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					       Life Together: The Diomass Intern Program
                “If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”


 Host Site Organization Name: ECCO (Essex County Community Organization)
 Administrative Address (for application-related correspondence):
 74 South Common St.
 Lynn, MA 01902

 Web Site:

 Site Address and Phone Number Where Volunteer Will Work:
 St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
 74 South Common St.
 Lynn, MA 01902

 Executive Director:                                          Phone/ext.: 617-943-4409
 Angela Pape (Interim Director)                               Fax:

 Interview Contact: Angela Pape                               Position Title: Interim Director
                                                              Phone/ext.: 617-943-4409

 Financial Contact: Cary Perry                                Position Title: Board Member
                                                              Phone/ext.: 978-857-9610
 Direct Supervisor of Fellow:
 Angela Pape and/or Permanent Director                        Position Title: ECCO Director
                                                              Phone/ext.: 617-943-4409

Organizational Information:
1. Describe your organization and the work that it does (up to 500 wds). Include the
       Purpose, philosophy and goals
       Brief history
       Geographical area served
       Religious affiliation (if applicable)
       Other agency affiliations (if applicable)

Purpose, philosophy and goals:
ECCO is a congregation-based organization on Boston’s North Shore made up of a diverse
group of 12 religious congregations, community groups, and the North Shore Labor
Council. Our strongest congregation is St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Lynn, whose
membership is about 50% African American and 50% working class white.

ECCO is guided by a belief in the religious and democratic principle that all people have the
right to make decisions about important issues affecting them as residents and people made
in the image of God. We work to fulfill this belief by using community organizing principles
of leadership development and action for justice. To carry out this mission, ECCO organizes
around a variety of issues affecting families on the North Shore, including activities directed
at affordable housing, public safety, quality education, workforce development, health care,
and youth activities

ECCO is part of the MCAN state network and the PICO National Network.

History and Major Accomplishments
ECCO was founded in 1981. During the 1980’s it worked as an issue organizing group
focused on Peabody and Salem. It organized successfully to lower costs of prescription
drugs for seniors, increase day care options for low income women, increase affordable
housing by securing rent control for mobile home tenants, and strengthen neighborhoods
for low to moderate income people by preventing displacement in Salem neighborhoods.
Since 1990, ECCO has focused on congregation based community organizing. We focus on
the City of Lynn and also work in Gloucester, Peabody, and Salem. Major accomplishments
in ECCO’s history include:

a. Increasing Living Wage Jobs
Through an organizing campaign that engaged political officials and business leaders, we
established the ETeam Machinists Job Training Program in 1996 that has trained over 300
lower wage earners for living wage jobs with benefits and a career path. ECCO also worked

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                               Deadline: March 18, 2011   1
to get state funding for other North Shore job training programs and for passage of an
increase in the state’s minimum wage law.

b. Increasing Opportunities for Youth
ECCO leaders have for several years put youth issues at the forefront of their agenda. In
2008, ECCO contributed to the statewide campaigns that won funding for the Shannon Anti-
Gang Violence Grant Program and the Department of Public Health Youth Violence
Prevention Program. ECCO’s organizing campaign convinced the Patrick Administration to
increase Lynn’s Shannon Grant up to $355,000 and to fund a $75,000 DPH grant for Lynn.

Seeing the need to reach disaffected youth who don’t readily go to youth programs and also
face gang recruitment and intimidation, ECCO organized to get the Lynn Street Outreach
Worker Program funded. This program reaches youth on the streets and connects them to
positive activities in recreation, education, and employment. ECCO administered the
program until finding a permanent home for it with Catholic Charities in 2010. In
Gloucester, ECCO members organized to get Shannon Grant funds made available to
Gloucester and then organized to get some of those funds allocated to create a youth center
program called the Chill Zone, which continues to operate.

