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                                          This booklet explains how to make a claim relating to an
                                          amputation. Call us on 0800 0382 382 to set up a free consultation.
“Stephen Jones is down-to-earth,
straight talking and fights every
 inch for his client.”                    Emma Holt
Chambers 2012 (independent legal guide)   Managing Partner

Stephen Jones, Head of
Clinical Negligence
Injury & Negligence

                                                                                 “Gill Edwards is understanding
                                                                                 and very compassionate”
                                                                                 Chambers 2012

                                                                              Gill Edwards,
                                                                              Clinical Negligence Partner

        Gill Edwards, a partner in our Clinical
        Negligence team, explains what is involved
        with making a claim.
                                                                                 For your case to succeed, we have to prove that your injury or
                                                                                 condition was the fault of another person. In a case of medical
        We know from years of experience how an injury can change                negligence, we have to prove the care provided was so bad that no
        your life and affect your family. We are here to support you.            reasonable doctor would have treated you in that way. We will work
        Our specialist solicitors will fight to prove your case and to           with you to gather the evidence to support your claim. This will
                                                                                 include taking witness statements, obtaining relevant documents
        get you the best possible result.
                                                                                 including medical records and instructing independent experts to
        Talk to us
        Call us for a free no obligation consultation with one of our team,
        which includes a qualified nurse and a midwife. We can discuss
                                                                                 Support during your case
        what has happened to you or your loved one and how we can help.          We are specialist solicitors who are classed as leaders in our field
                                                                                 of law and we are here to provide you with support and guidance
                                                                                 throughout your case.
        Funding a case
                                                                                 In some cases, where we have proved the defendant was at fault,
        We understand that the cost of legal advice can be a worry, but if       we can obtain financial assistance for you in the form of an interim
        you do have a claim there are a number of options available to fund      payment of compensation. Interim payments can help with the
        your case including “no win, no fee” and in some cases legal aid.        cost of private medical treatment such as surgery or counselling
        For more information on funding options, please ask for our funding      and in some cases the money can pay for rehabilitation, adapted
        booklet.                                                                 accommodation, equipment and professional care.                               05

                                                                                                                                              Continued over
Injury & Negligence

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                      Mr S.D (Rochdale)

                                                                                  For amputations caused by medical negligence, please call our new
                                                                                  enquiry solicitor, Jane Whitaker on
          Medical cases
                                                                                         0800 0382 382
          In addition to helping people who have suffered injury due to poor
          medical care, we also have expertise in advising families on other
          health issues, such as obtaining access to medical treatment             @
          to your illness or condition; the withdrawal of life support; care
          in the community and claims under the Human Rights Act. We
          have taken cases to the Court of Appeal, the House of Lords, the        If your amputation was due to a serious injury, please call us free on
          Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice. We strive to
          help our clients achieve justice and we are not afraid to push legal          0800 0384 384

          Time limits
          You must make your claim within 3 years of the date of the              For futher information, please go to:
          negligence or your date of knowledge that you have suffered a
          significant injury due to the negligence. If you leave it longer than
          this, you may lose the right to make a claim. Different time limits
          may apply if the negligence happened abroad.

          The time limit for bringing a claim under the Human Rights Act is
          1 year. The time limits for children do not run until they reach 18
          years of age. In cases where a person may lack mental capacity,
          there is no time limit to bringing a claim.
For amputations caused
by medical negligence,
please call us on
0800 0382 382 or email

If your amputation was
due to a serious injury,
please call us free on
0800 0384 384 or email

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