The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

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					                Reporting Requirements

June 10, 2009
       In an effort to be accountable to the people, the
        federal government has required that in order to
        accept American Recovery and Reinvestment
        Act funding, sometimes referred to as ARRA or
        stimulus funds, the recipients and sub-recipients
        must report back how the funding was used.
       Information required is basically descriptive of
        the institution and the projects. As to be
        expected routine financial information is also to
        be reported.

June 10, 2009
       Report both as the Prime and as a Sub Recipient
       Reporting Frequency:
         ARRA Funding has a requirement to report quarterly to
          the federal government.
         Reports due on the 10th of the month following quarter
         First report required October 10th 2009!
       Reporting requirements have not been completely
       Reporting will be submitted centrally, however data
        will be supplied from departments, SIMS, and IBIS

June 10, 2009
  I.      Award and Recipient Information

  II.     Project / Activity Information

  III.    Sub Recipient Information

  IV.     Subs< $25k or Awarded to an

June 10, 2009
       Awarding Agency
       Award Number
       DUNS Number
       EIN
       CFDA
       Recipient
       IBIS Account Number
       Project Dates
       Reporting Information (Dates, frequency, etc.)
June 10, 2009
       Project Title
       Cash Received to date
       Expenditures
       Project Activity Codes
       Project Description
       Status
       Types of Jobs Created & Retained
       Number of Jobs Created & Retained
       Total Investment (ARRA+Federal+Non Federal)
June 10, 2009
       DUNS
       Subcontract Number
       Sub Recipient Name & Location
       Sub Recipient Type
       Cumulative and Anticipated Award Amounts
       Dates
       Primary Performance Location

June 10, 2009
       Cumulative Number of Small Contracts
       Cumulative Amount of Dollars Awarded to
        Small Subcontracts

June 10, 2009
       Project Description
       Project Activity Codes
       Types of Jobs Created/Retained
       Number of Jobs Created/Retained
       Sub Recipient Location (Congressional District)
       Sub Recipient Award Amount
       Primary Performance Location

June 10, 2009
       Most of the required reporting information
        from both Departments and Central, will be
        known at the time of award.
       All ARRA funds should be noted in both SIMS
        and IBIS regardless of whether PSU is the
        Prime or Sub Recipient.
       Teamwork/Partnership in compiling data is
        key to successful reporting timely!

June 10, 2009

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