Cleveland Clinic Foundation Wins GI Jeopardy Finals by alicejenny


									                                                                                                                    ANNUAL MEETING

Cleveland Clinic Foundation Wins GI Jeopardy Finals

      or the seventh year running, ACG’s                                                       Amit Bhatt, MD and Binu V. John, MD of
      Postgraduate Course and Annual                                                           Cleveland Clinic Foundation took home the GI
                                                                                               Jeopardy trophy at ACG 2010.
      Meeting attendees have looked for-
ward to the lively and lighthearted ACG GI
Jeopardy competition. This year’s program                                                      game was a GI version of Don’t Forget the
in San Antonio featured two-member teams                                                       Lyrics! in which contestants could choose
of fellows from five training programs                                                         from one of six song clips and fill in missing
across North America who scored highest                                                        lyrics to win a free second try at a question
in the preliminary online round. Represent-                                                    later in the game. This humorous musi-
ed this year were Albert Einstein College                                                      cal interlude featured songs like Weird Al
of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation,                                                      Yankovic’s “Like a Surgeon” and “Pan-
Massachusetts General Hospital, University                                                     creas.”
of Michigan, and University of Virginia.                                                           Ultimately, Amit Bhatt, MD, and Binu V.
    The five teams squared off in a fight for                                                  John, MD, of Cleveland Clinic Foundation
the buzzer before a live audience of over        prises around every corner. The live game     took home the championship trophy and
300. ACG’s Training Committee Chair,             featured five categories per round with       earned a $1,000 grant toward travel to next
Ronald Szyjkowski, MD, FACG, served as           questions covering the gamut of gastroin-     year’s ACG Annual Meeting and Postgradu-
host for the fifth year in a row, entertaining   testinal organs, diseases, and treatments.    ate Course in Washington, DC. A C G
the audience with his quick wit and sur-             One of the highlights of this year’s

Student Event                                    The students were very
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                                                 receptive and attentive to
veterans of the high school event, Past          the two young female phy-
Chair Frank A. Hamilton, MD, MACG, of            sicians who shared their
the NIDDK, Yvonne Romero, MD, FACG               educational backgrounds
of Mayo Clinic Rochester, Oswald L.              and commitment to
Haye, MD, of the VA in Orlando, as well          service in the Navy after
as a 4th Year Advanced Endoscopy Fellow          medical training.
Eddie L. Irions, MD, of MUSC in Charles-             “This event is a
ton, SC, who joined the group last year in       remarkable opportunity
his first presentation to students at UC San     each year to enjoy time
Diego. New this year was Seema A. Dar,           with young people and
MD, FACG, from San Antonio, whose                hopefully inspire them to
                                                                                               Dr. John Bassett and students during the hands-
compelling story of perseverance in start-       consider medical careers, and possibly gas-   on demonstration at Fox Tech High School.
ing her career and coming to the United          troenterology, for the future,” commented
States from India to become a gastroenter-       Dr. Keshavarzian. “I am honored that I was    ment and technical assistance since 2002
ologist, raise a family, and start a success-    part of it.”                                  and the College is grateful to Kurt Cannon
ful GI practice was among the session’s              A highlight of the program each year is   who each year helps coordinate Fujinon’s
highlights.                                      the technical demonstration. Using equip-     participation, and to Brian Shields and Cory
    Representing military medicine, Lt.          ment graciously loaned by Fujinon, Dr.        Anson, who brought the equipment to Fox
John T. Bassett, MD, was joined by two           Irions and Dr. Bassett showed the students    Tech and assisted with the program.
colleagues from the United States Navy,          how a colonoscope works, and gave them            Local news media covered the event and
Lt. Jennifer Murie and Lt. Helen L. Cann,        the opportunity to wield the instrument       three camera crews were present. An inter-
both of whom are residents in Family             with a model. This always provides lots       view with Dr. Irions appeared on local NBC
Medicine at the Naval Hospital in Jack-          of questions and comments from the            affiliate, WOAI-TV Channel 4. Dr. Romero
sonville, FL. The Navy physicians shared         students, who were very interested and        spoke to a correspondent from a local San
their perspective on military service as one     eager to explore the technology. Fujinon      Antonio Spanish language station. A C G
possible path to support medical education.      has supported this program with equip-                                                                                                 November 2010 ACG Update       5

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