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					the torch
                                                                                    For progress. For patients.®

B A Y L O R        H E A L T H       C A R E        S Y S T E M     F O U N D A T I O N                                                            F A L L       2 0 1 0

                                                            Thompsons’ $1 million gift will establish
    Mark your calendar
                                                            diagnostic liver laboratory at Baylor

                                                                           he Jim and Angela Thompson
                                                                           Foundation has made a generous
                                                                           gift of $1 million that will create a
                                                                           diagnostic liver laboratory and a
                                                            hepatology chair at Baylor University Medical
      Grand Rounds® Golf Tournament                         Center at Dallas. Baylor Dallas hopes this project
   Benefiting graduate medical education                    will lead to earlier diagnosis of liver conditions
             Monday, October 4                              and more accurate treatments.
      Guest speaker: Professional golfer Bruce Lietzke
                                                               This is a transformative gift for the hepatology
              Where: Northwood Club, Dallas
            More information: 214.820.2699 or               program at Baylor Dallas. Planned for a January
                                                                                                                                  Angela and Jim Thompson
                   2011 opening, the lab will contain the equipment
                                                            to perform a variety of tests that will document         Klintmalm, M.D., Ph.D., were the inspiration
                                                            and monitor the function and capacity of patients’       for this gift,” Jim Thompson said.
                                                            livers – all in one location. This lab could represent     Jim is president and chief executive officer of
                                                            an important enhancement of liver disease                ORIX USA, a financial services company head-
                                                            management that would be unique in the                   quartered in Dallas. Angela is president of the Jim
                                                            United States.                                           and Angela Thompson Foundation.
              Celebrating Women
   Benefiting the fight against breast cancer                  “Angela and I are pleased to contribute to an           The Thompsons’ gift began to evolve when Jim
             Thursday, October 21                           effort that has the potential to more precisely          told Dr. Trotter, the medical director of liver trans-
                       Guest speakers:                      measure the impact of treatment decisions made           plantation at Baylor Dallas, of his interest in rais-
       “L.A. Law’s” Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker      by liver patients and their physicians. Baylor’s         ing the bar in liver diagnostics. Dr. Trotter, who had
                Where: Hilton Anatole, Dallas               leading position in solid organ transplants, the         long desired to create this kind of facility for his
             More information: 214.820.2229 or
                                                            vision of Jim Trotter, M.D., for this clinic along       patients, explained his vision to Jim and asked
                                                            with the longtime leadership of Göran                                                            Continued on p. 2

 Spangenbergs’ gift for NICU helps deliver healthy, happy babies

                    hile visiting the Blanche                                                                          Christian, Erich and Audrey’s son, attends
                    Swanzy Lange Neonatal                                                                            a boarding school with an ultimate goal of going
                    Intensi v e Ca r e Unit at                                                                       to law school. After a recent visit to the Riggs Emer-
                    Baylor University Medical                                                                        gency Department at Baylor Dallas, he is rethink-
 Center at Dallas, Erich and Audrey Spangenberg                                                                      ing that plan and considering studying medicine.
 saw some of the hospital’s most vulnerable                                                                            “You are really making a difference in these
 patients. In incubator after incubator, premature                                                                   precious lives,” Audrey said, explaining the
 newborn babies were struggling for every breath                                                                     inspiration for their support, which will impact the
 and clinging to life.                                                                                               health and well-being of thousands of children for
   The Spangenbergs were moved by this                                                                               decades to come.
 experience and felt they had to get involved.                    Christian Spangenberg, Erich Spangenberg,            For more information about supporting the
   The Spangenberg Family Foundation for the                      Audrey Spangenberg holding Jillian O’Brien,        NICU, contact Roxann Garcia at 214.820.8196 or
                                                                             and Delaney O’Brien
 Benefit of Children’s Education and Healthcare                                                             .
 supports charitable efforts in education and medical         A plaque recognizing the Spangenbergs’ gift will
 research. They used the foundation to contribute           read: “In appreciation for the generosity of                       SEE PAGE 2 FOR THE STORY OF
 $500,000 to Baylor Health Care System Foundation           Christian Spangenberg and the Spangenberg                          A FAMILY HELPED BY THE NICU
 to create a fund that will benefit the NICU.               Family Foundation.”

                                DEPA RTMENTS                                                          NE WS, PROJECTS A ND CA MPA IGNS
                                Focus on Research ________________________            5               Thompsons’ gift to establish diagnostic liver lab __   1
                                President’s Letter _________________________          5               Spangenbergs’ gift supports NICU _____________         1
   What’s Inside

                                Chairman’s Letter __________________________          7               In memoriam: Ernie Wayne __________________            2
                                Gift Planning _____________________________           8               Baylor looks to expand patient navigator program _     2
                                                                                                      O’Briens receive compassionate care in NICU ____       2
                                                                                                      Foundation remembers Bill Aston ______________         4
                                Mark Your Calendar ________________________ 1
                                                                                                      Foundation celebrates Lindalyn Adams’ birthday __      4
                                Celebrating Women ________________________ 3
                                                                                                      Baylor ranked among ‘America’s Best’ _________         4
                                Grand Rounds ® ___________________________ 8
                                                                                                      Baylor employees contribute $1.36 million _____        5
                                                                                                      Foundation welcomes new chair, board members _         6
                                                                                                      New center may change how diabetes is treated __       6
                                Jo Ann Stewart ___________________________ 6
                                                                                                      Gifts spur progress at Baylor McKinney _______         7
                                Dr. Charlie Richardson _____________________ 7
                                Marcus Baker _____________________________ 8

                                                                            3600 Gaston Avenue, Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75246
                                                                            214.820.3136 n
2	   FA L L	2 010	                                                        T H E 	T O R C H

