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September 9, 2012 By Joseph Mai Leave a Comment (Edit)

I made $510,122.73 last year in some of the hottest, most profitable niches online
                         that no one ever talks about…

            Now I’m going to show you exactly how I do it in the next 6 weeks…

Hi There

My name is Mark Wallace and the first thing you should know about is…

I’m not an Internet marketing Guru.

I have been making a fulltime living online for over 6 years. I don’t speak to packed seminars
and mastermind massive record-breaking launches.

I don’t even hang around in Internet marketing circles. In fact the only thing I do consider myself
an expert on is knowing how to easily make over $500,000 a year (and growing) by doing what
most people are not doing online.

More on that in a just a second…

For a limited time only I want to share with you exactly what I do to make this kind of money. If
you’re sick of struggling to make it online right now then you owe it to yourself to read on.

Warning!!! If you’re easily offended or embarrassed you need to log off this page right now.

This comprehensive training is not for the faint hearted!! I’m about to share with you…

      How to instantly claim your share of what online experts agree is 1.4 trillion dollar
      The secret to uncovering some of the easiest people to sell to online.
      The true secret to running a successful online business that none of the Gurus are talking
       about. Many of them are simply unaware of what I am doing and how easy it is.
      How to set up an amateur looking website that still pulls in over $1031.57 a month.
      How to made $29,063.31 in 5 days from one product and how you can do the same if you
       follow through on what I tell you.
      How to netted $41,040 from just one product online in a year. It’s easy when you
       know how.
      How to go where the easy money is online and stop making everything so damn difficult
       and time consuming for yourself.
      How to turn people’s deepest fears and desires into a one of the easiest business
       models for making money online.
      How to have sales coming into your account when you’re off doing the things that you
       enjoy in life.

I hate to see people struggle, I was there, I know what it’s like to bash my head against a
brick wall…

    All this Internet marketing stuff, it just seems out of reach and

Now like most twenty something’s I did my school, college, university thing. It was OK, just
OK. The big promises of big jobs and even bigger careers didn’t materialize so three months
before university finished I walked out. Why not, there was no way my degree would be a good
enough result to get anyone the kind of job I wanted. The problem was I had no idea of the job I
actually wanted!

So I was out of the education system and busy looking for a decent job. You know, good hours,
good pay, plenty of stuff young guys want to do.

Almost right away I saw what looked like a great job with … wait for it … NIKE… my own
personal favourite brand. I couldn’t believe it, was I made?

I have no idea how but I got the job. Suddenly I was dealing with a global brand at their sales
and marketing events mainly in London. Have you ever seen Nike Run London Campaign that
is an annual event? I was the man behind making sure that happened. In fact not only did I do
that for 3 action-packed years, I also ended up being the man behind 60 troublesome staff!
Headache after headache as you can imagine and to be honest at 24 years old I felt like my life
was coming to a fast end!

Why? Let me quickly ask you…. Could you survive on 4-5 hours sleep a day for a couple of
years? Yep you guessed it, I couldn’t survive, I left and came back up to the north of England
again for a total rethink in a calm place.

Of course I got another job quite quickly, got well paid and well looked after as an executive
within the business but the truth is I had an endless desire to go it alone and be my own boss.
After all a job’s a job right?

 Can I, Could I, Should I Try To Make a Living Online? Why Not It’s a
                 Very 21st Century Thing To Do Right?
I had no idea, I’d read about it, had heard others were doing it but I did know this. How would I
get started? Millions were buying on eBay, could I sell stuff on eBay and make good money
doing just that?

I decide to buy a course or two about business online. This took me on a blind search, lots of
spend and a disappointment trail that led to absolutely nowhere but total, absolute frustration.

I Lost time!

I Lost money!

I Got Frustrated & Angry

I was losing my mind at this stage!

Sound familiar?

Now, I want to be brutally frank here? After investing or I should say throwing away so much
cash online; I have never seen so much absolute garbage sold as HOW-TO products in my life.
Believe me, I bought and tried a lot (maybe you have too) and was quickly coming to the
conclusion that selling on the web was probably a myth.