2. Describe the population of the community served by your organization, including the
socio-economic, racial, language, and cultural backgrounds. How does this community
participate in the working of your organization? (150 wds)

ECCO’s constituency is the cities of Lynn, Peabody, Salem, and Gloucester, along with
involvement from smaller surrounding towns. Lynn is a former mill city that has lost much
of its manufacturing base. It is a diverse city of African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and
whites from mostly poor and working class backgrounds. Peabody is a mixture of working
class and middle class whites with a sizable population Brazilian and Latino families. Salem
is similar, with working class and middle class whites and a significant number of Latinos.
Gloucester is predominantly white with a middle class and a poor to working class

Through ECCO’s organizing work, extensive leadership development occurs. Volunteer
leaders run meetings, serve on the board of directors, discuss and decide on strategy, give
public testimony, and negotiate with public officials. The organizer’s job is to engage, train,
plan with and support these volunteer leaders.

3. How would you describe your organizational culture? (150 wds)

Our organizational culture is based in faith, hope, leadership development, collaboration
and concrete action for change. The core group of ECCO leaders are driven to root this work
in our faith values and have an optimistic and can do spirit. We create safe spaces to share
painful stories and the encouragement to act on these.

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                                Deadline: March 18, 2011   2
There has been a lot of recruitment work over the last year and so we have new leaders
coming to the table with excitement and energy.

4. What is your organization’s approach to social change (i.e. direct service, advocacy,
organizing, etc.)? (150 words)

ECCO is an organization focused on faith based community organizing. Our approach
teaches people of faith how to build their own power to address the pain in their lives, and
the root causes of the problems they face. Congregations engage in a deep listening and
relationship building process, choose an issue to focus on (for example, addressing crime,
access to jobs, strong schools, affordable and safe housing, or positive youth opportunities),
and then act together to seek the desired change. Volunteer faith leaders lead the effort,
making decisions on focus and strategy.

This organizing process vitalizes and strengthens the life of congregations. For many ECCO
leaders and congregations, this struggle for justice is rooted in our faith.

We are seeking to embark on creating stronger youth leadership in our organizing work,
and we envision their involvement following a similar model of listening and relationship
building, research and action.

5. What is the composition of your current staff? Please include the number of people in
your organization, a breakdown of full-time and part-time employees, and the number
and kind of volunteers (full-time or other) who assist with the delivery of your programs.
Please detail the number and kind of staff who work in the department or area for which
you are applying to have a Micah Project fellow. (150 wds)

We currently are a small operation. Over the last several years we have had one full time
Lead Organizer/Director. We currently have an Interim Organizer/Director 50% time, but
expect to hire a full time Organizer by mid-summer.

ECCO has many volunteers. Our Board has 10 members and we have about 50 active
volunteers in our congregations. There are another 200 people that will come out from time
to time for key events.

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                               Deadline: March 18, 2011   3
Job Description

Job Title: Community Organizer

1. Write a brief job description for the position you are hoping a Micah Project Fellow
will fill (up to 500 words). Please highlight the following:
         What are the specific duties and anticipated outcomes for this position?
         Include any projects the Fellow may be involved in, what their role will be in
             these projects, who they will work with and report to.
         Any element of project ownership and how the Fellow will be responsible for
             any projects.

   The MICAH Fellow will be responsible for developing : (1) a youth organizing
   committee of Lynn teens and (2) an adult organizing committee from at least one

   The Fellow will be responsible for developing relationships with 30+ teens and
   developing a youth organizing committee to lead the work. We envision that the youth
   organizing committee will meet for 2 hours 1 afternoon a week at St. Stephen’s Church
   and be an expansion of the extensive teen programming that currently occurs at St.
   Stephen’s. The Fellow will need to identify and train 3-4 teens to be the strategic thinkers
   and planning team of the youth organizing committee.

   Over the course of the year the teens will go through the organizing cycle of relationship
   building / listening process, research and an Action meeting. They will go through this
   cycle at least once, but likely several times.

