; How to Sell Jewelry
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How to Sell Jewelry


A short guide on getting started selling Jewelry

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									How to Sell Jewelry
      There are several ways of selling jewelry for cash,
      from private sale to public auction, both online
      and offline. It will depend on the value of the
      jewelry you are trying to sell as which will be the
      best fit for you and allow you to make the most
Knowing what Jewelry is Worth
   It pays to have a good understanding the
    value of the jewelry you are trying to sell.
    This not only means you wont be selling
    your jewelry for a price far less than you
    would be entitled to. It will also ensure
    you don’t attempt to sell your jewelry at
    too high a starting price which will put of
    potential buyers and damage your
Do Your Research
   Don’t take the word of friends or family.
    What may have once been valuable may
    be less expensive now and vice versa. A
    good example of this is Amethyst jewelry
    which was once considered quite valuable
    but has since been found in large
    quantities which has resulted in the value
    of this gemstone being reduced quite a
Getting your Jewelry Appraised
If you are unsure of the potential value of
   your jewelry you can research further
   online. It’s wise to make a note of the
   brand of jewelry, the date of manufacture,
   the components e.g. silver, gold, diamond
   and anything out of the ordinary such as
   engravings and special markings.You can
   then look for similar items on public
   auction sites.
The Price is Right
   Remember though, if you do intent to sell
    jewelry, ultimately the price you get will
    be what someone is prepared to pay you
    regardless of what you think it should be
Learn More
   If you are interested in selling jewelry
    either as a business or just to profit from
    jewelry you may have lying around
    gathering dust, please visit:

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