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                                      I Semester
                            Subject: Basic Computer Skills

 Contact hrs/Week: 04                     Total Contact Hrs / Sem.: 64

                      Course Content
1 Concept of Hardware & Software………………………..           05 Hrs

2 Word processing (M S Word)…………………………………………..
                                          18 Hrs

3 Spreadsheet and Charts (M S Excel)……………………………………
                                               18 Hrs

4 Dataprocessing (M S Access)……………………………………………………..
                                           10 Hrs

5 Presentation (M S Power Point)………………………………………………..
                                             08 Hrs

6 Internet Basics…………………………………………….                   05 Hrs

                    Total                             64 Hrs

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                               Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering
                                              I Semester
                                    Subject: Basic Computer Skills
    Contact hrs/Week: 04                                          Total Contact Hrs / Sem.: 64

General Educational Objectives :

  After the completion of the study of this subject students should be able to
  1. Recognize the various models of computer system
  2. Recognize the various parts, physical components of a computer
  3. Understand the cable connections and booting steps
  4. Know the various I/O devices
  5. Understand the need of Operating System
  6. Use the various DOS commands
  7. Understand the use of mouse buttons
  8. Appreciate working under windows environment
  9. Appreciate the use of Windows Explorer
 10. Create any document
 11. Know to format the document and take a printout
 12. Create a worksheet in
 13. Use functions and formulas
 14. Know to format the worksheet and take a printout
 15. Create a database
 16. Create view,form,table,query and report
 17. Know to take the printout of the report
 18. Create a presentation using Powerpoint
 19. Know to Insert Slides into the presentation
 20. Understand various slide transitions
 21. Demonstrate the slide show
 22. Know to print the handouts
 23. Understand the basics of Internet
 24. Create an e-mail account
 25. Know to send and receive mails
 26. Use search engine while browsing
 27. Use any Kannada Software package

Specific Instructional Objectives:

1                    Concepts of Hardware and Software
      1.1            Identify the models of computers - Tower, Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop
      1.2            Identify and understand front panel switches and back panel connectors of
                     a computer system.
      1.3            Identify and Understand the physical components of computer :
             1.3.1        Motherboard (System Board)
             1.3.2        Processor chip
             1.3.3        Memory
             1.3.4        HDD
             1.3.5        FDD
             1.3.6        CDD(R/W)
             1.3.7        SMPS
             1.3.8        Ports (Serial,Parallel & USB)
             1.3.9        VGA/SVGA/AGP
            1.3.10        Sound card
            1.3.11        Network Card
            1.3.12        MODEM Card (internal and External)

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        1.3.13        Input devices - Keyboard,Mouse,Scanner,Joystick,Floppy,Compact Disk,etc
        1.3.14        Output devices - Monitor, Printer, Plotter, etc.
 1.4             Understand the need of an Operating system
 1.5             Differences between command line and graphical user interface
 1.6             Understand the meaning of the following terms :
         1.6.1        Single user single tasking
         1.6.2        Single user multi tasking
         1.6.3        Multi user multi tasking
         1.6.4        Batch processing
         1.6.5        Real time Processing
         1.6.6        Distributed processing
 1.7             Do the connections of the system, switch on and understand the booting steps
 1.8             Understand the concept of file and directory, naming rules for files / directories,
                 types of files
 1.9             Basic DOS commands - CLS,DIR, Date, Time, Version, MD,CD,RD,Del,
                 Copy,Ren,Volume; Use of wild characters,Format,Path, Type
1.10             Getting started with
        1.10.1        Windows
        1.10.2        Desktop
        1.10.3        Icons
        1.10.4        Mouse operations - single click, double click, click & drag
        1.10.5        Shortcuts
        1.10.6        Popup Menus
        1.10.7        Start button
        1.10.8        Keyboard operations in window
        1.10.9        Task Bar
       1.10.10        Customizing the desktop

1.11             Exposure to Windows Operating System
        1.11.1        Logging on to Windows
        1.11.2        Starting and closing a program
        1.11.3        Switching between programs,documents
        1.11.4        Re-sizing windows - Maximize, Minimize and restore
        1.11.5        Find - file, folders, etc.
        1.11.6        Run - starting a program using run command
        1.11.7        Shutdown - shutdown / restart computer
1.12             Practice Windows Explorer - through My computer, Icon and shortcut entry
1.13             Creating/opening a document
1.14             Understand clipboard concept for copy,cut and paste
1.15             Editing and saving the document in Floppy/ Hard disk
1.16             Study and understand Windows utilities -notepad, wordpad, paint, calculator,etc
1.17             Study and understand Windows system tools - scandisk,backup,system info, winzip,

