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Tourist Attractions in London


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									                          Tourist Attractions in London

London is one of the most historic cities in the world and its contribution to culture and the
arts, music, architecture, and almost every aspect of the classical and modern living. There
are also many tourist sites in London, attracting thousands of travelers each year. Here are
               a few of those landmarks that make up the "must see" for tourists.
      King George III bought Buckingham Palace to his wife, Charlotte, in 1761. Was the
  original reason for the purchase to be used as a clearing house for the family. Since then,
 there have been many renovations in the palace, and became the host of many members of
      the royal family people, making it the most popular tourist spot in London. Today,
   Buckingham Palace serves as the main point of contact in the monarchy as being day to
 day work. It's a state elegant rooms which are commonly used by the royal family and the
  royal visitor but is open to the public at certain times. Buckingham Palace is also famous
                         for a change of guard and Horse Guards parade.
   One of the most famous tourist attractions in London and Big Ben. This teacher is more
than 300 feet, and faces four-hour measurement of more than twenty square feet. From the
      minute hand on the clock and about fourteen feet long. At all, is the world's largest
four-faced clock delivers beats. There around the clock in Wisconsin's largest, but this does
  not correspond to the clock. This monument was appointed after Sir Benjamin Hall, who
was the first commissioner of works in London. Big Ben was also used as a prison for some
political prisoners again in the late 1800s. This tourist attractions in London are not usually
     open to the public, and can be seen only from the outside. And special permits can be
 granted by the Board of Westminster to allow some to go into the clock. Big Ben is located
   in the north-eastern part of the parliament building, which was previously known as the
 Palace of Westminster. Big Ben in London are the milestones that have been the subject of
  countless photographs and postcards, movies and magazines, has survived world wars (2)
and operate almost continuously, with the exception of maintenance since it was built in the
                    1500s. The longest maintenance down time twenty years!
The Tower of London is located on the north bank of the River Thames. When most people
think of the tower, which are set with the White Tower, which was built in 1078, where the
  princes held as prisoners. The Tower of London is actually a complex of several buildings
  with 2 concentric rings of defensive walls and a moat. Has served as a place of execution,
arsenal, a library, a zoo, the Royal Mint. There is a legend that if the ravens residents than
    ever to leave the Tower of London, and the White Tower, and property, and the entire
                                   Kingdom will be diminished.
     Close to the Tower of London is the Tower Bridge. Is in fact a suspension bridge that
   allows boats to navigate easily in the River Thames. Walking the corridors of high thing
  most people want to experience when they are in London. Bridge is a tourist attraction all
 the time but was closed in the early 1900s they have become notorious for crimes. It is now
                                     open to the public again.
   These are just a few of the important tourist sites in London and that one must not miss
       when visiting London. There are a lot of sites in London to see, such as the British
 Museum, and Princess Diana Memorial, Hampstead Heath and Kew Gardens. And travel
        agencies typically offer air travel and accommodation and hotel package tours.

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