Monuments of Alexandria

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					                          Monuments of Alexandria


                                           Bey Citadel
                                    Address: logic Anfoushi
                                         Phone: 4809144
                                   Dates: from 9 am to 5 p.m.
 Constructed on the ruins of the famous lighthouse of Alexandria on the island of Pharos
  was built by Sultan Mamluk Qaytbay in the fifteenth century to build a castle it named
                                            after him.
The castle consists of three floors in the system of ancient castles Middle Ages and there is a
                              maritime museum and a yard wide.
And is one of the most important archaeological areas frequented by tourists from various
                                  countries around the world.

                                           Pole masts
                               Address: neighborhood symbols
                                        Phone: 4865800
                       Dates: from 9 am to 5 pm in winter and summer
   Syrian column is one of the most prominent tourist destinations, which is famous for its
                                       city of Alexandria
It is a pink marble column length rule about 26.85 m and a diameter at the base 2.70 m and
      at the top 2.30 m and has held this year 292 AD column glorification of the Roman
                                     Emperor Diocletian.
                    And the pole mast is the highest monument in the world

                                      Roman theater
                              Address: com bench Alexandria
                                      Phone: 3902904
                    Dates: from 9 am to 5 pm Winter - 9 am 5 summer
  It is the only Roman theater in Egypt has been the establishment of this building at the
                            beginning of the fourth century AD.
 And is made up of twelve listed stone forced to form a semi-circular and includes Roman
                                  baths of the Roman era

                                   Com cemetery Alhqavp

                                     Address: symbols
                                  Dates: from 9 am to 5 pm
                                       Phone 4865800
  The cemetery dates com Alhqavp to the second century AD, a Roman cemetery graves
  carved into the rock under the earth, a unique and prominent feature inscriptions and
                   combines ancient Egyptian art and Greco-Roman art

                          Temple head black and Latins Cemetery
                       Address: Route freedom front door station east
                                   Dates: from 9 am to 5 pm
 The history of this temple of the second century AD and has built jockey Roman Airador
for gods Isis and was named because of the area discovered where and is the head black on
   the agricultural road leading to the area Montazah and Abu Qir and has been moved
           recently in the vicinity of the gardens waterfalls accidentally freedom.

                                      Shatby Cemetery
                        Title: Chatby station before St. Mark's School
Located southeast of San chain and North St. Mark's School from the sea, were discovered
 by chance in 1893 and chronicling the end of the fourth century and the beginning of the
                                    third century BC. M.
And is considered one of the Ptolemaic feet cemeteries in Alexandria to its existence outside
                                        the city walls.
                                   Mustafa Kamel graves:
 Street is located the Roman Brushdi camp which is about four graves from the Ptolemaic

                                      Tombs Anfoushi
  Located in front of the entrance to the top of figs and region has five graves but two of
them is one of the most important cemeteries in the area was discovered in 1901 and dating
  back to the Ptolemaic era of the third century BC 0 m and is characterized Almcyprtan
                       beautiful Bnicochha and design unique logos 0

                                      Effects Albrdesa
These effects are called by that name because it is located on the street Albrdesa next to the
    mosque of Sidi Abdul Razzaq the Alovaúa overlooking the street prophet Daniel.
 These effects were discovered in 1929 under the mosque of Sidi Abdel Razzaq Alovaúa.
      The effects Albrdesa of important implications that belong to the Roman era.

                                       Tank waterfalls
 And is located in the area of waterfalls .. And overlooks the street martyr Salah Mustafa
                               (former Sultan Hussein Street)
  Tank waterfalls considered is the only tank that still retains the architectural without
                                      hardly any change.
 The tank area is about 200 meters .. The three-storey underground .. And includes a rare
                       collection of the various columns and capitals.
      It was based in Alexandria fed freshwater water storage in underground tanks.

                                   Museums Alexandria
                                  Greco-Roman Museum
                                   Address: 5 Museum St.
                                        Tel 4876434
Includes Greek Roman archaeological collections, or about 40 thousand pieces dating back
   to the beginning of the third century BC 0 m and to the seventh century and the most
 important statues Tanagra There are also a rare collection of archaeological Currency 0

                              Alexandria National Museum

                      Address: 110 Route Freedom Street (AFM)
                          Visiting hours: from 9 am to 4.30 pm
                                      Ticket prices:
                  Egyptians: Normal (2 pounds) - Students (1 pound)
                  Aliens: Standard (30 pounds) - Students (15 pounds)

                                Opening date: Sept. 2003

                           Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria
                 Before 6 Mansha Street - Moharram Bey - Alexandria
                                    Visiting hours:
                          From 10 am - 6 pm (except Monday)
                                    Free admission
 The Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, one of the most important cultural and artistic
                        marks prominent in the city of Alexandria.
 This has been built art museum and the completion of its establishment as a museum of
                            Alexandria's technically in 1954.
  Museum was held on land donated by the mayor of Alexandria Baron "de origin" a
         wealthy foreign merchants from Alexandria who were living in the city

                       Museum and the Institute of Aquaculture
                        Address: Anfoushi - next to Bey Citadel
        Appointments from 9 am to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 11 pm in summer
 Aquarium includes a collection of beautiful fish and rare, giving information about each
                              type was established in 1930

                                Royal Jewelry Museum
                       Address: Sand Alexandria - station Zizina
                              Dates: from 9 am to 5 pm
                                    Phone 5828348
 Fatima Zahra Palace was built, one of the princesses of the royal family in 1919 on the
European style, which was prevalent in the nineteenth century, the palace is located in the
   neighborhood of Zizinia sand Alexandria halls include many of the paintings and
            ornaments and statues also rare and has a total of family jewelry

