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									                                                  Всеукраїнська громадська організація
                                                 ВИЩА РАДА ЕНЕРГОАУДИТОРІВ ТА
                                                   ЕНЕРГОМЕНЕДЖЕРІВ УКРАЇНИ
                                                          (ВГО “ВРЕАЕМУ”)
                                             All-Ukrainian Public (non-governmental, non-profit) Organization
                                            “Energy Auditors & Energy managers Supreme Council of Ukraine”
                                                                   (AUPO “EAЕМSCU”)
                                                      Зареєстровано Міністерством юстиції України
                                                          Наказом від 29 січня 2010 року № 170/5
                                            Свідоцтво про реєстрацію об’єднання громадян від 29 січня 2010 № 3
                                           Адреса для листування: Україна, 02154, м. Київ, аб./скр. 4,
                                                       тел. / факс.: (+380-44) - 295-07-47
  No. 25 on January, 18, 2012
  на № _________________
  Invitation to the Conference

      Dear Sir,
      We invite you to participate in the 19-th International Seminar-cum-Workshop “Energy saving
practices: power, heat, and water supplies, tariffs and accounting systems” and also in the
15-th International Conference “Investments in power engineering, energy saving, and ecology”
organized by “Elektromekhanika” enterprise jointly with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the
number of ministries, institutions and organizations during the period 5–9 June 2012 on the basis of
sanatorium “MISKHOR” (Ukraine, the Crimea, urban-type settlement Koreiz-1). We propose you to
make a report-presentation with due regard for specialization of your organization that could be
of interest to specialists of Ukrainian enterprises and taking into account the requirements to
reports presented below.
      It is also possible to present the equipment and materials of your organization at a mini exhibition that will
be held within the framework of the seminar-cum-workshop.
       In case of your consent to participate in the seminar proceedings, we would request you to prepare the report in
accordance with the recommendations presented below (In advance we beg your pardon for a somewhat peremptory
nature of these recommendations. We are sure that you generally always comply with all these and many other
requirements. However, our experience in dealing with representatives of leading western companies in Ukraine
indicates that in many cases the specific conditions of each particular presentation are not taken into account (in all the
cases and for all the audiences presentations are built in the same way). That is why we shall present to you the
information about our conventional seminars and discuss the best way of holding this particular workshop in order to
achieve the best results. We would appreciate your contributions expressing your vision of such a report-presentation
and proposing new ideas.
       1. Participation of producer companies in this seminar is allowed only under conditions that they shall build their
report-presentations (having the duration of no more than 20…30 minutes) in accordance with the following scheme:

                                                                                                                 Percentage of the
                    Name and content of sections of a report-presentation                                       total duration of the

  1. Introduction. General description of the current status of an issue (problem). Survey of the existing
  situation. What issues are generally not solved? Substantiation of the relevance of the report topic.

  2. Lines of approach to a problem (It is not advisable at this stage to attract attention to the produce of
  your company). Main approaches and advantages of the solutions proposed by the speaker are outlined.
  The basic calculation relationships are presented as well as the calculation techniques (if possible). In           30%
  conclusion, but not instead of the calculation techniques, one can state that the company has a special
  computer program (software) that solves all the issues. At this stage it should be noted that the computer
  program takes into account all the possible aspects affecting the choice of equipment.
  3. The experience in solving concrete problems. Results of implementing by using the equipment of
  just your company (without excessive solicitation of the listeners: your company logo may be placed on
  slides or, as a reminder of the producer, may be displayed the specific dimension types of the equipment      40%
  with ratings and brand names suitable just for the given specific project as well as with specifications of
  the payback and/or profitability).
  4. Advertising of your company products. Standard size series. Rational fields of application. This is the
  best time for distributing advertising materials and answering specific questions.

  Total of the report-presentation:                                                                             100%

