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									    Building a Healthy Tomorrow Using IT
       - To build the momentum through
          Public Private Collaboration

                                              Dr. Winnie TANG
                        President, Internet Professional Association
                 Chairman, Steering Committee, eHealth Consortium

March 27, 2007
•   HK Doctors Union                 •   St. Paul’s Hospital
    Dr Henry Yeung Chiu-fat              Dr David Fang
    Dr Eric Tang Wai-choi            •   HK Sanatorium & Hospital
    Dr Tang Kuen-yan                     Ms. Lily Cho
•   Evangel Hospital                 •   St. Teresa Hospital
    Dr Jackie Hung Hing-ming             Mr. Joseph Tang
•   HK Adventist Hospital                Mr. Pascal Tse
    Mr. Melvin Choi                  •   Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital
•   HK Baptist Hospital                  Mr. Alex Lan
    Ms. Sarah Mo                     •   Union Hospital
    Mr. Samuel Cheung                    Ms. Jackie Tam
    Mr. Michael Leung
                                     •   Kin Chung Medical Ltd.
•   Matilda International Hospital       Dr Patrick Tam Shu-ming
    Dr Hans Schrader
    Mr. Steve Au
Roundtable Agenda
  To Identify Urgent Requirements and Shortcomings in
  Healthcare IT Systems In The Private Sector

  To Suggest Ways to Speed Up Development of eHealth
  in Private Sector

     A shared vision to present to the authority
     Agreed roadmap for 2007
•   Founded in 2005, the eHealth Consortium is an organization that
    aims to enhance the quality of healthcare services through the
    application of medical informatics and Information and
    Communication      Technology     (ICT)      in     healthcare.

•   Recognizing the important role of information and communication
    technologies in support of healthcare, the 58th World Health
    Assembly called on its member states to:
    – to consider drawing up a long-term strategic plan for developing and
      implementing eHealth …..and encourage public and private
    – to build on closer collaboration with the private and non-profit
      sectors in information and communication technologies, so as to further
      public services for health and make use of the eHealth services of WHO
      and other health organizations, and to seek their support in the area of
                    Our Vision
• To bring IT and health care professionals together to
  facilitate and promote the use of IT as a complementary
  tool in the health care industry.

• To position Hong Kong strategically in providing a more
  accessible and effective health care system for the
  benefit of all through the use of medical informatics and
  Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”).
                  Our Mission
To create a well-integrated environment where the public
health and patient information can be readily shared
between the public and private sectors for the
enhancement of the accessibility, quality and effectiveness
of health care services in Hong Kong.
Organization Structure
Organization Structure of eHealth Consortium
      Founding Member
                                                               Member Organizations

 Honorary Advisor
    Ms. Sandra LEE

Advisory Committee                                        Steering Committee
   Dr. LAM Ping-yan, JP                                    Dr. Winnie TANG Shuk-ming
       (Chairman)                                                 (Chairman)

                                                          Executive Committee
                                                         Dr. WONG Chun-por (Co-chairman)
                                                  • Dr. Heston KWONG Kwok-wai (Co-chairman)

    Data Sharing & Standardization Subcommittee    Education & Capacity Building Subcommittee   Incubation & Value Creation Subcommittee

        • Dr. WONG Chun-por (Convenor)            • Dr. Heston KWONG Kwok-wai (Convenor)             • Mrs. Patricia Lau (Convenor)
Founding Member Organizations

Government and Quasi-government Organizations

•   Department of Health (DH)
•   Hospital Authority (HA)
•   Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO)

