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									Treating Dandruff

    Dandruff is one of the most complained
      about and frustrating conditions that
     can affect the scalp. While Dandruff in
           itself is a relatively common skin
    condition that results in dead skin cells
    being shed more regularly than normal
     most people are not aware of the best
                    method of dealing with it.
   Excess dandruff can be caused by a
    number of reasons and the truth is some
    causes can be treated and some simply
    cannot. It must be said you can certainly
    reduce the extent of the problem
    however. It’s a fact that some of us shed
    dead skin cells more rapidly while others
    may find their dandruff is a result of
    feeling run down or stressed or indeed

Causes of Dandruff
   You need to wash your hair effectively also.
    It’s important to remember that washing
    your hair too frequently e.g. daily isn’t
    actually all that good for your hair and scalp.
    Washing your hair too often can cause your
    scalp to dry and that in turn will result in
    more dandruff. The fact is there really is no
    need to wash your hair daily and it’s fine to
    let it go more than a day, sometimes even
    two or three days is fine depending on your
    hair length and if your hair is oily.

Washing Your Hair
When you do wash your hair don’t just give
 your scalp a gentle rub, really scrub your
 scalp and remove excess dead skin cells so
 they are not left in your hair. Start from the
 centre of your scalp and work outwards.
 There’s no need to be too rigorous but you do
 need to scrub your scalp and make sure you
 cover every inch.Once you have finished
 rinse and repeat especially if you have quite
 a build up of dandruff.

Rinse and Repeat
 Hair products, especially if used for a long
  period of time can also dry your scalp.
  When you have dandruff it’s smart to use
  less hair products and you should also
  avoid subjecting your hair to any heat
  treatments such as blow drying when it
  can be helped.
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