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					    Modern outdoor furniture can mean so
   many things. It evolves around individual
 lifestyle and habits. For some, it may mean
    outdoor activities like playtime for kids;
family meals and quiet time for evenings; for
  others, it may mean outdoor parties, patio
    and deck furniture for pool parties, and
      while for someone else it may mean
 Adirondack outdoor chairs for relaxing, and
 accessories like outdoor umbrellas to keep
                   the sun off.

environment furniture
You can find the most contemporary outdoor collection in different
styles that fulfill the norms on outdoor furniture, especially
emphasizing on functionality and durability Ponder upon the basic
checklist before you start looking for furniture It helps to do some
homework and do a realistic analysis of your needs, Right size and
shape: What is the right size and shape? It depends on the number
of people you entertain regularly You may want to measure the
open area, and for patio furniture, pay attention to the color scheme
of your home You don't want to buy something odd
 Quality: For all furniture, quality is important For outdoor furniture, it
gains significance due to the wear and tear outdoors expose the
furniture to and which is completely out of control And it is likely that
you will have little time for regular maintenance You don't want
to buy cheap furniture to change it again soon So, check out
mid-ranging furniture that is both quality conscious and
complimentary to the natural surroundings
  Time: How much time can you spend on maintenance? Aluminium
or wrought iron furniture is hardwearing, but teak may need a coat of
oil every six months, which is pretty ok too The natural feel of wood
is hard to ignore and teak happens to be the most natural
environment furniture choice for outdoor furniture Check
guarantees, warranties and after-sale services, if any You may want
to know the details before hand Do not hesitate to ask questions
 Wisdom says that nothing will last in a perfect condition So, you can
ask questions and learn what it takes to fix things You could always
speak to someone with thorough knowledge Longevity: It is the
most difficult one to ask, "How long the furniture can last on an
average?" Does it require assembly? How easy/difficult it is to
assemble Also check the availability and color and finish choice
offered Following are the materials normally used, Wooden Furniture
 Teak is one of the most popular outdoor furniture owing to its natural
weathering properties
 It is gifted with natural oils that resist rot and decay The high-quality
wood makes it one of the most durable choices While the natural
look and feel is a favorite with furniture buffs, wood also keeps the
heat away and is easy to clean Teak furniture stands the test of time
and has been seen to adorn outdoor space over decades with a little
routine maintenance and care
Other wooden furniture used outdoor must include Balau and
Eucalyptus wood that is comparatively cheaper Highlights •
Great outdoor furniture: Can be left outdoors year-round •
Compliments outdoors: Looks natural in greens and outdoors •
Requires routine maintenance: 6-monthly/yearly • Can stand
rough weathers • It's fresh and cool to the touch making it
great for summers Wicker: Another favorite outdoor furniture
material, Wicker is durable and meets the standards on classic
naturalness You may like Rattan furniture for outdoors on a
consistent weave that does not hook clothing when you sit Then
there is Resin that allows the natural look and is often framed with
the help of robust material like aluminium for outdoors
 Then there is furniture made from sea grass that not only looks
natural, but also can be washed with water, requiring very low
maintenance Highlights Natural look: compliments indoor and
outdoors Robust and lightweight  Comes in variety of styles
and colors  Easy maintenance: Good for outdoors Metal
Robust Metal furniture is used outdoors owing to its affordability
Tubular hollow aluminium furniture is comparatively less expensive
than wrought iron Tubular aluminium is lightweight and not so great
for windy outdoors
 Wrought aluminium and cast aluminium furniture is great and can
weather off rough seasons Pay attention to quality and joint welding,
which should be in steel to avoid rusting Also, powder coated
aluminium furniture is more lasting Highlights Longevity:
Longstanding & rustproof Easy to move  The surface
may heat under direct sunlight  Can bestow your outdoors
with a old and classic look Choose the one that fits your preference
and match up other accessories in tandem
 You can also mix and match furniture articles to create a unique
outdoor setting Let the open space determine its best use All the
environment furniture

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