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           Bogdaníková Jana
           2. Aza
           2008/ 2009
            New Year's Day
  1st January

- People welcome the New Year the night before
  New Year's Eve.

- All people have a parties, fireworks, they sing and dance to
  ring out the old year and ring in the new.

- As the clock strikes midnight, people link arms and sing a

- It reminds them of old and new friends.
19.01. the birthday of       The third Monday in
                               February is
Martin Luther King Jr.
                             President´s Day

- It is a holiday which is
                             - In February, two
observed on the third          american
Monday of January.             expresidents-Abraham
                               Lincoln and George
- It honours the civil         Washington have their
rights leader who was
assassinated in 1968.        - American honour
                             these two presidents as
                             well as others in this
        Groundhog Day
- It is observed on 2nd February

- It is a rural tradition which claims that if a
  groundhog emerges from its burrow on
  that day sees its shadow.

- If it will go back inside, there will be six
  weeks of winter.
      St. Valentine's Day
- People in the USA and Britain who are in
  love give presents to each other.
- Different traditions are connected with this
  festival, for example if the names of all
  girl's suitors were written on paper and
  wrapped in clay and the clay was put into
  water, the piece that rose to the surface
  first would contain the name of her
            either in March or April
- Easter is not a national holiday.
- Many Americans celebrate this holiday by going to
  church and getting together with their family and
- Children often go on Easter- egg hunts to search
  for hidden dyed eggs and other treast.
- The Easter version of Santa Claus is the Easter
- Usually a person dressed up in a large,
  colorful rabbit suit.
        Saint Patrick´s Day
- It is celebrated on 17.

- It is the feast day of
  the Irish patron saint.

- It is also celebrated in
  the States by Irish
  Americans with
  parades, parties and
  the wearing of the
  green colour.
 Memorial Day          Independence Day
                            4. July

- Is observed on the   - Is celebrated with
  last Monday in         fireworks, picnics and
  May.                   outdoor barbecues.

                       - This holiday celebrates
- It honours those       the signing of the
  who have given up      Declaration of
  their lives in         Independence in
  defence of their       1776- American
  country during         colonies separated
                         from G.B. and formed
  wartime.               the U.S.A.
          Mother´s Day
          Father´s Day
- Mother´s Day- the second Sunday in May
- Father´s Day- the third Sunday in June

- This days are days for children to give
greeting cards and gifts to their parents and
perhaps prepare them a special meal or help
around the house.
  Columbus Day                   Veteran´s Day

- Second Monday in October
                               - 11. November
- Which honours the landind
  of Christopher Columbus in   - It is honours those
  the New World on 12.           who gave their lives
  October 1492.                  for their country
                                 during First World War
- Althought in recent years      and Second World
  Native Americans and
  others have protested
  against the celebration of
  this day.
                    31. October

- All Hallow's Eve, usually called Hallowe'en
  (Hallows Eve), is followed by All Hallows' Day
  which is also know as All Saints Day (All Hallows'

- In the US it is a night for children dress up often
  as ghost or witches and go from door to door
  asking sweets- trick or treating.
- Fourth Thursday in November.

- Many Americans take a day of vacation on the following
  Friday to make a four-day weekend, during which they may
  travel long distances to visit family and friends.

- Thanksgiving dinner almost always includes some of the
  foods served at the first feast: roast turkey, cranberry sauce,
  potatoes, pumpkin pie.

- Before the meal begins, families or friends usually pause to
  give thanks for their blessings, including.
-   the joy of being united for the occasion.
       The Christmas season
- Christmas Eve- 24. December

- Children traditionally hang stockings by the fireplace for
  Santa Claus, whom they believe will come down the chimmey
  during the night and leave presents for them.

- Christmas Day- 25. December

- It is the day when children and adults get
  their Christmas presents.
- This day is celebrated as both a religious
  and secular holiday.
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