In memoriam: Ernie Wayne was passionate about family, service

          rnestine “Ernie” Wayne had a                   a patient is a whole person, affected but not
          strong belief that service to others was       defined by physical illness, and in project after        Filling a need
          the highest calling imaginable in life.        project, she worked and led the way philanthrop-                 herever Ernie Wayne and the Wayne family
          She frequently put that belief into action.    ically to make sure that those whole persons felt                have seen a need, they have asked how it can be
  Ernie passed away at her home on July 1 at             cared for.”                                              fulfilled. Their thoughtful influence is felt today in
age 87, surrounded by family and caregivers.                She was also always there for her family, ready       several areas at Baylor:
                                                                                                                  n	 Caring Hearts® volunteer program: Founded by
  A member of the Baylor Health Care System              to give advice to her children, grandchildren and
                                                                                                                     Ernie, the program recruits people who have had
Fou n d a t i on B o a r d of                                                great-grandchildren – or just           cardiac events to visit patients before and after a
Directors for 15 years, Ernie’s                                              to listen.                              procedure, offering empathy and support.
gifts and involvement helped                                                    Grandson Braden Wayne             n	 Ernie’s Appearance Center: One of the nation’s first
turn her ideas about what was                                                noted her abundant style:               cancer boutiques, Ernie’s makes sure cancer patients
needed by Baylor Health Care                                                    “She was the epitome of ele-         get information and tools to address needs related to
                                                                                                                     a positive self-image.
System’s patients into reality.                                              gance, and everything that
                                                                                                                  n	 Bradley Wayne Interfaith Garden of Prayer at the
  “My mother had three great                                                 goes with it,” he said. “Grace,         Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center:
loves: my father, Brad; her                                                  beauty and sophistication.”             The legacy of Brad Wayne lives on in a place where
children, grandchildren and                                                     Ernie was preceded in death          cancer patients and their families come to pray,
great-grandchildren; and                                                     by Brad, and she is survived by         reflect or simply gather their thoughts.
Baylor, which was never an                                                   her daughter, Sue Wayne              n	 Palliative care program: A gift funded a clinical
                                                                                                                     team focused on the relief of suffering for patients
institution, but more an                                                     Strauss, and her husband,               with advanced, life-limiting illnesses. The Waynes’
extension of her family,” said                                               Ted; daughter Marcy Grace,              advocacy has helped develop the program.
her son, Jon Wayne.                                                          and son Jon and his wife,            n	 Riggs Emergency Department: A blue flame
  David Stern, rabbi at                                                      Devon, as well as seven                 sculpture atop the entrance was commissioned by
Temple Emanu-El in Dallas,                                                   grandchildren and eight                 Jon Wayne in honor of his mother. It symbolizes the
said: “Ernie understood that               Ernestine “Ernie” Wayne                                                   care at Baylor and is a tribute to its employees.

Thompsons’ support to
                                                          O’Briens receive compassionate care in NICU
create liver lab

                                                                        elaney O’Brien and her hus-              Jillian, weighing 2 pounds, 11 ounces, still
Continued from p. 1                                                     band, Kevin, were ecstatic when        had a tough road ahead of her. She spent the
Baylor Health Care System Foundation president                          they learned that Delaney was          next seven weeks in the Blanche Swanzy Lange
Rowland K. Robinson to speak with the Thompsons.                        pregnant with twin girls.              NICU, including the first two weeks on a full
  The Foundation and Dr. Trotter provided them              But then came bad news. Twenty weeks into          ventilator. Now at home, she is a happy,
with a plan for the lab. The Thompsons then com-          the pregnancy, doctors on the medical staff at       healthy 7-month-old.
mitted to providing the funding, and the lab              Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas dis-        “Baylor saved Jillian’s life,” Delaney said. “It
Dr. Trotter had dreamed of was on its way to              covered a tumor on Delaney’s ovary.                  really would have been a different story if not
becoming a reality.                                         Surgery to remove it was successful, but three     for the people here. We are so grateful.”
  The Foundation often works with physicians              days later, Delaney’s water broke at 21 weeks          The Lange NICU is a Level III facility. It
and grateful patients to fund important clinical          of gestation. She was admitted to the antepar-       cares for 750 infants every year, about half of
initiatives.                                              tum unit, where she hoped to stay as long as         whom are very pre-term, low-birth weight
  Current methods of assessing liver function are         possible to give her unborn babies a chance to       and/or seriously ill. Because these infants may
often circuitous and inaccurate. A test or panel of       develop enough to survive.                           stay in the NICU for weeks or even months,
tests to provide a reliable assessment of hepatic           At 29 weeks, the babies forced the issue.          what is done during that time can have a pro-
function over time is the goal. Hopefully, these            Delaney gave birth to two girls, Allison and       found impact. A NICU baby’s brain and ner-
tests will enable physicians to identify liver dam-       Jillian. Sadly, Allison’s lungs had not fully        vous system develop rapidly during the
age earlier, assess response to medical therapy and       developed, and she passed away within 24 hours.      extended period of incubator care.
provide a more accurate prognosis.
  The Jim and Angela Thompson Diagnostic
Liver Laboratory will offer greater diagnostic
capabilities that can lead to more comprehensive,       Baylor looks to expand patient navigation program

pre-emptive and accurate treatment. The lab will
bring together a number of diagnostic methods                       y nthi a Robinson-H aw k ins,               began in 2008. Though the program was new,
and give hepatologists the ability to study the role                R.N., keeps several cards on her            cancer was an area in which she had experience,
and effectiveness of these tests.                                   desk. The handwritten messages              and she understood the need.
                                                                    from patients and their family mem-            “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989,”
       “Baylor’s leading position in solid              bers are touching:                                      she said. “I was working in labor and delivery, and
                                                          “You made things so much easier for us.”              I didn’t know anything about cancer. I had
        organ transplants, the vision of                  “You are an angel.”                                               surgery, and then the techs came with
      Jim Trotter, M.D., for this clinic                  “Thank you.”                                                      a stretcher to take me to get a bone
     along with the longtime leadership of                As manager of the oncology patient                                scan. I said, ‘you’ve got the wrong
     Göran Klintmalm, M.D., Ph.D.,                      navigation program at the Baylor                                    person.’ Nobody told me I would need
       were the inspiration for this gift.”             Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center,                                   a bone scan.”
                                                        she and her staff help people diagnosed                               As the Baylor Sammons Cancer
               – Jim Thompson
                                                        with cancer through the labyrinth that                              Center prepares to move into the new
                                                        treatment and recovery can create.                 Cynthia          outpatient building, it also seeks to
  The addition of the lab and this equipment is           Cynthia, with data coordinator              Robinson-Hawkins
                                                                                                                            expand the service from three naviga-
also expected to open the doors to new research         Diana Conde and fellow navigators Judy Quan,            tors to 10 or 12. That goal can be reached more
opportunities. Data on patient outcomes will be         R.N., and Charlotte Farris, R.N., guided 1,002          rapidly through philanthropy.
recorded and used to identify trends and measure        patients during fiscal year 2010. They help pro-           The program needs to add nurses and other
the effectiveness of treatment.                         vide timely diagnosis and treatment by helping          health care professionals. It costs $1.5 million to
  The Jim and Angela Thompson Chair in                  schedule appointments, providing information            endow one navigator and $75,000 per year to
Hepatology will provide the means necessary for         about cancer, patients’ treatment plans and the         employ a nurse practitioner.
the liver program to continually evolve as a leader     many services Baylor offers, as well as simply being       For more information, contact Ellen Dearman
in comprehensive hepatology medicine, research          there to answer any questions a patient may have.       at 214.820.787 7 or E l len.De a rma n@
and practice.                                             Cynthia became head of the program when it  
	    	                                                                      T H E 	T O R C H 	                                                      FA L L 	2 010 	    3

                           2 010 C e l e b r a t i n g W o m e n
    CW: Circle of Care Award Winners

       CIRCLE OF CARE AWARDEES                                       HONORARY CHAIRS                                    CIRCLE OF CARE AWARDEE
    PEGGY AND DR. LEONARD RIGGS JR.                               PEGGY AND CARL SEWELL                                THE DISCOV ERY FOUNDATION

