Utah State University

July 23-28, 2007 • Chase Fine Arts Center • Logan, Utah

Junior high and high school pre-college students have the opportunity to take classes
and lessons from USU faculty, staff, and guest clinicians. All activities from morning
to evening are supervised in a relaxed atmosphere of education and fun. Evening
activities will include social events and concerts. All participants will receive free
admission to the Cool Classics recital series. Outstanding classroom and performance
students will be recognized and awarded scholarships to attend Utah State University.

DAILY SCHEDULE                                              COOL CLASSICS
                  Piano Literature                          RECITAL SERIES
              Music Theory/Aural Skills
            Keyboard Skills and Technique
                                                            Featuring prize-winning students of Gary Amano
                  Piano Ensemble                            COLLEGE VIRTUOSOS
                     Masterclass                            Thursday, July 19
              Professor Amano Lecture                       Competition winning pianists from USU perform
                                                            favorites from all periods.                         MUSIC CLINIC FACULTY
Private lessons are also available and encouraged for                                                           Professor Gary Amano is head of the piano
an additional fee. Students can audition to perform at      RISING YOUNG STARS                                  program and has been assistant head of the music
the Clinic Student Recital, held Friday afternoon. The      Friday, July 20                                     department at Utah State University for 30 years.
Clinic Ensemble Recital and Awards Presentation will        Pre-college students dazzle audiences with mature   His students have won top awards in 60 national and
be held Saturday afternoon.                                 technique and musicianship.                         international competitions. He is founder of
Students should plan to arrive at the Chase Fine Arts       Additional activities include:                      the USU Youth Conservatory, a preparatory program
Center on Monday, July 16, between 3-5 p.m. Housing         Ice Cream and Ultimate Frisbee                      for 350 pre-college piano students.
is provided at the Living and Learning Center under         Amusing Race Scavenger Hunt                                             Luke Hancock
clinic staff supervision. Clinic students will have total   Water Games                                                              Dennis Hirst
access to the All-Steinway School practice facilities                                                                                Brooke Hirst
at USU.                                                                                                                              Brandon Lee
Teachers of students participating in clinic are welcome                                                                             Emily Bailey
to attend any daily activities free of charge.                                                                                       Mark Gubler

                                                                                                                GUEST CLINICIAN
                                                                                                                Stephen Beus, internationally acclaimed pianist, will
                                                                                                                join the 2012 Summer Piano Clinic faculty.
                                                                                                                For more information, visit
           Utah State University
                     Application Form
Phone:_____________________Years Studied:_____
Parent or Guardian Name: _____________________
Parent or Guardian Email: _____________________
Gender: qMale         qFemale       Age:_______
q Early Discounted Tuition: $220
(Full payment must be postmarked June 16, 2012.)
q    Normal Tuition: $240
q    Application only: $30
(Non-refundable. Applied towards remaining balance.
Remainder due at registration July 16, 2012.)
Is on-campus housing required? qYES qNO
q Housing/Meals/Activities: $210
q Meals/Activities only: $110
(Optional for students staying off-campus)
Private Lessons:
                                                                                    Utah State University

(30 minutes each, limited to 6 total lessons)
     USU Clinic Faculty:   $25 ____
     Stephen Beus:         $40 ____

     Professor Gary Amano: $50 ____
Total cost of lessons                              $_____
Total Payment Enclosed:                            $_____
No refunds given after July 3, 2012.
                                                              Logan UT 84322-4015

Please email with any questions/
                                                              4015 Old Main Hill

concerns. Students will receive additional information once
                                                              Music Department

application has been processed. Make checks payable to USU
Summer Piano Clinic. Mail Application form and payment to:
                       Luke Hancock                                                    July 16-21, 2012
                   USU Music Department
                    4015 Old Main Hill
                                                                                    Chase Fine Arts Center
                   Logan UT 84322-4015                                                   Logan, Utah

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