Beginners guide to Gemstones by heidiklimmons


A beginners guide to gemstones

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									     Gemstones are generally broken into two
        distinct categories. These are: Precious
gemstones which include diamonds, sapphires
  and emeralds and Semi Precious Gemstones
 which include stones such as Topaz, Amethyst
 and Tourmaline. As the name implies precious
gemstones can be of considerable value while
        semi precious can range from the very
        inexpensive to moderately expensive.
 Itreally does depend on the actual stone
  but it’s important to consider diamonds
  are graded by a system known as the 4
  C’s. These are: Cut, Carat Weight, Clarity
  and Color and this is often a strong
  indication of the value of most precious
  gemstones. Other factors may include the
  richness of color rather than the actual
  color itself and of course the dimensions
  of the gemstone.
 While the  actual size is considered an
 important part of grading the gemstone the
 rarity of size is also a consideration. To put
 things in perspective a large gemstone will
 be worth a dollar amount per ounce
 however larger stones are considered more
 rare which can again increase the value of
 the stone. For the majority of the time
 however it is safe to assume that gemstones
 are graded in value based on the overall
 quality of the stone and how rare it is.
Most of the time a diamond is considered
 more valuable the closer it is to being
 completely colorless. This isn’t always the
 case however, especially in the case of pink
 diamonds, arguably the most sought after
 gemstone of all. Pink diamonds can fetch
 vast sums of money depending on their
 quality and have enjoyed a resurgance in
 popularity due to Hollywood rediscovering
 them recently.
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