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2                  Utilities
    2.1            WORD PROCESSING
           2.1.1   Invoking word application and understand the different parts -
                   titlebar,Menubar,Toolbar,Scrollbar,Control button, etc
           2.1.2   Create a new document - edit, save, close
           2.1.3   Page setup (Layout)
           2.1.4   Text formatting - Selection of Fonts, fontsize, alignments, line spacing, paragraph
                   alignment, indents & tabs
           2.1.5   Creating documents with Multiple columns
           2.1.6   Inserting symbols,file, hyperlink,cliparts and pictures into the document
           2.1.7   Page formatting - Inserting page numbers, date,time, fields,header and
                   footer,footnote, comments,etc
           2.1.8   Practicing the utilities like find, replace, goto, spell check, grammer check,
                   thesaurus, wordcount,autotext and autocorrect
           2.1.9   Creating drawings and charts using drawing toolbar
          2.1.10   Creating tables and borders
          2.1.11   Creating templates, envelopes & labels
          2.1.12   Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
          2.1.13   Taking printout of the document
          2.1.14   Mail-merging
          2.1.15   Creating Macros and customizing Word
          2.1.16   Exiting Word
    2.2            SPREADSHEET AND CHARTS
           2.2.1   Invoking Excel application and understand the different parts - titlebar, Menubar,
                   Toolbar, Scrollbar, control window, etc
           2.2.2   Creating an excel book
           2.2.3   Understanding the excel sheet,cell,rows&columns, sheet size, navigating the
           2.2.4   Entering data - numeric, text and formula
           2.2.5   Formatting a cell - number, date,time,text, alignment, border, font,pattern, protection,
           2.2.6   Formatting rows and columns
           2.2.7   Understand Filling series
           2.2.8   Selecting cells, rows or columns
           2.2.9   Clearing contents and formats of the cells selected
          2.2.10   Creating different types of graphs for given data
          2.2.11   Formatting charts
          2.2.12   Dealing with formulas, functions related with text, logical, mathematical, etc
          2.2.13   Manipulating Data - Sorting, filtering, validation, importing & exporting data
          2.2.14   Working with windows - Splitting, freezing and setting the print area
          2.2.15   Creating an excel report
          2.2.16   Printing an excel sheet/part of an excel sheet
          2.2.17   Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
          2.2.18   Creating Macros and customizing Excel
          2.2.19   Exiting Excel
    2.3            DATAPROCESSING
           2.3.1   Starting Access and understanding the concept of data,field, record, table and
           2.3.2   Creating a database,tables,view,forms,query,report,index,etc
           2.3.3   Use of wizards to create tables
           2.3.4   Create a report and take the printout
           2.3.5   Creating Macros and customizing Access
           2.3.6   Exiting Access
    2.4            PRESENTATION
           2.4.1   Invoking Powerpoint application and understand -
                   titlebar,Menubar,Toolbar,Scrollbar,control window, etc

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          2.4.2 Creating a presentation using auto context wizard, Design Templates and Blank
          2.4.3 Opening, saving,closing a presentation
          2.4.4 Working with slides - Inserting pictures, tables,sound files, outline,slide transitions
          2.4.5 Slide show - manual, auto
          2.4.6 Printing handouts
          2.4.7 Creating Macros and customizing Powerpoint
          2.4.8 Exiting Powerpoint
3               INTERNET
    3.1         Understand the meaning of :
                Network,Internet,intranet,internet server, internet browser,Webpage, Website,URL's,
                Search engines, http,www,HTML,DHTML and Outlook
    3.2         Logging on to internet, browsing the net, using search engines, Downloading a file
    3.3         Creating an E-Mail ID, Sending and Receiving E-Mails, voicemail,video mail, video
                conferencing, etc
    3.4         Chatting
4               Practice on any Kannada Software Package

              1. Create a business or personal letter
              2. Create a company letterhead
              3. Create a simple newsletter
              4. Create a memo
              5. Create a resume
              6. Create an Invitation/Greeting Card
              7. Create the cover page of a project report
              8. Create a mailmerged letter/Invitation
              9. Create a Macro which inserts a picture and formats the text
              1. Create a worksheet with 4 columns. Enter 10 records and find the sum
                 of all columns
              2. Create a report containing the pay details of the employees
              3. Create a results sheet containing Candidate's Register No., Name, Marks
                 for all subjects, Total and result.
                 Total and result must be calculated as below:
                 Total is sum of marks in all subjects
                  Result is Distinction if Total >= 70 %
                            First Class if Total > = 60 % and < 70 %
                            Second Class if Total >= 50 % and < 60 %
                            Pass if Total >= 35 % and < 50 %
                            provided the candidate has secured atleast 35 marks in each
                            subject. Fail otherwise.
              4. Create a simple Bar chart to highlight the sales of a company for
                 3 different periods
              5. Create a pie-chart - give legends
              6. Create a worksheet importing data from a database and calculate sum of
                 all the columns
              7. Create a Macro which creates a line chart using the data in the worksheet


                1.Create a simple table for result processing
                2.Design a query table for the same table
                3.Design a form to update/modify the table contents

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  4.Design a report to print the result sheet and marks card for the above table.

  1.Create a simple presentation to list simple DOS commands,Hardwares,
  Softwares etc.

  1.Practice browsing of different sites using search engine
  2.Practice Understanding different e-mail services-Outlook, Yahoomail, rediffmail
  3.Practice creating e-mail account, Sending Receiving & Storing of mails

                Scheme of Examination
  Duration:     3 Hrs                              Max Marks          100

1 Record                                                                5
2 Viva                                                                 20
3 One question each on any two of the following                 30 x2 =60
             3.1 M S Word
             3.2 M S Excel
             3.2 M S Access
             3.4 M S Power Point
4 Internet Basics                                                      15
                                      Total                            40

                 Scheme of Evaluation

1 Record                                                            5
2 Viva                                                             10
3 One question to be set from any 2 of the 4 combination
           3.1 Writing                                   10
           3.2 Execution                                 15
           3.3 Printout                                    5 30x 2=60
4 Two or Three Questions to be asked on Internet Basics            15
                                                       Total      100

                            Reference Books

  1. Basic Computer Skills By Dr. M A Jayaram & D S Rajendra Prasad, Sapna Publishers

      2. A Computer Laboratory referral for Diploma & Engineering students
          BY: T R Jagadish et.al- Universities Press

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a Prasad, Sapna Publishers

Engineering students

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