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					               Endomondo Sports Tracker
Android App User Guide – App version 5.1.X

          Demo Models Used: Motorola Milestone / HTC Desire
                                               August 2011


           SECTION   TOPIC                                           PAGE
           1         Start up                                        02
           2         Sign up and Log in                              03
           3.1       Workout - Basic Workout (edit workout screen)   04
           3.2       Workout - Set a Goal                            05
           3.3       Workout - Beat a Friend                         06
           3.4       Workout - Beat Yourself                         07
           3.5       Workout - Manual Entry                          08
           3.6       Workout - Audio Coach Details                   09
           4.1       Friends - Activity List & Inbox                 10
           4.2       Friends - Accepting and Sending Requests        11
           5.1       History - Workout Details and Statistics        12
           5.2       History - Removing & Uploading Workouts         13
           6         Music                                           14
           7.1       Device Integration - Compatibility              15
           7.2       Device Integration – Bluetooth and ANT+         16
           8         Facebook Auto-Posting                           17
           9         Settings                                        18
           10        Feature overview                                19
1. Start up

1. User can launch   2. The first time you
the app from:        will be asked to sign
- The home screen    up/log in, the
- The app list       following times you
                     will see the ‘Workout’
                     screen first

2. Sign up and Log in

1. You will need to     2. Sign up with          3. You will need to       4. To sign up with an
log in or sign up to    Facebook requires        allow Facebook and        email address, enter
use some sections of    you to log in to your    Endomondo to share        your address and
the app fully           Facebook account         data                      create a password

5. If you have an       6. Enter the             7. All new or returning   8. Press ‘Done’ to
Endomondo account,      Facebook details or      users will need to        finish or add friends
choose to log in with   email details that you   accept the                using the steps found
Facebook or email       used to sign up          Endomondo Terms of        at section 4.2
                                                 Service                                           3
3.1 Basic Workout – and navigating the workout screen

1. When loading the     2. Press ‘Start’ to     3. Change the Sport       4. Check that your
app, the workout        begin your workout or   Type by pressing the      GPS Status is ‘GPS
screen is shown first   choose to have a        currently selected        OK’ for successful
                        countdown               sport                     tracking

5. Press the music      6. Press the sound      7. Long-press on one      8. Swipe from right to
note icon for music     icon to mute the        of the four display       left to see your real-
whilst you workout      Audio Coach             fields e.g. Duration to   time location during
(see 6.1)                                       change the data           your workout             4
3.2 Set a Goal (Time and Distance)

1. Start from the       2. Select ‘Set a Goal’   3. Select Distance or   4. Select a pre-
Workout screen and      from the list            Time Goal (PRO          determined amount
press ‘Basic Workout’                            Only)                   or select a custom

5. Use the keypad to    6. Start your workout
enter the distance      with the goal
and press ‘Set Goal’    displayed on-screen
3.3 Beat a Friend

1. Start from the       2. Choose ‘Beat a       3. Choose the friend   4. Choose the
Workout screen and      Friend’ from the list   you want to compete    Personal Best that
press ‘Basic Workout’                           against by selecting   you want to attempt
                                                their name             to beat


5. Start your workout   6. See whether you      7. After completing
with your friend’s      are ahead or behind     the distance, get
name and target time    your friends time       feedback on your
or distance on screen                           result!                                      6
3.4 Beat Yourself – PRO Only Feature

1. Start from the       2. Choose ‘Beat           3. Choose one of     4. View the route for
Workout screen and      Yourself’ from the list   your workouts that   the chosen workout
press ‘Basic Workout’                             are saved in the     on the phone. Press
                                                  history list         ‘Set Workout as Goal’
                                                                       to start

5. See whether you
are ahead or behind
your previous time
3.5 Manual Entry

1. Start from the       2. Choose ‘Manual      3. Select each box      4. Enter a start date
Workout screen and      Entry’ from the list   and enter the details   and then press
press ‘Basic Workout’                          for the workout         ‘Change Time’ to
                                                                       enter a time


5. Enter the workout    6. Choose a Duration   7. Choose a Distance    8. Estimated calories
start time in           in hours/minutes       in kilometres           are shown. Press
hours/minutes                                                          ‘Save’ to add the
                                                                       workout to history      8
   3.6 Audio Coach Details

Audio Coach is enabled by default in the app and it works for both offline and online tracking (TextToSpeech
engine needed for offline mode). The information given by the Audio Coach depends on the type of workout.
Below is an overview of what the user will hear for each workout type.