F                                                        B
          rom 2006                                                   aylor
          to 2010,                                                   He a lth
          if you                                                     C a r e
          thought of                                                 System
Baylor Health Care                                        F ou n d a t io n is
System Foundation,                                        plea sed to have
you thought of                                            Pegg y and Carl
Leonard Riggs Jr.,                                        Sewell serve as hon-
M.D. As chairman                                          orary chairmen for
of the Foundation                                         the 2010 Celebrating

board, Dr. Riggs Peggy and Dr. Leonard Riggs                                        Peggy and Carl Sewell             Betty and Clint Josey         Dr. David Winter
                                                          Women luncheon.
was heavily involved in the progress Baylor Health          The Sewells have been tremendous advocates                         he Discovery Foundation has
Care System and the Foundation made during                for the Foundation and have made significant                         made numerous gifts in support of
those years.                                              gifts for the renovation and expansion of the                        Celebrating Women and other
  “Working alongside Leonard and his wife,                Riggs Emergency Department, Celebrating                              women’s initiatives that have
Peggy, I’ve been amazed at their dedication and           Women and other initiatives.                            improved the health and quality of life of patients
devotion to health care – and to Baylor,” said              Carl is chairman of Sewell Automotive                 at Baylor Health Care System.
Rowland K. Robinson, president of the                     Companies and author of “Customers for Life,”              “The Discovery Foundation has been generous
Foundation. “We are pleased to note their                 a best-selling book that sets forth his successful      in its support of Baylor, and we truly appreciate
contributions with the Circle of Care Award.”             business philosophy.                                    its care and concern for the patients we serve,” said
  The Riggs Emergency Department at Baylor                  He has been the chairman of the National              Rowland K. Robinson, president of Baylor Health
University Medical Center at Dallas underwent             Lexus Dealer Advisory Council and the Cadillac          Care System Foundation. “It is in recognition of
a $53 million renovation and expansion in 2007.           National Dealer Council, and he served as chair-        these contributions to Baylor and the community
Leonard and Peggy gave $1 million to support              man of the SMU board of trustees. Carl is past          that we are proud to honor the Discovery
this effort.                                              president of the board of trustees of St. Mark’s        Foundation with the Circle of Care Award. We
  During Dr. Riggs’ tenure as chairman, the               School of Texas, on the board of the State Fair of      are especially grateful to Clint and Betty Josey
Foundation raised more than $108 million for              Texas and has been chair of Goals for Dallas, a         and David Winter, M.D., without whom these
Baylor Health Care System initiatives.                    board member of the Dallas Chamber of                   gifts would not have been possible.”
  Peggy serves on the advisory board for                  Commerce and the Dallas Citizens Council.                  Clint is the chairman of The Discovery Foun-
Celebrating Women, and she has worked with                  Peggy is one of Dallas’ leading civic volunteers      dation, and Dr. Winter serves as its president.
many philanthropic organizations, including               and philanthropists. She has served on the                 In 2008, The Discovery Foundation gave funds
North Dallas Shared Ministries. She is also on            Foundation’s board since 2003, has chaired its          to Celebrating Women to provide new technology
the president’s advisory council for The Dallas           annual giving campaign and has been on the              in the Darlene G. Cass Women’s Imaging Center
Center for the Performing Arts and the advisory           Celebrating Women advisory committee for                at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.
board of New Friends New Life.                            several years.                                             In 2009, it contributed a gift for the women’s
  Dr. Riggs began his career in emergency                   Peggy is a member of the Junior League of             psycho-oncology program, which is developing a
medicine at Baylor Dallas in 1972 and eventually          Dallas and the Crystal Charity Ball committee,          comprehensive care program to meet the emo-
became chief of emergency medicine. In 1980, he           for which she chaired the fashion show and lun-         tional needs of women diagnosed with cancer.
formed EmCare, a company specializing in                  cheon. A trustee of the Dallas Museum of Art,              The same year, the foundation donated
managing emergency departments for hospitals.             she was chairman of the Art Ball, and she is on         resources for the Mommie and Me assistance
  “I’ve been involved with Baylor for more than           the board of The Salvation Army. Peggy has also         fund that helps low-income women whose babies
40 years, and I realize what a great asset it is for      chaired the Cattle Baron’s Ball, the Sweetheart         are being treated in the Blanche Swanzy Lange
the citizens of Dallas and those from elsewhere,”         Ball, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s                 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Baylor Dallas.
Dr. Riggs said. “We are blessed to have a system          Leukemia Luncheon and the TACA Silver Cup                  The foundation was established in 1996 by
with the capabilities and facilities Baylor has.”         Awards.                                                 Roger Dixon, a Dallas oilman and rancher.

    Eikenberry, Tucker have distinctive breast cancer story to tell

             ill Eik enber ry a nd Mich a el               breast cancer. She’d never before had a                second opinion. Lumpectomy and radiation
             Tucker have a unique perspective on           mammogram.                                             therapies were recommended, and her breast
             breast cancer. Married                                             “I was not informed,” she         was saved.
             since 1973, the actors                                          said, “and I was terrified and          In 1989, Jill co-produced and hosted an NBC
             are best known as stars                                         didn’t know what to do.”             documentary, “Destined to Live.” The program
    of the long-running television                                              The doctor advised her to have    featured interviews with cancer survivors,
    show “L.A. Law.” They are the                                            a mastectomy.                        including First Lady Nancy Reagan.
    featured speakers at the 2010                                               “That’s what he did the most         “We made the documentary to show women
    Celebrating Women luncheon.                                              frequently, so I said, ‘OK, take     with breast cancer that they are not alone,”
    They will talk about their                                               it off – whatever you have to do.’   Jill said.
    experience with breast cancer                                            I simply did not know anybody           Jill and Michael’s efforts have been exten-
    as a married couple and how it                                           who had survived breast cancer.      sively recognized with awards and commenda-
    impacted their relationship.                                             I also didn’t have the courage to    tions. Jill has discovered that by sharing her
      Jill’s breast cancer crisis                                            ask the right questions.”            experiences and being a proponent of con-
    began in 1986, just before she                                              Although she had intended to      stantly improving health, life can be vibrant
                                               Jill Eikenberry and
    moved to Los Angeles to begin                                            keep her diagnosis a secret, she     and full of self-discovery.
                                                 Michael Tucker
    shooting the show. While driv-                                           told a friend whose mother had          “I’ve never felt better in my life than now,”
    ing, she casually reached up and felt her breast.      fought, and won, her own battle with the disease       she said. “I have enormous vitality and joy,
    There was a lump, and her doctor confirmed             years earlier without a mastectomy. Jill sought a      every day.”
4	   FA L L 	2 010	                                                          T H E 	T O R C H

Foundation remembers Bill Aston                                                                                   Baylor ranked among

             self-m a de ex ecuti v e, W.W.              from chopping grass from around utility poles to         ‘America’s Best’

