Changing or Adding Toolbar to AutoCAD

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					Changing or Adding Toolbar to AutoCAD

Previous post; Starting command in AutoCAD. The benefit is to accelerate the Toolbar select the command, the AutoCAD Toolbar
available lot and we do not need to bring all the existing toolbar, if you bring all the existing Toolbar possible image area / work area will
be closed out by the Toolbar ... hehe ... we just come up with the right toolbar as needed. OK keep in mind that we work with the
Classic view, and to increase or decrease Toolbar steps as follows;

Right-click one of the icons in the Toolbar command (any), it will display the names of the existing toolbar, click one of the toolbar is
required, for example, we will display the Modify II toolbar, I click on the paper so that the Modify II toolbar is active (no check mark);

; And Modify II toolbar will appear in the image, you must put in the position of existing rows Toolbar

How drag (click hold and drag) on the toolbar row position that we want;

The result will be as shown below;
To eliminate the same way as the above steps with a click on the toolbar is active (check mark will disappear) so that the toolbar is
meant to be hidden

So, I hope useful

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