131 in other calendars
   Hadrian restores the monarchist policy of Claudius and Domitian. The
   equestrian order is given full legal status and attains the second order of the        Gregorian calendar         131
                                                                                          Ab urbe condita            884
   Italy is divided into legal districts managed by consuls, a direct blow to the
                                                                                          Armenian calendar          N/A
   power and prestige of the Senate.
                                                                                          Assyrian calendar          4881
By topic                                                                                  Bahá'í calendar            -1713–-1712
                                                                                          Bengali calendar           -462
                                                                                          Berber calendar            1081
   Edict of Hadrian prohibiting the practice of circumcision. Additionally, Hadrian
                                                                                          English Regnal year        N/A
   prohibits public reading of the Torah under penalty of death, as well as
                                                                                          Buddhist calendar          675
   observance of festivals and the Sabbath, the teaching of Judaic Law, and the
                                                                                          Burmese calendar           -507
   ordination of rabbis.
                                                                                          Byzantine calendar         5639–5640
                                                                                          Chinese calendar           庚午年十一月十五日

Deaths                                                                                                                      — to —

                                                                                          Coptic calendar            -153–-152
                                                                                          Ethiopian calendar         123–124
                                                                                          Hebrew calendar            3891–3892
via 131
                                                                                          Hindu calendars
                                                                                          - Vikram Samvat            187–188
                                                                                          - Shaka Samvat             53–54
                                                                                          - Kali Yuga                3232–3233
                                                                                          Holocene calendar          10131
Iranian calendar           491 BP – 490 BP
Islamic calendar           506 BH – 505 BH
Japanese calendar
Julian calendar            131      CXXXI

Korean calendar            2464
Minguo calendar            1781 before ROC
                           民前1781 年

Thai solar calendar        674
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