informal by lanyuehua


									    Short Informal Reports

•   Incident Reports
•   Field Trip Reports
•   Occasional Progress Reports
•   Periodic Progress Reports
•   Project Completion Reports
•   Inspection Reports
•   Laboratory Reports
   General Format

1. A brief statement describing
  what the reader most needs to
2. A short introduction to the
3. A discussion of the data,
  situation, or problem, and what
  has been done or could be done
  about it
4. A conclusion that sums up the
  results and possibly recommends
  what should be done next
     Field Trip Report

               Very briefly: What did you set out
 SUMMARY          to do, and what did you achieve?

BACKGROUND     Who went where, why, and when?

TRIP DETAILS   In more detail:
1. Work done   • What did you do? What
                   problems affected your work?
2. Problems    • What did you do about them?

 OUTCOME       Is the job complete? What still
                    needs to be done?
     Incident Report
             • Why the message was written.
 SUMMARY     • What happened.
             • What needs to be done.

BACKGROUND   • Who went where, why, and

  FACTS      • Details that describe what
               happened, what has been, done,
AND EVENTS     and what action needs to be

 OUTCOME     • The results and effects.
     Progress Report

 SUMMARY       • A brief description of the
                 overall situation

               • Project history

 PROGRESS      • Work that has been done

    NOW        • What is being done at present

               • What will be done to
FUTURE PLANS     complete the project

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