Basic Workout                 Set a Goal                    Beat a Friend                 Beat Yourself

Distance, duration            Distance, duration            Distance, duration            Distance, duration
and the time of               and the time of               and the time of               and the time of
each lap will be              each lap will be              each lap will be              each lap will be
read to you in                read to you in                read to you in                read to you in
English via                   English via                   English via                   English via
headphones,                   headphones,                   headphones,                   headphones,
headset or                    headset or                    headset or                    headset or
speaker.                      speaker.                      speaker.                      speaker.
                              An estimated                  The amount of                 The amount of
                              finish distance               time that you are             time that you are
                              (for a time goal)             ahead or behind               ahead or behind
                              or an estimated               your friend will              your target
                              finish time (for a            also be included.             workout will also
                              distance goal) will                                         be included.
                              also be included.

4.1 Friends – Activity List and Inbox

1. Press the ‘Friends’   2. Information about   3. Press the ‘Inbox’   4. Press the green
tab to see recent        your friends’ last     tab to see friend      ‘accept’ button to
activity and requests    workout will be        requests               become friends on
                         shown. The most                               Endomondo
                         recent is at the top

5. Any unaccepted
requests will stay in
your inbox
4.2 Friends – Sending Requests & Invites

1. Press the ‘Friends’   2. Press the ‘Connect   3. Look for             4. You can connect
tab                      with Friends’ button    Endomondo users in      with contacts that use
                                                 your phone contact      Endomondo or invite
                                                 list or on Facebook     contacts that are not
                                                                         yet Endomondo users

5. Press the green       6. Select the           7. All of your
‘connect’ or ‘invite’    Facebook option to      Facebook friends that
buttons                  add even more friends   are also Endomondo
                         to Endomondo            users are shown                                  11
5.1 History – Workout Details and Statistics

1. Press the ‘History’   2. Sport type, date,   3. Press a workout to   4. Press the list icon
tab to see all locally   duration, distance,    see more details such   in the upper right
saved workouts           calories and upload    as the route. Press     corner for lap time
                         status are all shown   the globe icon for      information
                         at-a-glance            different views

5. The turtle and the
rabbit show your
slowest and fastest
laps                                                                                             12
5.2 History – Removing and Manually Uploading Workouts

1. Press the ‘History’   2. Workouts that have   3. Long press (touch    4. Choose to remove
tab to view all          been uploaded           and hold) on a          a single workout or all
workouts stored on       (marked with a tick)    workout to open the     workouts and confirm
the application          can be removed          ‘Remove’ menu           your selection

5. Any workouts that     6. Long press on the    7. Select ‘Manual
are not uploaded         workout for upload      Upload’ for a one-
(marked with an          options                 time upload or
exclamation) can be                              activate auto-uploads
manually uploaded
6. Music During Workouts

1. Press the ‘music’   2. Choose from the       3. Navigate through     4. Tap on the song
icon                   options to find the      the next set of menus   that you want to hear
                       song/playlist you

5. The selected song   6. The music will play
will play. Navigate    whilst you workout
back to the            using Endomondo
Endomondo app                                                                                   14
7.1 Device Integration – Compatibility

Compatible devices

- Heart rate monitors from Polar Wearlink Transmitter with
     Bluetooth and Zephyr HRM HxM Bluetooth
- Jabra SPORT headset – incl. special headset features
- Other Bluetooth headsets (normal features)

- Bike speed sensors
- Cadence sensors
- Bike speed and cadence sensors
- Heart rate monitors

- Corded headsets – incl. special headset features
7.2 Device Integration – Bluetooth and ANT+

1. Press the ‘Settings’   2. Scroll down to         3. Ensure you are       4. Your phone will
tab                       ‘Accessory Settings’      wearing your HR         show all Bluetooth
                          and then press            monitor correctly and   devices that you can
                          ‘Connect to Sensors’      press ‘Scan’            connect to

5. Select the device      6. You may be asked       7. The device will be   8. Your live heart rate
that you want to          for a PIN code. It will   ‘paired but not         will show up on the
connect to. It will       be ‘0000’ or ‘1234’       connected’. Launch      workout page
‘pair’ with your phone    depending on device       Endomondo to
8. Facebook Auto-Posting

1. Access the          2. You will be asked   3. Now enter your        4. Press ‘allow’ to
‘Settings’ tab and     to log in with         Facebook log in          give Endomondo the
check ‘Share on        Facebook               details and press ‘log   shown permissions
Facebook’                                     in’

5. Workouts will now
be automatically
posted to Facebook!
9. Settings

1. Press the ‘Settings’    2. Enable/disable    3. In Audio Settings   4. Connect to heart
tab to view and edit       Online Tracking,     you can edit your      rate sensors and
different settings like,   Auto-Pause,          Audio Coach and        enable Headset
user, weight and units     Countdown and lots   Peptalk settings       Controls
                           of other settings

5. The Endomondo
Store. We are
improving the mobile

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