   The Fellow will also be the primary staff person working with at least one adult Local
   Organizing Committee in a congregation. They will help identify and engage faith
   leaders in the congregation and build a committee of leaders that will go through the
   cycle of relationship building / listening process, research and an Action meeting. They
   will have direct experience with each organizing stage, with the support of their

   We would expect that the Fellow recruits and develops 30+ teens and 20+ adults. They
   will report to their Supervisor and the ECCO Board.

   Depending on the capacity and interest of the teen, there is the possibility to expand the
   teen work across the North Shore and/or to work with additional adult LOCs.

   *An Action meeting is a meeting of a large number of people in which we are seeking a
   commitment from a decision maker, business leader or public official that has the ability
   to implement our desired change.

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                              Deadline: March 18, 2011    4
 2. Please check the box next to the appropriate number at the place on the continuum
 that best matches the way this job is structured.

   Team work          1      2     3      4          5       6       7X 8        9       10

   Structured         1      2     3      4          5X 6        7       8       9       10          Unstructured

 Regular contact     1X 1X 2        3        4       5       6       7       8       9        10    Limited contact
 with the public                                                                                    with the public

 Initiate projects     1     2     3      4          5X 6        7       8       9       10        Carry out projects

 Changing pace        1      2     3      4X 5           6       7       8       9       10           Steady Pace

Close supervision      1     2     3      4          5       6       7X 8        9       10          Self-directed

 Creative work         1     2     3X 4          5       6       7       8       9       10          Routine work

 3. In what capacity/how many hours per week will the Fellow be working directly with
 people from marginalized communities (i.e. low-income, people of color, GLBT)? If
 direct contact with people from these communities is not part of the job, how could it be
 built in? (up to 250 wds)

 The majority of the time of this Fellow will be spend building and strengthening
 relationships with youth and faith leaders, and leading them through an organizing process.
 A significant portion of the youth will come from a low income and /or at risk background.

 Depending on which congregations and adult faith leaders the Fellow works with, they may
 be people from marginalized communities.

 4. In what ways would the Fellow be addressing the structural issues of people from
 marginalized communities? What opportunities, if any, would the Fellow have to
 participate in legislative advocacy, or an organizing campaign, on the issues of
 importance to your organization and/or to the people you serve? (up to 150 wds)

 ECCO’s focus is organizing to address structural issues facing people from marginalized
 communities. The organizing work with teens and adults will surface organizing
 opportunities in which the Fellow will be working with them to put together a campaign
 and Action meeting around the chosen issue area.

 We would expect the Fellow to be the lead staff person working on 2 local organizing
 campaigns, one for teens and one with the adult LOC. We will also provide opportunities

     Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                                           Deadline: March 18, 2011           5
for them to engage the teens and adults in larger organizing campaigns in the City, region
and state level that ECCO is participating in.

5. What social justice issue is the Fellow going to be working on, and how will you
measure the success of the initiative/campaign for your organization? (up to 250 words)

This is difficult to determine since we believe it is important that the issues come out of
relationship building/ listening processes. Likely youth jobs will be a component of the
work, since this is an area Lynn teens have consistently raised as a concern. ECCO is
currently engaged in a local and state campaign around youth jobs.

Some examples of potential teen organizing campaigns could be seeking changes within
their schools or for additional youth sports or programming.

We will measure the success through whether a concrete change or improvement has

6. Please describe if and how the Fellow’s work will involve leadership development (up
to 250 words).
Leadership development will be a large part of the Fellow’s work. We would expect the
Fellow to be regularly training the teens and adults in both group settings and on a one-on-
one basis. This would include thinking together before events, working with the person to
do specific roles or lead an event, and debriefing afterwards. It will include working with
people through time to give them increasingly more responsibility. One of our principles is
to “start with where people are at.” The Fellow will help identify this, and then work with
leaders to help them develop to higher and higher levels. A key role of an organizer is to
develop people’s leadership skills.

