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									   Initial gathering of information about YOU!
   Will help with college and scholarship
   Take the time and do it WELL!
   You will use it over and over (we guarantee
   Don’t worry about sounding like you are
    bragging, now’s the time to “toot your
 Objective
 Academic  Status
 Student Activities
 Community Activities
 Special Awards or Recognition
 Employment
 Most  recent to oldest
 Spell out acronyms:
  ◦ASB = Associated
   Student Body
  Use bold fonts,
   underlining, etc.
 Your  educational plan.
 Be as specific as you can be
 List college goals and major
  (if you know)
 My   goal is to obtain a
Bachelor of Science Degree
in Electrical Engineering
from a major university and
pursue employment in the
Aerospace Industry.
 Class Rank
 Use Weighted 10-12 for both
 Use your transcript for this
  information. It is on the bottom,
  left-hand side. All English
  teachers were given copies of
  your transcript.
 Choir
 Band
 Athletics    LEADERSHIP IS KEY
 Clubs
 Journalism
 Yearbook
   Secretary, American Red Cross Club
    (June 2012 – Present)
    ◦ Take notes for the club at the weekly
      club meetings
    ◦ Attend all events put on by the club
      and keep a record of the members
      that attend and the hours that they
   Boy’s & Girl’s Club      Coaching younger kids
   Boy Scouts               Babysitting (non-paid)
   Girl Scouts              Grange
   4-H
                             Homeless Shelter
                             Animal Shelter
   Key Club
                             Science Camp Cabin
   Interact Club             Leader
   Red Cross                Marian Medical Center
   Religious                 Volunteen or Physician
    Organizations             Mentoring Program
                             Tutoring
 Volunteer  at Marian Medical Center
 (January 2012 – Present)
 ◦ Two to four hours per week
   assisting in variety of capacities,
   delivering medical items,
   restocking supplies, etc.
 Academic Letter
 Athletic Letter
 Scholar Athlete
 Golden Warrior
 Renaissance
 Eagle Scout
 Golden Arrow
 AP Scholar
 Scholar Athlete every season in
  Water Polo (2010, 2011, and
 Recipient of Renaissance 3.5
  and above GPA (2010 –
     jobs you have had while
 List
 in high school
 Hostess/Busser, Jack’s Restaurant
 (15 hours per week - May 2012 to
 ◦ Seat customers
 ◦ Clear dishes and re-set tables
 ◦ Re-stock supplies
 Assoon as you have completed
 your Senior Resume, start
 asking teachers for Letters of
 Recommendation. Two or
 three should suffice.
 All of this is in preparation for
  college admission.
 The timeline has been structured
  to help you sequence the events
  and assessments necessary for
  college admission.
 You have plenty of TIME!
 I will work with you EVERY step of
  the way!!!

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