             “Bill” Aston was passionate about           president and chief executive officer.                              aylor University Medical
             making sure patients at Baylor                He also was known for his volunteer work. In                      Center at Dallas and Baylor
             received quality care.                                       addition to his dedication to                      Institute for Rehabilitation (BIR)
He passed away July 8 at the age                                          Baylor, his causes ranged from                     are two of 152 hospitals nationally
of 82 at his Dallas home.                                                 being a director for the Camp           to be ranked in the U.S. News & World
  Bill served as chairman of the                                          Fire Girls to serving more than         Report 20th annual “America’s Best
board for Baylor University                                               15 years as a driver for the            Hospitals” issue. Baylor Dallas is the only
Medical Center at Dallas and                                              McKinney Avenue trolley.                North Texas hospital to earn this distinction
Baylor Jack and Jane Heart and                                              His honors included the               for 18 consecutive years.
Vascular Hospital and was a                                               American Heart Association’s               “Standing out on the national stage is an
member of the Baylor Health                                               Dwight D. Eisenhower Award              impressive achievement, and I congratulate
Care System board. He wrote a                                             for being the Texas volunteer of        everyone who is directly involved in these
resolution calling for ever-improv-                                       the year in 1979 and a brother-         recognized services,” said John McWhorter,
ing delivery of quality, safe patient                                     hood citation from the National         president of Baylor Dallas.
care which was adopted by all                                             Conference of Christians and               Baylor Dallas ranked among the nation’s
Baylor facilities.                                                        Jews. At one time, he was named         top 50 hospitals in three of 16 specialties: kid-
  “He will be remembered for his                                          trustee of the year by the Dallas       ney disease, gastroenterology and urology.
commitment to quality,” said Joel                                         County Medical Society.                    The rankings in 12 of the 16 specialties
                                                 Bill Aston
Allison, president and chief exec-                                          Bill also loved adventure.            were driven by data such as mortality rates,
utive officer of Baylor Health Care System. “He          After retiring from TXU, he became a certified           procedure volume, and ratio of nurses to
wanted nothing but the best. He always wanted            scuba diver and worked on shark and manatee              patients.
excellence, and he constantly reminded us it’s           research projects. He went on extended boat jour-           BIR ranked 18th among the nation’s top
about putting the patient first.”                        neys, including a 6,000-mile round trip with             rehabilitation facilities, marking the 14th
  Baylor recently established a quality award with       Howard McClure, M.D., from Alabama up the                year that it has been
the Texas Hospital Association to honor Bill’s           Eastern Seaboard, through the Great Lakes and            recognized in the
legacy. The first Bill Aston Award for Quality           down the Mississippi and other rivers. He also           issue.
will be given next year.                                 traveled on ocean-going freighters to Europe and            To read more
  “He was just a wonderful, wonderful                    container ships to South America.                        about the rankings,
individual,” Allison said. “He was a great                 Bill is survived by his wife, Evelyn; his two          log on to health.
humanitarian.”                                           daughters, Adonica Aston and Melanie           
  Bill worked his way through college at Dallas          Schumaker; a brother, James Aston; and two               hospitals/rankings.
Power & Light Co., now TXU, where he advanced            grandchildren.

Foundation celebrates Lindalyn Adams’ 80th birthday

          ay lor He a lt h C a r e Syst e m                 Lindalyn was recognized for both her service
          Foundation commemorated not                     to the Foundation and to the city of Dallas. Over
          just a milestone birthday but also              the years, Lindalyn has become known as the
          decades of caring for the Dallas com-           “historical caretaker of Dallas” for her numerous
munity at a birthday celebration for Lindalyn             efforts in the preservation of its history. Most
Adams on June 30 in Fearing’s Restaurant at the           recently, she has been integral to the success of the
Ritz-Carlton. More than 200 friends and family            Celebrating Women campaign, which has raised
members attended the brunch to honor Lindalyn.            more than $11 million for the fight against breast
She turned 80 on the Fourth of July.                      cancer.

                                                                                                                        Billie Leigh Rippey, Lindalyn Adams
                                                                                                                             and Caroline Rose Hunt

                                                                       Dee Collins Torbert, Lindalyn Adams
 Tucean Webb, Joyce Mitchell, Debbie Snell and Effie McCullough                 and Calvert Collins

                                                                                                                          Joel Allison and Dr. Ron Jones

Lydia Novakov and Becky Bright

                                           MacKenzie Adams Carpenter, Charlie Adams, Lindalyn Adams,
Ruth Altshuler and Linda Custard                         Carlton Adams and Chase Adams                              Rowland K. Robinson and Lindalyn Adams
	   	                                                                     T H E 	T O R C H 	                                                     FA L L 	2 010 	       5

Baylor employees open hearts, checkbooks
to the tune of record-breaking $1.36 million                                                                                      From the
            “The incredible support among the staff shows how much people inside
        Baylor Health Care System see – and believe in – the good things we are doing.”                     Challenges, progress,
                              – Rowland K. Robinson, President                                              friends and transitions
                                Baylor Health Care System Foundation
                                                                                                                   ur fiscal year that ended June 30th was a
           ay l or H e a lt h C a r e Syst e m          expansion fund last year.                           whirlwind of activity and progress. We ended the
           employees have outdone themselves.             At Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas,    year with the second-highest total of contributions in
           A year after setting a record of $1.1 mil-   this year’s campaign supported several areas of     our history. Our progress was achieved while
           lion for contributions to the Employee       focus, including:
                                                                                                            navigating the confluence of two sectors undergoing
Giving Campaign in 2009, Baylor Health Care             n	 The Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute at
                                                                                                            profound change: health care and philanthropy.
System Foundation staff raised the bar in 2010.            Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center: Funds are
More than 7,200 employees of Baylor facilities at          helping provide community-based programs,          Our donors continue to respond to the needs of our
Dallas, Carrollton, Garland, Grapevine, Plano              diabetes education and management, and           patients. Private contributions serve an important role
and Waxahachie contributed $1,363,381 to the               diabetes screening supplies.                     in helping our system sustain and grow its outstanding
2010 campaign, establishing a new record.               n	 The Blanche Swanzy Lange NICU: Support           medical, education and research programs.
  “These generous contributions show that our              helps provide developmental care, giving           Additionally, I believe this year’s success is tribute
employees truly live by Baylor’s value of servant-         NICU babies an environment that promotes
                                                                                                            to the quality of our team and its hard work. Its
hood,” said Joel Allison, chief executive officer and      normal development and healing.
                                                                                                            members are closely aligned with the mission, values
president of Baylor Health Care System. “These          n	 Graduate medical education: As a major
gifts to Baylor Health Care System Foundation              teaching hospital in the Southwest, Baylor       and goals of our system. This alignment allowed us
will make a big impact at each Baylor facility.”           sponsors 32 programs and shares sponsorship      to move in the right direction. I am both blessed and
  Overall participation also reached a new high,           for five other programs.                         impressed with the individuals with whom I am able
with more than 42 percent of employees contribut-         “It’s very rewarding to see the way employees     to work and with their sense of community.
ing to the campaign, up from 37 percent last year.      at Baylor support our mission beyond doing a          I would like to publicly thank them for their
  Among the many pro-                                                          great job every day,” said
                                                                                                            commitment, passion, creativity and grit.
jects supported by the                                                         Fou nd at ion ma na ger
                                                                                                              Despite all the hard work, we were able to
Employee Giving Cam-                                                           Jennifer Massey, who
paign has been the emer-                                                       headed the campaign. “We     occasionally pause and celebrate. The Foundation
gency department renova-                                                       look forward to continuing   honored our Lindalyn Adams’ 80th with a birthday
tion at Baylor Medical Center at Garland.               to have successful employee-led campaigns in the    celebration. It was attended by dozens of her
Employees contributed more than $47,000 in              years to come.”                                     lifelong friends.
2008 to a general fund that included the ED               For more information, contact the Foundation at     We also paused to reflect on some special
expansion and nearly $25,000 to a dedicated ED          214.820.3136 or
                                                                                                            friends. Bill Aston and Ernestine “Ernie” Wayne
                                                                                                            passed away this year.
                                                                                                              Bill was an extraordinary individual committed to
    F 	          C U S 	 O N 	 R E S E A R C H                                                              our mission. He was a leader in our quest for
                                                                                                            transparency, safety and quality in patient care. His
                                                                                                            leadership and friendly demeanor will be sorely
    Even moderate exercise benefits cancer patients                                                           Ernie was a force of nature; she touched many