                                     Cavafy Museum

                Address: Sharm El Sheikh St. Istanbul - Raml Station
              Dates: from 10 am to 3 pm on Monday of each week holiday

                                      Museum papyri

                    Address: 40 Abdel Qader Rajab - Rushdie station
                                Dates: from 9 am to 7 pm
  Includes several models of ancient Egyptian papyri and models for human life ancient
                                   Egyptian Pharaonic

                        Mahmoud Saeed Center of Museums
                        Address: 6 Mohamed Said Ganaklis
                                  Phone 581,688
Includes three museums Holdings Mahmoud Said, Adham and Seif Wanli also Museum of
                                Modern Egyptian Art

                                   Gardens Alexandria

                                    Amusement park:
Is a group gardens surround Palace park a royal palaces previous an area 370 acres and
contains trees and palms and a group of flowerbeds also includes a museum and beaches
    for bathing and Khaljana natural and tourist hub integrated and includes hotels,
 restaurants, chalets and a children's park on the area of about 4.5 acres and no garden
                        park Palestine Hotel, and center Marine

                                      Garden Picnic

Most important gardens of the city of Alexandria even smells of history mixed flower ‫بعبق‬
                         and include several gardens inside 0

                                 Antoniadis garden:
 Containing trees and flowers and statues of marble Greek-style and Antoniadis Palace

                                       Garden roses:
A huge collection of rare flowers and plants and has a unique design make them art pieces
                                   difficult to replicate 0

                                       Falls Park
     Located near the East Gate area of 8 acres and consists of a group of trees and
characterized by uneven terraces rise also includes artificial lakes and artificial waterfall
                                         water 0
                                  International Garden
                            Dates: from 9 am to 5 pm Winter
                             From 9 am to 9 pm in summer
 An area of approximately 130 acres and is located at the entrance to the desert road with
many recreational and cultural activities and exhibitions, water games and rides and gelato
and tourist Gym and halls for concerts and conferences and models for some international
                                           parks 0

                                      Ancient palaces

   Alexandria contains many of the most famous luxury palaces and the most important
                                       Palace park
Palace was built over the Golan beautiful beach surrounded by gardens and forests and the
 square gardens about 370 acres and consists of several buildings, one of the former royal
                  palaces and houses a museum of the property holdings

                                     «Salamlek Palace»
 And adjoins the palace Palace last was dedicated to the men the former king's entourage
                                    «Sumptuous palace»
    Particularly women footnote, were all built on the Islamic style, as there are other
                                    shortcomings such as
                                     Palace 'Antoniadis'
 Picnic gardens, which is also located amid landscaped gardens spread around the statues
                  created by artists greats, 'Safa Palace' district Zezenia
                     «Ras El-Teen Palace in Ras Al-Teen or nautical
                       Prince Kamal Palace in Stanley, and others.

                                  Mosques in Alexandria

 Of the most important features of Islamic civilization in Alexandria, schools and religious
 facilities emanating from Al-Azhar and hundreds of mosques large, ancient and modern,
and perhaps months that mosques are concentrated in the neighborhood of customs which
   is gravity religious in the city, where the number of mosques where about 80 mosque
                                Sidi Abu Abbas Mosque marina
         Situated in Anfoushi The advantage ‫ بمنارته‬towering height and four domes.
   He remained grave Abu Abbas marina existed at the port of East Alexandria without
   building until he was in 706 AH. (1307 m) ‫ فزاره‬Sheikh Zinedine Qattan large traders
Alexandria and was built mausoleum and dome and set up his mosque Well and make him
     a beacon square and stopped by some his money and has established an imam and
                                      preacher and services
And under the mosque as well as even King Fouad I ordered the establishment of the field
called the field roomy mosques that includes a large mosque to the Marina and Abu Abbas
                    mosque of Imam Busayri and Sheikh sapphire throne

                               Imam Mosque Busayri
The Imam Mosque Busayri city of Alexandria on the beach district Anfoushi in the field of
 mosques in the face of Abu Abbas mosque marina and takes about the same architectural
form .. It was an old mosque small corner until the mosque was built in 1274 AH (1858 AD)
                           and consists of two squares separate
  The Busayri of the students of Abu Abbas marina, and famous Sufi poetry in the love of
    God and praise the Prophet, peace be upon him and his poems (Burda approach)

                              Mosque Sidi sapphire throne
He was one of the students Marsa Abu Abbas and his daughter's husband and mosque is
                    located west of the Mosque of Abu Abbas marina
All located (mosques Square) neighborhood Anfoushi overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

                              Sidi Jaber Al-Ansari Mosque
                       Situated in Sidi Gaber and named after him

                                   Mosque Sidi Bishr
 Mosque Sidi Bishr attributed to Sheikh humans bin Hussein bin Mohammed bin Obaid
                          Bin Al Hussein ibn Bishr essential.
   A dynasty humans who came to Alexandria in the late fifth century AH or early sixth
 century AH with came from scientists Morocco and Andalusia in that period and known
              among the people goodness and piety and he died in 528 AH

                                    Sidi Gaber mosque
Sidi Gaber mosque is located in the neighborhood called his name among the tram station
           and Port Said Street in the face of Mostafa Kamel Military Hospital
The mosque was initially a small corner was built in the mid-seventh century AH almost ..
This angle remained intact even built on the ruins of a mosque at the end of the nineteenth
                                         century ..
          In 1955 removed the old mosque built in its place the current mosque.

                                Mosque leader Ibrahim
                         The mosque is located in the station area

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