7. Fill in time slots when the Fellow will be regularly scheduled to work, and include the
activity they will be doing (i.e., tutoring, scheduling medical clinic visits, counseling tenants,
etc.). Also list any regular or mandatory weekly work requirements such as staff meetings
or training sessions. The position should total 30 hours per week.

           Monday       Tuesday     Wednesday        Thursday         Friday         Saturday        Sunday

 7:00                                                                LIFE           Saturday
                                                                  TOGETHER          Programs
 8:00                                                              Training             &
                                                                     Day             Retreats
 9:00     1-1s and
          planning                                                (Fellows attend   (There will be

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                                  Deadline: March 18, 2011        6
 10:00               Staff                      1-1s and     weekly trainings      approximately
                                                             for leadership        7 Saturdays
                     meeting                    planning     development,          over the
                     with                                    community             course of the
                                                             building, and         year on which
                                                             spiritual             fellows may
                                                             formation. As a       not work
 11:00    Wrap up    1-1s and                                result, they are      because of
                     planning                                unable to hold        Saturday
                                                             any primary           programs and
                                                             responsibilities in   retreats. The
12:00pm                             1-1s and                 their site            Life Together
                                    planning                 placement during      Program
                                                             this time.)           Director will
 1:00                                                                              provide a list   Occasional
                                                                                   of Saturday
                                                                                   programs by
                                                                                   the beginning    meetings
                                                                                   of October
 2:00                                                                              2011.

 3:00                Be part of
                     drop in

 4:00                                           Youth



 7:00                Wrap up        Adult LOC   Wrap Up





   Tuesday – 10-7pm
   Wednesday noon-9pm
   Thursday 10am – 7pm
   Friday and/or Sunday – 3 hours

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                              Deadline: March 18, 2011              7
   Time is spend doing 1-1s, planning, and meetings that involve relationship building,
   thinking with people, planning, training and strategizing.

8. Please list any special issues related to this position and any other skills or experience
needed (i.e., non-standard morning or evening hours, language requirements, frequent
work-related commuting, challenging physical work or working conditions, etc.).

This position will involve evening and weekend work. A car will be necessary to drive to
meetings. Ability to speak Spanish is a plus, but not required.

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                                 Deadline: March 18, 2011   8
Location and Travel
Provide information for location(s) where the Life Together Fellow will work. If multiple
locations, please list primary and secondary sites and indicate the days and hours expected
at each site.

Primary Site

_St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 74 South Common St. in Lynn, MA_______781-592-6167__
Address                                                               Phone number

Days/Hours at Primary Site: ___This will be the home base for the Fellow, however the
Fellow will regularly travel to meet with teens and adults related to their work. We would
expect about 10 one-on-one meetings a week and 2-3 meetings. Some of these meetings
would take place at the ECCO office and others will take place off site.

Secondary Site
Address                                                   Phone number
Days/Hours at Secondary Site:___________________________________________________

Will this position require the Fellow to travel to locations other than the one(s) listed above?
(Please check all that apply.)
        X Local travel
         Long-distance travel
         Both

If you checked any of the above, please explain:

   1. What forms of public transportation are available to the primary and secondary
      location? To other locations where the Fellow will visit during the course of their

There is a train from Boston to Lynn. However, it will be necessary for the Fellow to have a
car. Since time management will be important, within Lynn, we suggest that car travel will
be more efficient that bus travel.

   2. What provisions will your organization make should the Fellow need to work at
      night, or in the event that the regular transportation and/or travel routes become

   We will always have at least 1 other adult in the Church for night meetings.

   Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                                Deadline: March 18, 2011   9
3. Is a car required to perform the essential duties of this job?   Yes X   No

4. Is a valid driver’s license required to perform the essential duties of this job? Yes X

Life Together 2011-2012 Host Site RFP                               Deadline: March 18, 2011   10

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