Professional Organizations

•   Internet Professional Association (iProA)
•   Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics (HKSMI)
Member Organizations (Proposed)
•   Caritas Information Technology Advancement Centre
•   Chinese Hospital Association
•   City University of Hong Kong
•   GS1 Hong Kong
•   Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
•   HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
•   Hong Kong Academy of Medicine
•   Hong Kong Computer Society
•   Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
•   Hong Kong Doctors Union
•   Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council
•   Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
•   Hong Kong Linux Industry Association
•   Hong Kong Medical Association
•   Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association
•   Hong Kong Red Cross
•   Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
•   Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
•   IEEE Hong Kong Section
•   Information and Software Industry Association
•   Institute of Crisis and Risk Management
•   Lingnan University
•   Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter
•   The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry
•   The Chinese University of Hong Kong
•   The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong
•   The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers
•   The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
•   The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
•   The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
•   The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong
•   The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong
•   The University of Hong Kong
Honorary Advisor
  • Ms. Sandra LEE

Honorary Patron
• Dr. TAM Wah Ching
•   Advisory Committee
•   Steering Committee
•   Executive Committee
•   Sub-Committees
     - Data Sharing & Standardization
     - Education & Capacity Building
     - Incubation & Value Creation
Past Initiatives
Data Sharing & Standardization
                           White Paper
•   A white paper was composed and published to increase awareness
    in the health care industry about the application of IT. This paper
    focused on the introduction of different types of standard, suggestion
    for data sharing and laying down the direction of usage of standard.

•   This paper has been posted in the OGCIO and the eHealth
    Consortium websites.
Education & Capacity Building
       Essential eHealth Skills Workshop

•   Essential eHealth Skills Workshop was successful in creating
    awareness amongst health care workers.

•   Among 849 attendants, 75% considered that a re-run is necessary.
    Overall, 66% rated the workshop good and excellent.
                    Survey Report

The Consortium commissioned the Department of Community
Medicine of Hong Kong University to conduct a qualitative study
which is focus on the qualitative study on the private doctors’
attitude on the use of IT in their clinical practice and obstacles to
implement eHealth in private practices.
Past Events
                     IT in Health Forum 2003
•   SARS hit Hong Kong and neighbours in 2003
•   The coalition in partnership with iProA and the Department of Health,
    HKSAR organized the very successful international IT in Health
•   Provide a platform for knowledge exchange amongst IT and
    healthcare professionals to explore methods and share experiences
    on disease control and prevention
     –   400 professionals from local and overseas, mostly from medical, healthcare of Hong Kong’s
         IT industries and various government departments
     –   Scientists and experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease
         Control and Prevention (CDC) of USA, universities and professional organizations

•   “The IT Infrastructure of Hong Kong’s Centre for Disease Control
    (CDC)” was presented to the Government of HKSAR
IT in Health Forum 2003
                     Finland Tour

Dr. Winnie Tang joined the Hong Kong SAR Government Delegation
to visit Finland on 11-12 May, 2005, with an aim to lead Hong Kong
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies to
explore ehealth opportunities in Finland.
The 1st Beijing-HK eHealth Conference
                (September 25-27, 2005)

The Conference was organized by the China Association of
Electronics and supported by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of
Science and Technology, State Commission of Population and
Family Planning, and the Ministry of Information Industry. It was
destined to be the platform for experts to explore eHealth
opportunities, and acted as a bridge for the mainland and overseas
participants to exchange technological cooperation.
               Hunan Hi-Tech Tour

The delegation met with more than 30 representatives from
prominent IT companies on November 2006. Dr. Tang also met with
Director General of the Hunan Department of Health, with the
objective of establishing a cooperated eHealth pilot project between
Hong Kong and Hunan.

                                             Dr. Winnie Tang and the delegates
                                           with officials of Hunan Department of
                     Sweden Tour

The Stockholm Challenge is a well-established global networking
program for Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
entrepreneurs for over ten years. It continues to be a flagship event
in demonstrating how information technology can improve living
conditions and increase economic growth in all parts of the world.