                                                                                                            lives with her beauty and passion. She was a classy,
                  lt hough c a nc e r t r e at-         light weights. The important thing is moving,”      generous, thoughtful leader who made a difference.
                  ment affects everyone differ-         she said.
                                                                                                            We will all miss her commitment to making life better
                  ently, most patients do not feel up      Once the Sammons Cancer Center’s new out-
                  to exercising. However, even lim-     patient building opens in March 2011, cancer        for others.
    ited amounts of movement can help a patient         patients will have a new on-campus option for         “What we have done for ourselves dies with us;
    recover both mentally and physically, physi-        their exercise needs: the Hank Dickerson            what we have done for others and the world remains
    cians say.                                          Gymnasium, which will be on the second floor.       and is immortal.” The legacy created by these
       “Studies have shown a clear correlation             The nearly $300,000 that made the facility       individuals speaks volumes about their genuine
    between exercise and an improved quality of         possible was raised by friends and business         concern for their fellow man.
    life,” said Amy Wilson, M.D., chief of physical     associates of Hank, a leader in commercial
                                                                                                              As we begin a new year, I am optimistic that the
    medicine and rehabilitation at Baylor               real estate who died of melanoma in 1996.
    University Medical Center at Dallas and                A gym like this is important because cancer      best is yet to come. I am excited about the
    medical director at Baylor Institute for            patients often find commercial gyms embarrass-      leadership represented by our new board members
    Rehabilitation (BIR). “It can improve a patient’s   ing and intimidating. The shared experiences of     and incoming board chair, Erle Nye. Additionally, I
    energy level and reduce fatigue and depression.”    patients and their families will create camarade-   will be eternally grateful for all that Dr. Leonard
       Researchers are investigating how exercise       rie at the Dickerson Gym that is not possible in    Riggs helped us achieve.
    helps a patient’s immune system.                    a commercial gym or in home-based rehab.              Patients’ needs drive our relentless pursuit of
       “Research is looking for more concrete              The gym will become the new home of
                                                                                                            progress. I am most grateful for your generosity and
    evidence as to exactly why it is so beneficial,”    FitSTEPS for Life®, a free, individualized exer-
    she said. “We are trying to determine whether       cise program for cancer patients which is oper-     the confidence in Baylor that it represents.
    it somehow improves the regulation of               ated in conjunction with the Cancer
    the immune system or whether there is               Foundation for Life. A certified personal
    another mechanism that exercise helps on a          trainer performs an initial assessment and
    molecular level.”                                   designs a personalized plan based upon specific
       Dr. Wilson emphasizes that exercise for a        needs and health status. Progress is tracked,
    person recovering from cancer doesn’t mean          and plans may progress as strength increases.                                       Rowland K. Robinson
    an hour at the gym.                                    For more information, contact Ellen                                                             President
       “It should be what the patient can do – brief    Dearman at 214.820.7877 or Ellen.                                 Baylor Health Care System Foundation
    walking, riding a stationary bike or lifting                                        
6	     FA L L 	2 010	                                                            T H E 	T O R C H

                               On the Board                                                                            Diabetes center may
                                                                                                                       change the way
                                                 JO ANN STEWART
                                                                                                                       disease is treated

        o Ann Stewart has been a member of                  What is one of your favorite connections to the
        the board of Baylor Health Care System              Foundation?
        Foundation since 2003. A native of                    Ellen Dearman works for the Foundation, and
        Durant, Oklahoma,                                   we have worked very closely on the nursing advo-
        she came to Dallas                                  cacy initiative. As a result, she has become a spe-
after graduating from                                       cial friend of mine away from Baylor.
Southea stern State                                         Describe your family.
University and worked for                                     My family is small, consisting of two
Texas Instruments. She                                      daughters, two grandsons and my son-in-law.
first came to Baylor to give                                We are very independent, but supportive of the
birth to her first daughter,                                family unit. When we do get together, we have a                The Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute
                                    Jo Ann Stewart
and she was married to the                                  lot of fun.                                                     at the Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center

late Robert Stewart III, who insisted that for              What is the most influential book you’ve read?
their relationship to go forward, “his dog had to             The Bible became the most influential book I                    n June, Baylor Health Care System opened
like me, and I had to promise to take him to                have ever read after many Bible study classes.                    the Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute,
Baylor if anything happened to him.” She has                What are your goals in life?                                      a facility that may influence the way diabe-
become involved in the Foundation’s nursing                 A. Become totally organized in every aspect of                    tes is treated and prevented nationwide.
advocacy group that builds support for nursing                  my life.                                                  The institute, at the Juanita J. Craft Recreation
scholarships for Baylor Health Care System                  B. Be there when my family and close friends               Center in the Frazier neighborhood of South
employees.                                                      have emergencies or needs of any kind.                 Dallas, will bring treatment and prevention where
What is a special story about an experience                 C. Live every day and have fun.                            it is needed most. Residents of its ZIP code are
with Baylor?                                                D. Give back to my community by doing                      three times more likely to die from diabetes than
   The year my husband died, my youngest                        volunteer work.                                        those in Dallas as a whole. Many cannot afford
daughter was diagnosed with metastatic breast               The best day I ever had was … when my girls                transportation to doctors’ offices and hospitals out-
cancer. Because her children were 3 and 5, she              and grandsons were born.                                   side the neighborhood, healthy food options or
wanted to stay in Dallas for her treatment. Joyce           What lesson did you have to learn the hard                 access to exercise classes and equipment.
O’Shaughnessy, M.D., was leaving on a family                way?                                                          Diabetes costs the state $12.4 billion a year,
vacation the next day and agreed to see Julie at              You cannot take literally what people say.               according to the Texas Department of State
the end of her day. The rest is history – two rounds        What inspires you?                                         Health Services.
of chemo, radiation, a double mastectomy, a lot               A dynamic speaker, a beautiful sunset, beauti-              Staffed by physicians, nurses, care coordinators
of prayer, and she is cancer-free.                          ful scenery, music                                         and diabetes education specialists, the institute
                                                                                                                       offers simple yet innovative approaches to combat-
                                                                                                                       ing the disease, including:
                                                                                                                       n	A weekly farmers market selling fresh produce

