I Make Photos Incurred in CorelDRAW by emadunk


									I Make Photos Incurred in CorelDRAW

Image Import anything from your computer or from the Internet, such as on the next picture for the box with the Rectangle tool in

Selection box and press Ctrl + Q, then the Shape tool set box as shown below;

Duplicate and scaled down further into the second selection box and press the Combine on the Property Bar, white berries;
Create a new object like this with the Freehand tool in the toolbox, the object still selected then press the Shift key on the keyboard
select the object that white box;

Press the Trim button on the Property Bar;

And the result is as shown below and give effect Drop Shadow;
Well this further with click Edit Bitmap ... Clone tool set with what I have not understood that the Clone tool's see here, the end result
will be as shown below

hopefully useful.....

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