   2. The report can be expediently built in the form allowing for a dialogue between the speaker and participants and
avoiding a didactical manner of presentation. It is not advisable to allocate the time for answering questions only at the
end of your report-presentation. Our experience shows that the obtrusive and importunate sales managers in Ukraine
due to their persistence invariably achieve the opposite and negative results. That is why we strongly recommend
adhering to the above procedure (see Item 1).
   3. The following major Ukrainian enterprises (the average number of participants amounted to 80 – 160 specialists)
took part in our conferences:
   - metallurgy and mineral resource industry: “Krivorozhstal”, “Zaporozhstal”, "Azovstal", Zaporozhskiy production
aluminum plant (ZALK), INTERPIPE, Dniprovsk metallurgical plant (DMKD), Metallurgical plant “Donetskstal”, OJSC
“DMZ”, Minimetallurgical plant “ISTIL Ukraine”, “Bagleikoks”, “Zaporozhkoks”, Avdeevskiy coke-chemical plant
(“Avdeevskiy koksokhimicheskiy zavod”), Makeevskiy metallurgical plant (“Makeevskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod”),
“Ukrgrafit”, Central ore-dressing and processing enterprise (“Tsentralny gorno-obogatitelny kombinat”), South ore-dressing
and processing enterprise (“Yuzhnyi gorno-obogatitelny kombinat”), Vol’nogorskii mining and smelting plant
(“Vol’nogorskiy gorno-metallurgicheskiy kombinat”), Inguletskiy ore-dressing and processing enterprise (“Inguletskiy
gorno-obogatitelny kombinat”), Krivorozhskiy iron-ore plant (Krivorozhskiy gorno-metallurgicheskiy kombinat”),
Novotroitsk mine group (“Novotroitskoe rudoupravlenie”), etc.;
    - water treatment plants: “Ukrpromvodchermet”, “Kryvbaspromvodpostachannya”, “Kyivvodokanal”, “Odesvodokanal”,
“Kharkovkommunochistvod”, Zaporozhskii water treatment plant (“Zaporozhskii vodokanal”), Kharkovskii water treatment
plant (“Kharkovskii vodokanal”), “L’vovvodokanal”, “Cherkasyvodokanal”, “Zhytomirvodokanal”, Kremenchugskii water
treatment plant (“Kremenchugskii vodokanal”), “Dneprodzerzhinskvodokanal”, Simferopolskii water treatment plant
(“Simferopolskii vodokanal”), Priluki water treatment plant (“Prilukskii vodokanal”), “Krivbas-vodokanal”, Yalta water
treatment plant (“Yaltinskii vodokanal”), “Dnepropetrovskii oblvodokanal”, “Uzhgorodskii vodokanal”, “Ternopol’skii
vodokanal”, “Sambirskii vodokanal”, “Sumskoi vodokanal”, “Odesskii oblvodkhoz”, “Khersonskii oblvodkhoz”, Kakhovka
main channel (“Kakhovskii magistral’nyi kanal”, etc.;
    - teplokommunenergo (TKE) and other public utility companies: Heat supply distribution networks JSC “Kyivenergo”,
Dnepropetrovsk heat supply networks (“Dnepropetrovskie teplovye seti”), Vinnitsa heat supply networks (“Vinnitskie
teplovye seti”), Irpen’ heat supply networks (“Irpen’skie teplovye seti”), “Zaporozhteplokommunenergo”,
“zhytomirteplokommunenergo”, “Nikopol’skoye TKE”, CJSC "Teplogeneratsiya" (town of Nikopol), “Belotserkovskoye
TKE”, “Aleksandriyateplokommunenergo”, “Svetlovodskoe TKE”, “Luganskoe TKE”, “L’vovskoe TKE”, “Rovenskoe
TKE”, KTP RMR "Kommunenergiya" and KP RMR "Teplotranservis" (town of Rovno), “Kievoblteplokommunenergo”,
OJSC "Sumyteploenergo", “Chernigovskoe oblteplokommunenergo”, "Kharkovenergoremont", “Truskavetskoe TKE”,
“Vishnivskteploenergo”, “Alchevskteplokommunenergo”, "Vasil’kovteploset’ ”, "ZAPOROZHGORSVET",
“Kremenchugskii Gorsvet”, “Mariupol’skii Gorsvet”", etc.;
   - energetics: “Energoatom”, “Ukrenergokonsalting”, “Ternopol’oblenergo”, “Poltavaoblenergo”, “Chernigovoblenergo”,
“Sumyoblenergo”, “L’vovoblenergo”, “Prikarpat’eoblenergo”, “Zaporozh’eoblenergo”, LD-UKRAINA (a series of “regional
power distribution companies” (oblenergo)), “Kievenergo”, “Khar’kovskie teplovye seti”, Ladyzhinskaya thermal power