Foundation welcomes new chairman,                                                                                          at discounted prices
                                                                                                                       n	Cooking, exercise and wellness classes

17 board members                                                                                                       n	Affordable medications and other medical

           ay lor He a lt h C a r e Syst e m                more than 20 years – Nye has been involved in                 “Health care organizations need to expand their
           Foundation has added 18 members                  education, serving on the executive boards of the          role in the communities they serve, and this ini-
           to its board of directors, including a           SMU Cox School of Business and its school of               tiative is one example,” said Joel Allison, president
           distinguished new chairman.                      law. He served 12 years on the Texas A&M                   and chief executive officer of Baylor Health Care
   TXU Corporation Chairman Emeritus Erle                   University System Board of Regents, and he has             System. “This new model of care represents the
Nye replaced Leonard Riggs Jr., M.D., as chair-             been chair of the University of Texas Investment           future. We are putting greater emphasis on pre-
man of the Foundation board, effective July 1. Dr.          Management Company (UTIMCO).                               vention and wellness.”
Riggs has served as chairman for the last four years          “This is a group that we’re proud to have join-             The institute is the result of a unique joint effort
and will continue to serve actively on the board.           ing the board,” nominating committee chairman              between Baylor and the City of Dallas that has
   “We are honored to have the privilege of estab-          John D. Harkey Jr. said. “These are some of the            allowed Baylor to invest $15 million in transform-
lishing associations with such a fine group of              most exceptional people this area has to offer, and        ing an established city recreation center.
community leaders,” said Foundation president               Baylor Health Care System and the Foundation                  This unique approach has gained national
Rowland K. Robinson. “And anyone who knows                  will benefit tremendously from being aligned               attention.
Erle Nye knows how well he is respected in the              with them and their considerable talents.”                    The institute was the brainchild of Albert
Dallas area. We look forward to working with all              Board members assist the Foundation in sup-              Black, chairman of the Baylor Health Care
these extraordinary people.”                                port of Baylor Health Care System’s mission to             System Board of Trustees, who lived in the Frazier
   In addition to his extensive experience in the           serve all people through exemplary health care,            neighborhood until the age of 14.
corporate world – he was a leader at TXU for                education, research and community service.                    “It will be exciting over the coming years to
                                                                                                                       watch and see what this institute does for the health
     New board members                                                                                                 of the area,” Allison said. “It is humbling to think
     n	Stephen W. Butt, senior vice president,              n	Gregg A. Lowe, senior vice president, analog division,
                                                                                                                       that if successful, this initiative could change the
       Central Market/H-E-B                                    Texas Instruments                                       way we as a country approach chronic disease.”
     n	Katherine R. Crow, board member, Crow Holdings       n	Michael F. McGehee, chief executive officer, WillMac        For more information, contact Roxann Garcia
     n	Kenneth A. Hersh, chief executive officer, NGP          Companies LLC                                           at 214. 820. 8196 or R ox a n n.G a rci a @
       Energy Capital Management                            n	Ann H. McReynolds, community volunteer
                                                                                                              Learn more about the insti-
     n	J. Hale Hoak, president, Hoak and Company            n	J. Ken Newman, retired chairman and chief executive
                                                                                                                       tute at
     n	Robert A. Innamorati, president, AVATAR                 officer, Horizon Health Corporation
       Investments LP                                       n	Erle A. Nye, chairman emeritus, TXU Corporation;
     n	Karen F. Key, self-employed; community volunteer        president, EN Consulting Inc.                             To learn more about any Baylor Health Care
     n	Alicia W. Landry, community volunteer                n	Carolyn B. Peck, Chi Omega representative (ex-officio)
                                                                                                                             System Foundation initiative, contact
     n	H. Ward Lay, chairman and chief executive officer,   n	Elizabeth W. Porterfield, Junior League representative
                                                                                                                           the Foundation at 214.820.3136 or e-mail
       Andeluna Cellars Winery                                 (ex-officio)
     n	Steven A. Lieberman, chief executive officer,        n	Lisa C. Troutt, community volunteer
                                                                                                                 Write to us at
       The Retail Connection                                n	Ray W. Washburne, chief executive officer and              3600 Gaston Avenue, Barnett Tower Suite 100,
                                                               president, Charter Holdings                                         Dallas, TX 75246-1800.
	   	                                                                         T H E 	T O R C H 	                                                         FA L L 	2 010 	       7

           ph y sici a n prof i l e                                                                                                          From the
                                CHARLIE RICHARDSON, M.D.                                                                                     Chairman

