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					Enterprise cloud computing and hosting is surely the
future of application and software maintenance but it
     is going to take some time for the bulk of the
 business community to come aboard and embrace
   the scalability and flexibility possibilities that are
  offered through the cloud computing environment.

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 One of the biggest reasons for technical hesitation is the mindset required to
allow a large organization to make a wide sweeping technical change when it
might not necessarily be required from a functionality standpoint For an
enterprise to migrate with cloud data storage there is a certain amount of fear
surrounding the migration movement that can often times hinder the process of
actually moving forward
 Something about shutting down entire data centers that gets IT buyers and
director's sweating profusely in front of their computer monitors Here
are some cloud migration tips to help IT departments make sense of moving
over to the cloud: Understand Your Existing Technology & Applications
Before you migrate anything you must understand the complexities of your
applications that will be moving to the new cloud atmosphere
 Email migration has been available on the cloud for many years now but
depending on your other applications coming over might require a full
understanding of the technical specs surrounding your processes that need to
function with absolutely zero disruption Understand Your Cloud Computing
Vendor When an IT manager migrates their information over to a cloud vendor
there can be a certain degree of disconnect depending on how robust the
dashboard controls and customer service might be on the cloud vendor side
 An IT manager might be used to putting their actual hands on a physical
machine to analyze and make changes to environments depending on usage
spikes and general maintenance This could be a comfort that has been
available since shared web hosting the dawn of the business so liberating that
comfort requires a certain understanding and trust in your vendor that might
simply take time to nurture
  The Nuts & Bolts Cloud migration can be a very hair-raising process for
many information technology professionals so the actual integration should be
done with complete strategy in order to not disrupt any business flow that can
slow down production A great way to ensure a safe cloud migration is to
transfer items of less importance first while leaving behind the fundamental
applications for the very last when any bugs have been resolved and ironed
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