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Tips for website owners - do's and don'ts


									                            Tips for website owners - do's and don'ts

                                 When you create a website
                                     Do's and don'ts
                                          I do
- Must be your on the internet is very clear and easy for visitors browse and access to the page or
  to the information that matters to them quickly and clearly so by linking pages all together and
       put in another each page are some links that you think are important to the reader page
 - Make a map of the site especially Balzaúrien and to help them to walk easily within your site,
           Any based inventory of all links and pages the site on one page called Site map
   - Site Map should not be less than the number of pages from 100 pages or at least a link, it is
advisable to coordinate this page and make it smooth and clear to visitors in order to avoid chaos
                           and become an important page for site visitors
 - Place the content of good and interesting pages for your visitors to benefit from your site, and
 should be the content of your web pages and immovable themes of any other sites, but you have
                         to put new topics relevant to the topic of your site

            - A private address for each page individually and use of meta tag TITLE
                                            Meta Title

   - A description of your pages properly, Any develops differently in each description page
 description should include the words and phrases found in the content of the page and must be
   also contains the words people use to search for topics in Google and other search engines
                                       Meta Description
                      - When you use images in your site using its own tag
                                            Alt Tag

               - When creating a site to avoid the use of dynamic links Any Use
                 / seotips / google.html
                    Do not use the links through the use of dynamic figures
   This is because the website link of the important variables that help your site to appear in
                 advanced results in the search engines and especially Google

                                        - Then using robot files
    Using this file can block a particular search engine spiders to archive your pages, and make
             another search engine spiders are in the process of archiving for your site
 Also from which you can specify which pages you want to read the robot and the pages should
                       not read it and does not want to appear in search results
       To do this, make sure your when you use and raise this file you've prepared properly
  - Follow all the links site constantly to ensure that all links are activated and working properly
  and that there is no site links do not work, especially after making any alteration or renovation
- Then follow up your day through Google Webmaster for website owners, and make sure which
                                              there is no
                                          Any mistakes site
                                     Google WebMasters Tools
                     But we must have an account in Google, which is free
  - Be a good observer, for what is new in the world of the Sioux and follow each new issued by
  Google and other search engines Fa search engines algorithms in constant renewal and I know
                         that to reach the summit is not the end of the day
                                              Do not do
- When setting up your site does not deceiving users and visitors to your site do not provide them
 with the content and topics irrelevant or you provide them with any fraudulent schemes and try
                       to trade their private information without their flags

          - Avoid gimmicks and programs designed to raise the PageRank for your site

   - Do not hide text or words within the pages of your site by giving it the same color as the
 background color site in an attempt to fool search engines, Fjocal can detect such tricks, and if
discovered will lose your confidence by the search engines to avoid trying to fool search engines

  - Avoid repeating threads in your pages, you can make each page unique to a particular topic

                    - Do not create another site the same themes in your old

  - Use Google's Safe conversion which convert 301 when the amendment links or conversion
  work from one page to another so as not to lose visitors to that page from the search engines

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