Here’s what I was pushed or persuaded to try from the stuff I was reading.

   o   Push Button software’s
   o   Scammy Fake Affiliate Marketing Systems
   o   Unproven Niche Selection Processes
   o   BS E courses…
   o   Targeting The Same Niches As Everyone Else
   o   The Path To Poverty!

Now they are hailed as and supposed to be the easy way to making cash on the web but I can tell
you this, in the early days I sold not a single thing to start with playing the affiliate game. What I
wasn’t told was I had to become a traffic expert, SEO, Google, Yahoo ad placement genius to
actually make any money doing this stuff

Hours became days, days became weeks, weeks became months for how much… Not a single
Cent! I dropped the idea of being an Internet millionaire as I had read and quickly moved on.

As time went on I kept thinking about doing an internet business, I knew there must be a way to
make this happen so now was the time to find it. I gave myself a final week or two otherwise it
was job time again for me.

A Mentor Guided Me To Success, Money and Business Online
Eventually! found (on DVD) an experienced mentor, expert to guide and direct me. This was
definitely my last try for now.

I sat, I watched, I copied every last thing on the DVD (put my own unique spin on it), I found an
―embarrassing‖ product that was selling like hotcakes in the USA, after a bit of research it was
apparent it was not for sale in the UK so I started selling it… guess what, it worked for me, I was
making money, (a little) online but more impor-tant, I had the beginnings of a system I could
copy and make happen online. The excitement from a single sale initially was almost hysteria…

I was on my way, My Embarrassing Products Empire Was Born… Profits were a nice little
amount of $380 or so … not a massive amount but! was in business and happy. All I had to do
was copy and make it bigger! Replicate, dupli-cate and take my new business to the bank. I was
feeling happier, more confident, it was working!

Embarrassed By My New Rip-Off Website.

Despite now being able to begin to master how to sell online, clearly I hadn’t gotten smart
enough just yet. I decided to hire a designer to create a killer website that I could sell even more
Embarrassing stuff from; give me a bigger online presence.

I got a new website built that was about as useful as a car with no wheels. It failed at every level,
SEO, traffic, selling and cost me a small fortune in the meantime. Back to the drawing board!

Another Mentor Appeared

I don’t want to share his name here but a powerful new mentor arrived into my life, the
opportunity presented itself and we began to work together He was my bril-liant mentor, I was of
course his student (thank you —).

He helped me create, design and build a new campaign. In a single week I netted a huge $41,040
from one single project.

See below how much I have banked in just 7 days
Even average looking websites or poor sales copy still pulls in sales in these untapped markets.

I’m talking about the following kinds of areas here…

      Male pattern baldness
      Nail psoriasis
      Premature ejaculation
      Yeast infections
      Acne
      Adult nappies
      Man boobs
      Bad breath
      Flatulence
      Eczema
      Excessive sweating
      Herpes
      Panic attacks
      Stretch marks

And the list goes on- there are literally thousands of niches like these, full of hungry buyers.

           Why are these hot niches so easy to make money in?
Good question!!

      You make money easily- You’re not selling a new TV here or another online course
       about how to make money here.
      We are dealing with people who need help right now and they don’t want to wait around.
      You make money quickly- If you have an embarrassing problem -you want it solved
       fast… right?
      There is room for everyone to succeed. The ―embarrassing problems‖ market is not as
       crowded as the ―make money online‖ niche and other niches.
      There’s a lot less sales resistance and scepticism in your buyer.
      There are also thousands of niches to choose from.
      You make money every month. When you sell physical products to embarrassing
       niches (which is what I sell) they usually need to come back month after month for their

OK, It’s over to talk around, let’s focus on what I will help you in this course:
Take a look at other’s reviews or see more here

          The price is scripted to go up for every few copies are sold. Hurry up!

                          100% money back guarantee

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                     BackupBuddy 3.0 Unlimited version - Value: $100

            Mari Smith’s – Facebook Money Mastery (8 Modules) - Value: $225

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