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Christmas Gift Ideas Interior D�cor Presents


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									Choosing a gift for someone to display in their home can be frustrating.
On the other hand, if you're shopping for a friend or family member, you
can give a present that will be appreciated.

When to Not Give Home Décor Presents

If you've never been to your friend's home, I would definitely not give a
household item unless it's for a recent bride with a gift registry. Even
if you're gift shopping with your friend and she points out a darling
framed picture or frilly pillow, that doesn't mean the item will fit in
her personal interior décor.

Perhaps you know your friend collects figurines like I do. Because of my
last name, I started collecting fish years ago. However, I collect tiny
glass antique fish, about one inch tall. The large wooden fish my mother
gave me just doesn't fit my interior décor.

How to Give Home Décor Presents

If you have been to your friend's home and know she needs to complete her
home decorating with accessories, here are some gift ideas:

1. Double check your friend's color scheme. Your gift doesn't have to
match perfectly to blend in.

2. Make sure her home isn't too crowded with many small decorating items.
Many small accessories make a home feel cluttered.

3. Make something yourself that has meaning to you both. For instance,
make a stained glass icon to reflect light in her bathroom window.

4. Find an old snapshot of you two from the past. Get the picture touched
up professionally and frame it in a frame that blends in with her home

5. Give your friend a huge candle dressed up with pearls, sequins, or
seashells with a base that matches her style. For instance, if she loves
silver, crystal, ceramics, or brass, choose that material.

If you give thought to your gift with these interior decorating tips, you
will make your friend happy.

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