              harlie Richardson, M.D., has                 well-loved by his patients and other physicians.”
              treated thousands of patients and
              played a part in the education of
              numerous other physicians
                                                             One of Dr. Richardson’s neighbors says he is so
                                                           devoted to his work, he’s rarely seen around the
                                                                                                                       A     s a child, I remember my grandfather saying,
                                                                                                                       “You are known by the company you keep.” Over
as a gastroenterologist on the medical                                    “Just from the hours he spends at            the years, I have come to appreciate the
staff at Baylor University Medical                                      the hospital, he’s got to be one of most
                                                                                                                       significance of that counsel.
Center at Dallas since 1989. He previ-                                  dedicated doctors I’ve ever known,”
                                                                                                                         Accordingly, when I was asked to serve as
ously served in several academic and                                    said Wayne Tenney, who has lived
administrative roles at the Dallas                                      across the street for 30 years.                chairman of the board of Baylor Health Care
Veterans Administration Hospital and                                      That dedication carries over to his          System Foundation, I felt several emotions, the
The University of Texas Southwestern                                    care for patients, Wayne said.                 most prominent of which was gratification for the
Medical School.                                                           “Whether it’s a patient or a friend of       opportunity to be associated with such a
                                             Dr. Charlie Richardson
   Dr. Richardson credits his coming                                    his who is in the hospital under another       profoundly positive, highly respected institution.
to Baylor largely to the influence of his mentor           doctor’s care, Charlie makes you feel like you’re
                                                                                                                       For more than 100 years, the Baylor Health Care
and friend, John Fordtran, M.D.                            his No. 1 priority. It’s about you as a person; it’s
                                                                                                                       System and its predecessor organizations have
   “I met Dr. Fordtran when I was in medical               never about Charlie. That’s just the way he is.”
school at UT Southwestern. He’s been my men-                 Dr. Richardson and his wife, Twila, have been             developed a reputation of excellence in the delivery
tor since 1969. I was a gastrointestinal fellow, and       married for 40 years, and they have two daugh-              of health care through a faith-based organization
he was the chief of gastroenterology there,”               ters. Emily and her husband, Jeff, live in                  of capable, caring, compassionate people.
Dr. Richardson said. “When Dr. Fordtran                    Oklahoma City with their two little girls. Lucy               Baylor is blessed to be served by more than
became chief of internal medicine at Baylor, he            and her husband, Michael, live in Dallas with               20,000 talented physicians, medical staff
continued to be my friend and mentor. I always             their two sons.
                                                                                                                       members, researchers and employees. The
thought Baylor was a great institution, and in               “I don’t get to see the girls as much as I do the
                                                                                                                       executive leadership of the System is exemplary
1989, I made the decision to move to Baylor.”              boys, but I’m dedicated to all of them,”
   Dr. Richardson, who had a long academic                 Dr. Richardson said.                                        and among the very best in the field. The boards
career before going into private practice, has long          When he’s not at the hospital or visiting with the        of the System and the Foundation are composed
relished the educational aspect of medicine. As            grandchildren, Dr. Richardson enjoys running.               of outstanding leaders dedicated to the welfare of
such, he’s a natural fit to run the gastrointestinal         “That’s when I do my thinking,” he said. “I               others. What better company could I keep? Now it
site tumor conference for physicians at which they         don’t get to run as much as I’d like to – only about        is my responsibility to warrant the trust that has
discuss difficult and unique cases.                        twice a week or so.”
                                                                                                                       been placed in me.
   “They are very educational,” he said. “They’re            Dr. Richardson, who grew up in Longview, said
                                                                                                                         The Foundation performs such an important
one of the things that stimulates me intellectually.       he got his first taste of leadership while on the job
The mix of physicians, fellows and residents there         at a YMCA summer day camp when he was in                    role in the ongoing success of the System. In
really makes them special. It’s a good teaching tool       college and medical school.                                 October, we will all have an opportunity to support
for me, and I hope it’s good for the others, too.”           “That taught me a lot, as another guy and I were          an effort to conquer cancer through the
   Gregory Hodges, M.D., a gastroenterologist on           running a camp with about 100 boys in it almost             Celebrating Women luncheon.
the medical staff at Baylor Dallas who met Dr.             on our own,” he said.                                         This annual event has become a significant tool
Richardson while taking classes from him as a med-           While working at the camp, his duties included
                                                                                                                       in the fight against breast cancer, raising more
ical school student, said he has enjoyed working           driving the bus, which he says might be a suitable
                                                                                                                       than $11 million since its inception, and making a
with him since 1996 as a partner in their practice.        second career once he’s finished with medicine.
   “He is an absolute prince of a man,” Dr. Hodges           “I tell my wife that when I retire, I’m going to          difference in the lives of hundreds of women
said. “He is not only a leading authority and expert       drive the shuttle bus at D/FW Airport,” he said             diagnosed with breast cancer by funding
in his field, but he is extremely compassionate and        with a smile. “She thinks I’m kidding.”                     technology, research and community outreach.
                                                                                                                       This year, we will be blessed to hear from featured
                                                                                                                       speakers Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker,
Gifts help spur progress at Baylor McKinney                                                                            who are best known for their roles in the hit drama

                                                                                                                       “L.A. Law.” The married couple will explain how
           rogress is being made on construc-                                                                          Jill’s struggles with breast cancer impacted their
           tion of the new Baylor Medical Center                                                                       relationship.
           at McKinney, and donor support is help-                                                                       In cancer and medicine’s many other
           ing drive its momentum.
                                                                                                                       disciplines, medical education programs are the
   Bob and Lola Sanford have generously made
                                                                                                                       cornerstone of developing the physicians who will
a $100,000 gift through the Sanford Family
Trust. Bob is a longtime member of the Baylor                                                                          serve the community for decades to come. The
Health Care System Foundation board, and he                                                                            Foundation’s Grand Rounds® Golf Tournament
and Lola have made numerous gifts to Baylor                                                                            in October helps raise the funds that make it
                                                            A digital rendering of the new Baylor McKinney
Health Care System over the years. Their gift will                                                                     possible for Baylor to train residents and interns in
name the courtyard of the new hospital.                                                                                37 specialties throughout the System while also
   Bryan and Jan Hall have also honored Baylor                 Baylor Health Care System
                                                                                                                       allowing supporters to have a fun day with friends
with a $100,000 contribution. They are the own-            BAY LOR MEDICA L CENTER AT MCK INNE Y
                                                                                                                       on the golf course.
ers of Brandon Industries in McKinney, and Jan
is actively involved in the project as a member of          Baylor Medical Center at McKinney will provide:              Your interest in and support of the Foundation
the hospital’s advisory board.                              n	Obstetrics and gynecology                                are greatly appreciated.
   The $213 million, 332,000-square-foot facility           n	General surgery

will include a 95-bed, four-story hospital and a            n	Cardiovascular care, including cardiac catheterization

medical office complex on 58 acres at Highway               n	Gastroenterology, including endoscopy services

380 and Lake Forest Drive. Construction began               n	Orthopaedics
in March 2010, and it is scheduled to open in               n	Neurology and neurosurgery                                                                         Erle Nye
July 2012.                                                  n	Internal medicine
                                                                                                                                               Chair, Board of Directors
   For more information about supporting the new            n	Full-service emergency department
                                                                                                                               Baylor Health Care System Foundation
McKinney hospital, contact Jayne Grimes at                  n	Extensive outpatient services
214.820.4771 or
8	      FA L L 	2 010	                                                                                                                        T H E 	T O R C H

     Lietzke to be featured at Grand Rounds®

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          M E E T
              i k e B a y l or H e a lt h C a r e                                                         Open, his first major victory.
              System, pro golfer Bruce Lietzke                                                               But it’s what he hasn’t done that has gotten
              understands the importance of taking                                                        him the most notice.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          T H E
              in the big picture.                                                                            Bruce found a swing that worked for him
     Baylor endeavors to                                                                                  many years ago, and he hasn’t had to work on
   treat the body, mind and                                                                               it since. So when he got married and began hav-
   soul in its hospitals.                                                                                 ing children, he was able to make them his

