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13 Moons is a 2002 comedy-drama film by director Alexandre Rockwell. The
title is a reference to the saying of a minor character's mother, who suggested                          13 Moons
that if nights of the full moon are strange, then "this must be the night of thirteen

The movie begins with a clown (Buscemi) whose wife (Beals) and stripper
girlfriend (Parsons) just discovered each other's existence. When his wife is
jailed for trying to run him over, the stripper, the clown and his partner (Dinklage)
contact a bail bondsman (Proval) whose wife just left their sickly son Timmy
(Wolff) in his care. On the way, they are accosted by a crazed drug addict
named Slovo (Stormare) who is hit by a car soon after.
At the jail, the five meet up with an angry record producer (Mitchell) and the
girlfriend he believes to be pregnant (Rollins) whom he plans to make a star,
despite her protestations of not having any talent. Also along for the ride are two
priests (Vince and Williams), one of whom has begun to doubt the wisdom of the
Roman Catholic Church, and who are trailing to bail out a third priest (Messina)
who was goaded into a fight by the proprietor of a strip club (Rockwell).                             DVD release cover
When the nine characters intersect, they discover that Timmy has a defective            Directed by        Alexandre Rockwell
kidney and is slowly dying. However, he has just been paged, as there is a
                                                                                        Produced by        Paul Brooks (executive)
donor at the hospital: Slovo. The three caring characters immediately take
                                                                                                           Brandon Cole
Timmy to the hospital, with the others in pursuit. By the time they arrive, Slovo                          Mike Crawford (line)
has partially recovered and has escaped to wander the streets, cheerfully                                  Michael Din
ignoring his internal bleeding, and must be tracked down before both he and                                Larry Katz (executive)
Timmy die.                                                                                                 David Kronemeyer

                                                                                        Written by         Brandon Cole
References                                                                                                 Alexandre rockwell

                                                                                        Starring           Jennifer Beals
External links                                                                                             Elizabeth Bracco
                                                                                                           Steve Buscemi
   13 Moons      at the Internet Movie Database                                                            Peter Dinklage
                                                                                                           Sam Rockwell
                                                                                                           Peter Stormare
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                                                                                        Music by           Brian Kelly
                                                                                                           Kevin Salem

                                                                                        Cinematography Phil Parmet

                                                                                        Editing by         John David Allen

                                                                                        Distributed by     13 Moons Productions
                                                                                                           Lot 47 Films

                                                                                        Release date(s)    January 2002

                                                                                        Running time       93 minutes

                                                                                        Country            United States

                                                                                        Language           English

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