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									   Blogs are online diaries that have become widely
    popular all over the web in recent years
   The collective community of all blogs is known as
   Blogs can make money in certain circumstances, but
    amore practical benefit is that they save money
   They are very cost affective marketing tools
   The modern blog evolved from the online diary,
    where people would keep a running account of their
    personal lives
   Early blogs were simply manually updated
    components of common Web sites.
   Justin Hall, who began personal blogging in 1994
    while a student at Swarthmore College, is generally
    recognized as one of the earliest bloggers.
   Early blogs were simply manually updated
    components of common Web sites. Ultimately, this
    resulted in the distinct class of online publishing that
    produces blogs we recognize today.
Personal Blogs
    The personal blog, an ongoing diary or commentary
    by an individual, is the traditional, most common
    blog. A type of personal blog is referred to as
    "microblogging," which is extremely detailed
    blogging as it seeks to capture a moment in time.

Corporate Blogs
    A blog can be private, as in most cases, or it can be
    for business purposes. Blogs either used internally to
    enhance the communication and culture in a
    corporation or externally for marketing, branding or
    public relations purposes are called corporate blogs.
Question Blogging
    Question Blogging is a type of blog that answers
    questions. Questions can be submitted in the form of a
    submittal form, or through email or other means such
    as telephone.

By Media Type
    A blog comprising videos is called a vlog, one
    comprising links is called a linklog, a site containing a
    portfolio of sketches is called a sketchblog or one
    comprising photos is called a photoblog
   Bloggers are posting disturbing and unlawful
    comments on their sites
   There needs to be a trusted environment, where
    writers and readers can freely exchange views
    without infringing upon each others’ rights
   Bloggers who adopt this code of principles and these
    standards of practice not only practice ethical
    publishing, but convey to their readers that they can
    be trusted
   Responsible bloggers should recognize that they have
    certain ethical obligations to their readers, the
    people they write about, and society in general
 has created a model Bloggers'
    Code of Ethics
   These are just guidelines, follows
    this code and urges other Weblogs to adopt this one
    or similar practices
Benefits for Media Organizations

Benefits for Marketers

Defamation or Liability

Political Dangers
   The emergence of the blogosphere has marked the true
    democratization of the internet - a shift that has taken users
    from merely having access to information to allowing them to
    engage in the free exchange of opinions and ideas
   Visitation to blogs continues to grow rapidly, showing a 56-
    percent increase during the past year to 58.7 million visitors. This
    figure represents 34 percent of the total internet audience
   Visitation to the Blogs category skews toward younger internet
    users. People between the ages of 12 and 17 are 21 percent
    more likely than average to visit blogs, while those 18 to 34 are
    14 percent more likely to do so
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Blogs vs. email
Blogs complement email by being more permanent and
reliable, less demanding or intrusive for readers, and able
to reach a wider audience
Blogs vs. wikis
Wikis are designed to create a single collaborative result,
the sum total of the efforts of everyone who can view that
web page. Blogs only allow people to respond or react to
the information you've shared, but they can't modify it
Blogs vs. chat
Most instant messenger chats tend to disappear as soon as
they end
The blog unlike messengers are promotional / interaction
tools & a part of the new generation of software
  Users who are running their own web site may be
  interested in making money on the website to help with
  the cost of running the web site and to help pay for the
  time spent creating the web site.

Advertising and associate programs
  The amount of money generated from the website and
  what programs will accept you is dependent on the
  amount of content you have on your page as well as the
  amount of traffic you receive.
Amazon associates

  The Amazon's associate program enables any user to setup
  links to any Amazon goods and any purchases made from
  those goods or any other goods a user may make while
  browsing Amazon's page after clicking the link from your
  web page you will generate a small percentage of income.

Google Adsense

  A fast growing advertising network, Google allows users to
  setup advertisement banners on their page and have the
  ads generated off the content of the page. Any ads that
  are clicked (CPC) generate revenue.
  Another popular and widely used advertising network for
  publishers.There are many more services that allow users
  to make additional revenue from their website.

Sell goods and/or services
  If you plan on creating a website that is going to sell
  goods or a service that you will charge for you will either
  need to setup a method of accepting payment and/or a
  web store to list your available goods.

  If you have a web page or service that provides
  something that cannot be easily found anywhere else or
  is unique you may also wish to consider creating a place
  where your visitors can donate money to you.
The blog as a promotional / interaction tool is part of the
new generation of software applications. Although for the
personal blogs the market is expanding, corporative blogs
do not have an uniform coverage of the market. When a
client opens the web page he might appreciate if he saw
something else than a simple presentation catalog.


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