                                                     Dr. Winnie Tang and
                                                   Mr. Earl Mardle, Chief
                                                   Judge of Stockholm
                                                   Challenge Award
                                                   Ceremony 2006
     HiMSS ’06 Annual Conference &
        Exhibition (February 12-16)
The Consortium participated in the Healthcare Information and
Management System Society (HiMSS) Annual Conference and
Exhibition 2006 as one of the Supporting Organization. The
conference attracted over 22,000 participants from all over the world.
   Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth
      Conference 2006 (June 12-14)
The theme of the conference focused on the imagination and
exploration of probable, preferable and possible futures of society
and the role of eHealth and telemedicine in particular. The structure
and initiatives of the eHealth Consortium was introduced and
presented at the Conference.
    A New Horizon of eHealth Management
•   Internet Professional Association (iProA) and Hong Kong Society of
    Medical Informatics (HKSMI) supported the Hong Kong Trade
    Development Council to organize a seminar on “A New Horizon of
    eHealth Management”, held on 16 April 2006, at the ICT Pavilion of
    the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition).
ICT Pavilion of the Hong Kong Electronics
           Fair (Spring Edition)

•   The ICT Pavilion brought
  together product and service
   providers showcasing their
     latest technologies and
 applications in this fast-paced
sector, enabling companies to
find the best ICT solutions and
    business partners for their

      The seminar received overwhelming
    attendance and response by medical
    professionals, IT professionals and the
    general public.
eHealth Forum 2006
                   eHealth Forum 2006

•   eHealth Forum 2006 in Hong Kong, held on 15-16 September with
    the theme of “Building a Healthy Tomorrow Using IT”. The forum
    not only gained full support from over 560 healthcare practitioners,
    elite medical specialist around the world but also invited 41
    international experts presented their papers in the forum.

•   A great number of the participants come from the private sector. In
    fact, it was considered as the best attended eHealth related
    conference by private doctors in Hong Kong.
                         Opening Ceremony
                          The eHealth Forum 2006 was opened by:
Ms. Sandra Lee JP, Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food (Health and Welfare);
                Mr. Cao Rong Gui, President of China Hospital Association;
                     Dr. Lam Ping Yan, Director, Department of Health;
                   Ms. Nancy Tse, Director (Finance), Hospital Authority
    Mr. Howard C Dickson, Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR Government.
            Dr Gao Yan Jie, Director, Department of Information of Technology,
                               Ministry of Health, P.R. China,
                Dr. Tam Wah Ching, Honorary Patron, eHealth Consortium
  Mr. Pun Rong Hua, Director, Division of Education & Technology, Liaison Office for the
                    Central Government of PR China in Hong Kong SAR
Forum Highlights
Forum Highlights
Supported by Media
PCM Magazine 3 October 2006
News Clippings
eHealth Consortium Activities
Hospital Visit
Tseung Kwan O Hospital
15 September 2006
                                 Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
                                                                       3 May 2006

 Representatives of the eHealth Consortium and the IT team of the HK
Sanatorium & Hospital
2007 Key New Initiatives
      2007 Key New Initiatives
• Provide continual eHealth related education and training
  to the healthcare and IT professionals and to explore
  cooperation with the academic institutions.

• Initiate pilot projects on eHealth in both public and
  private sectors.

• Jump-start eHealth adoption in private sector:
       to understand your needs and define possible solutions.
 What we want to achieve:

To identify urgent requirements and
shortcomings in Healthcare IT Systems In the
private sector:

 - Infrastructure

 - Standards

 - Resources
What we want to achieve:
To suggest ways to speed up development of eHealth
in private sectors:

  - To leverage on Hospital Authority’s system

  - To join forces among private sector

  - Collaborations with related government parties / related
Your Participation is VITAL!
     The eHealth Consortium shall adopt an open structure.
Professional organizations of related fields or organizations
representing the interests of key stakeholders shall be
invited to join the Consortium as member organizations to
contribute to the initiatives of the Consortium.

   We cordially invite your participation in the
    development of eHealth by joining the
    Consortium as a Member Organization
Thank You Very Much

 for Your Support!

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