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                 Brockbanks’ Solicitors
         Cross Border Speed Championship 2012
1.1     The Championship is organised and administered by the Wigton Motor Club Ltd in accordance
        with the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association
        (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these
        championship regulations.
        MSA Championship Permit No CHS20012/
        MSA Championship Grade National B

1.2     Officials:   The championship Co-ordinator is Graeme Forrester, Clints Cottage, Blindcrake,
                     Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0QP.
                     The eligibility scrutineer is Rob McKinna
                     The championship stewards are Graeme Mactavish, David Agnew & Ron Palmer
1.3     Competitor Eligibility: The championship is open to all current members of Wigton M.C. Ltd
        who have registered for the series and having a valid 2011 Competition Licence of at least a non-
        race National B (minimum)”

        (H26.1.5) The number of registrations is unlimited

1.4     Registration: Registration is by completing the required form and returning that to the registrar
        with the fee of £10 (cheques payable to Wigton M.C.) The closing date is June 12th

1.5     Championship rounds:
          Nation      Round         Club            Venue                Date         Day       Event
            S           1         EACC              Kames               April 15th    Sun       Sprint
            S           2         York             Teesside              June 4th      M        Sprint
            E           3         KLMC              Barbon              June 16th     Sa       Hill Climb
            S           4         SoSCC          High Auldgirth         July 22nd     Sun      Hill Climb
            E           5         Longton        Three Sisters            Aug 5th     Sun       Sprint
            S           6         MSCC            Forrestburn            Aug 26th     Sun      Hill Climb
            E           7         BARC             Harewood             Sept 23rd     Sun      Hill Climb
            S           8         WMC               Kames                Sept 30      Sun       Sprint

1.6.1   The Championship will consist of eight rounds with scoring 25, 24, 23, 22, etc. on overall
        positions. The classes will be scored 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1. Non-championship drivers will be ignored
        There will be a bonus of 10 points for competitors who organise or marshal on one WMC event, or
        as part of a WMC marshals team. This event can be any type of club event from Jan 1 st to the date
        of the last speed event. Points must be claimed within 4 weeks of the event.
        The number of scoring rounds will be six from eight, if less than eight events run the number of
        scoring rounds will be pro-rata. If an event does not run it will be replaced by the Harewood event
        on September 22nd. Event dates may be changed or events substituted in accordance with D11.1.
        The number of rounds will not be increased.

1.6.2   Ties will be resolved on the scores on round 1 and if that is a tie, on round 2 etc.

1.6.3   Championship points queries should preferably be made within 7 days of each bulletin being posted
        and any protest as to the results must be made within 7 days of the provisional results being posted.

1.7     Awards will be presented at the end of the series to the first overall driver, class winners and the
        first lady driver. Additional awards may be given subject to the number of entries. To win an award
      drivers must have competed on five rounds. All drivers to compete on five or more rounds will
      receive a loyalty award.

2     Sporting Regulations - Judicial Procedures
2.1   Rounds: in accordance with Section C5 of the 2012 MSA Year Book and these regulations
2.2   Championship in accordance with Section C5.1 of the 2012 MSA Year Book and these

3     Technical Regulations
      Vehicles must comply with MSA General, Technical and Safety regulations as per the current MSA
      Year Book sections J & S10 – 16.11.

3.1   Classes:
      Road Going Production & Road Going Specialist Production Cars (aka Road Legal Car):
      R1 Saloon and Sports Cars up to 1400c complying with S11
      R2 Saloon and Sports Cars over 1400cc and up to 2000cc complying with S11
      R3 Saloon and Sports Cars over 2000cc complying with S11
      RS1 Road Going Specialist Cars up to 1400cc complying with S11
      RS2 Road Going Specialist Cars over 1400cc complying with S11
      C1 Classic Cars up to 1500cc build prior to 1975 (using list 1a/1b tyres)
      C2 Classic Cars over 1500cc built prior to 1975 (using list 1a/1b tyres)
      Modified Limited Production & Modified Specialist Production Cars, (aka Modified Cars):
      M1 Modified Saloon Cars up to 1400cc
      M2 Modified Saloon Cars over 1400cc and under 2000cc
      M3 Modified Saloon Cars over 2000cc
      M4 Modified Sports Cars up to 1400cc
      M5 Modified Sports Cars over 1400cc
      Competition Cars:
      S1 Sports Libre Cars
      S1 Racing cars up to 1100cc
      S2 Racing Cars over 1100cc

4.    Regulations for each round will be available from the WMC website to registered drivers.
      Entries are on a first come first served basis.
5     Regular updates of scores and positions will be posted to contenders via the WMC magazine
      "Start Line" and on the club website.
            Brockbank’s Solicitors
                 2012 REGISTRATION FORM


Address 1
Address 2
Post Code

Registration is free to WMC members                
Membership (£16)                                   
Total                                              _________
Cheques payable to “Wigton MC”                     

Please return to Graeme Forrester, Clints Cottage, Blindcrake,
Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0QP

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