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          S TA F F
   Bruce finds time for his                                                                               main focus, playing fewer tournaments and
   golf career, but it’s his                                                                              practicing less frequently.
   family that has always                                                                                    He said numerous players have told him, “ten
   come first.                                                                                            years ago, I thought you were crazy. I under-
     Bruce will be the guest                                                                              stand what you’ve been doing all this time. I
                                  Bruce Lietzke
   speaker at the VIP din-                                                                                understand and admire you for it.”                                                                                                              Marcus Baker

   ner at the 2010 Grand Rounds® Golf                                                                        Baylor Health Care System Foundation
   Tournament, which raises funds for graduate                                                            raised $930,000 in fiscal year 2010 to support                                                                                  arcus Baker learned the value
   medical education at Baylor University Medical                                                         graduate medical education. With donor sup-                                                                                     of a dollar – and the hard work it
   Center at Dallas. The tournament will be                                                               port, it plans to fund 31 residents and fellows                                                                                 takes to earn it – at an early age.
   October 4th at the Northwood Club in Dallas.                                                           at a cost of more than $2.1 million in fiscal year                                                                              “Growing up, my parents would
     Bruce has won 13 PGA Tour events, includ-                                                            2011. Proceeds from last year’s tournament                                                                  get the basics for you, and if you wanted something
   ing the Byron Nelson Championship at Las                                                               sponsored two colorectal fellows.                                                                           more, you would have to take care of it yourself,”
   Colinas in 1982 and 1988 and the Colonial in                                                              For more information, contact Andrea                                                                     he said. “I joke that I’ve worked since the age of 10.
   Fort Worth in 1980. He has seven Champions                                                             Steiger at 214.820.2699 or Andrea.Steiger@                                                                  I was a stock boy. I mowed lawns. I worked every
   Tour wins, highlighted by the 2003 U.S. Senior                                                                                                                                          summer at Scarborough Faire from age 11 to 16.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         So it’s fitting that Marcus now works in a stew-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ardship role for Baylor Health Care System
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Foundation. He enjoys telling donors what their
                                                         GIFT PLANNING                                                                                                                                                hard-earned money is doing for Baylor.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “I find it very rewarding to know how we are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      improving patient care because of a donor’s gift,”
Arndts establish gift to uphold radiology standard                                                                                                                                                                    he said. “Baylor is great because of the financial

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      support of its donors.”
        erry Arndt, M.D., set a standard for             tile in the nation under Dr. Arndt’s leadership.                                                                                                                During college at Dallas Baptist University,
        excellence while building a quality radiol-         “Twice, we were ranked tops in the nation,”                                                                                                               Marcus worked at Mrs Baird’s bakery on
        ogy residency training program at Baylor         Dr. Arndt said.                                                                                                                                              Mockingbird Lane. He filled several roles there,
        University Medical Center at Dallas                 For his efforts, the Association of Program                                                                                                               but the work that created the fondest memories
        during his 20-year                                                        Directors in Radiology                                                                                                              was giving bakery tours.
tenure as its director.                                                           honored him with its first                                                                                                             “You got to serve the bread coming right out of
  A gift annuity he and his                                                       Academic Achievement                                                                                                                the oven,” he said. “You could never go hungry
wife, Sheila, have estab-                                                         Award in 1997, and the                                                                                                              working in a bakery.”
lished through Baylor                                                             Association of University                                                                                                              Marcus joined the Foundation in the fall of
He a lt h C a re Sy s te m                                                        Radiologists gave him its                                                                                                           2008 after several years as director of sales with
Foundation will help ensure                                                       Gold Medal award in 1999.                                                                                                           Texas Stampede Inc., but it wasn’t his family’s first
that the program is able to                                                       He was also elected presi-                                                                                                          association with Baylor.
maintain those high stan-                                                         dent of the medical staff at                                                                                                           His grandfather, L.H. Baker, spent more than
dards for years to come.                                                          Baylor Dallas in 1987.                                                                                                              2,000 hours volunteering in the cardiac rehabil-
  In addition to serving as                                                         Over the last 20 years, the                                                                                                       itation unit at Baylor University Medical Center
                                      Dr. Jerry Arndt and his wife, Sheila
director of the radiology res-                                                    foundation of excellence                                                                                                            at Dallas after his quadruple bypass.
idency program from 1966 to 1986, Dr. Arndt              that Dr. Arndt established has continued under the                                                                                                              “He lived for another 18 years after that, and
was a practicing diagnostic radiologist at Baylor        leadership of Mark Zibilich, M.D., Ken Ford,                                                                                                                 he attributed his ability to bounce back to the
for more than 35 years. After he retired in 1996,        M.D., and Umesh Oza, M.D. The program’s res-                                                                                                                 physical therapy he got at the Landry Center,”
he continued to teach radiology residents until          idents have consistently scored in the top 10 per-                                                                                                           Marcus said.
July 2010.                                               cent in the nation on written exams, often ranking                                                                                                              Marcus’ family lives in Waxahachie, and he
  The American Board of Radiology in 1979                among the top five programs in the nation. In addi-                                                                                                          visits about twice a month. He’s proud to be a new
began notifying programs of their residents’ per-        tion, its residents have been ranked top five nation-                                                                                                        uncle to Ty, who celebrated his first birthday in July.
centile ranks on their final written exams. Baylor’s     ally on their oral exams, with a co-ranking of                                                                                                                  “Watching him grow up, learn to walk and talk,
program ranked consistently in the top 5 percen-         No. 1 in the country for several of the last five years.                                                                                                     is great,” Marcus said.

Taking stock at year’s end … and giving it

             hough it’s hard to believe, the                                                               would avoid this tax and instead receive an                                                                   Historically, the end of the year is a popular
             fourth quarter of 2010 is almost upon                                                         income tax deduction on the full value of the                                                              time for making stock gifts. In fact, most stock
             us – a time when many of you con-                                                             stock. What’s more, because the Foundation is a                                                            gifts occur during the fourth quarter of the year.
             sider making year-end gifts to chari-                                                         qualified charitable organization, we could sell                                                           Many donors review their stock portfolios and
ties like Baylor Health Care System Foundation.                                                            the stock and avoid any tax on the appreciation –                                                          select those stocks that have appreciated the most
   Some of you own appreciated stock – stock that                                                          a win for Mike and for Baylor.                                                                             which they’ve held for longer than one year
has risen in value over time. For example, Mike,                                                             Mike is thinking about giving 500 shares of his                                                          because they can stretch their giving power by
a Baylor donor, has a stock account with a well-                                                           stock to Baylor. If he makes this gift, he’ll obtain                                                       giving the appreciation.
known brokerage company. One of his stocks has                                                             a charitable income tax deduction of $37,500,                                                                 If you are considering a year-end gift to Baylor,
grown from $15 a share to $75 a share over the                                                             even though he only paid $7,500 for these shares                                                           it may be better for you to give appreciated stock
past few years. If he sold the stock, he would owe                                                         originally. If he is in the 35 percent tax bracket                                                         instead of cash. To learn more, talk to your CPA
capital gains tax on the $60 of appreciation for                                                           and claims the deduction on his itemized tax                                                               or investment advisor, or contact Cynthia Krause
each share.                                                                                                return, he could save $13,125 in taxes – more than                                                         at 214.820.7928 or Cy nt h ia.K rau se@
   If Mike gave the stock to the Foundation, he                                                            he paid for the stock in the first place!                                                         at no obligation.

Physicians are members of the medical staff at one of Baylor Health Care System’s subsidiary, community or affiliated medical centers and are neither employees nor agents of those medical centers nor Baylor Health Care System. Baylor Health Care System Foundation does not provide legal or financial advice.

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