plant (“Ladyzhinskaya TES”), Kherson central heating and power plant (“Khersonskaya TETs”), Simferopol central heating
and power plant (“Simferopol’skaya TETs”), Dneprodzerzhinsk central heating and power plant (“Dneprodzerzhinskaya
TETs”), Odessa central heating and power plant (“Odesskaya TETs”), Krivorozh’e central heating and power plant
{“Krivorozhskaya TETs”), State-owned enterprise “Krymskie generiruyushchie sistemy”, State Power Supply Inspectorate
of Ukraine (“Gosenergonadzor Ukrainy”), "DonORGES", etc.;
   - oil and gas complex: NJSC “Naftogaz Ukrainy” (“Ukrtransgaz”, “Ukravtogaz”, “Ukrtransnafta”, “Ukrgazodobycha”,
“Chernomorneftegaz”, “Gaz Ukrainy”, "Ukrgazservis" and branch institutes), “TNK-Ukraina”, UKRTATNAFTA”, etc.;
   - mechanical engineering: “MOTOR-SICh”, “YUZhMASH” named after A.M. Makarov, Design Mechanical
Engineering Bureau (ZMKB) "PROGRESS" named after acad. Ivchenko, “Dneprotyazhmash”, Kherson shipbuilding facility
(“Khersonskii sudostroitel’nyi zavod”), “Pervomaiskdizel’mash”, ”Koksoremont” plant, Civil Aviation Plant No. 410,
    “ANTK” named after Antonov, Kyiv plant ”AVIANT”, “AZOVMASH”, ”Arsenal” Plant, “Kyivtraktorodetal”,
    “TOCHMASH”, “Dneprovagonremstroi”, “ZORYA-MASHPROEKT”, "AvtoZAZ", “Odeskabel”, L’vov lamp factory
    “ISKRA”, SE “SIEMENS Ukraina”, Odessa cable plant (“Odesskii kabel’nyi zavod”), “Luganskie akkumulyatory”, Poltava
    turbomechanical plant (“Poltavskii turbomekhanicheskii zavod”), PO “ZNAMYA”, Galeshchikhinskii machine-building
    plant of agricultural machines (“Galeshchikhinskii mashinostroitel’nyi zavod sel’khozmashin”), Drogobych bit plant
    (“Drogobychskii dolotnyi zavod”), OJSC "Zavod MAYAK", etc.;
        - chemical industry and construction industry: Crimean soda plant (“Krymskii sodovyi zavod”), ZGP “Kremniipolimer”,
    “Krymskii TITAN”, Odessa near-port plant (“Odesskii priportovyi zavod”), Rubezhanskii state-owned chemical plant
    “ZARYA” (“Rubezhanskii kazennyi khimzavod ZARYA”), “Yavorovskoe PO SERA”, OJSC “Sumykhimprom”, Irpenskii
    brick-making plant (integrated works “PROGRESS”), Lvivskii plant of concrete products (“Lvivskii zavod
    zhelezobetonnykh izdelii”), KhK “Kyivmis’kbud”, CJSC “Consumers SKLO-Zorya”, etc.;
        - enterprises of the food and certain other branches of industry: OJSC “Solnechnaya dolina”, Alushta vinery
    (“Alushtinskii vinzavod”), “Kobelyakikhlebprodukt”, Globinskii grain product elevator (“Globinskii elevator
    khleboproduktov”), Agricultural firm “MAYAK”, SFG “SVITANOK”, Borshchevskii distillery, Zhytomirskii creamery,
       - airports: "Boryspil", "Simferopol", etc.;
       - ministries, departments and branch monopolists: Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of fuels and energy
    (Mintopenergo), the Ministry of industrial policy (Minprompolitiki), the Ministry of economy (Minekonomiki),
    “UKRZALIZNYTSYA” and all the railways, the State Committee of Energy Saving (Goskomenergosberezheniya), the State
    Committee of Water Management (Goskomvodkhoz), the Ministry of housing and communal services
    (Minzhilkommunkhoz), the National Commission for Regulation of Power Engineering Issues, the State Inspection on
    Energy Saving, The State Aviation Service of Ukraine, etc.;
       - banks and investment structures: Bank “AVAL”, bank “Prominvestbank”, “UKOOPSPILKA”, “UkrESKO”, etc.;
        - firms – producers, dealers of power efficient equipment, design and educational institutes: DP “SIEMENS Ukraina”,
    “PHILIPS”, „VALANT”, “EMB”, "BRUNATA", “SINAPS”, “KIARM”, “Elektrosfera”, “Yuzhtransenergo”, “AQUA
    UKRAINA”, “TASP”, “SNT”, “M-INFO”, OJSC “Watson-Telecom”, JES “Energy Sp. z o.o.”, DP
    "Ukrenergonaladkaizmerenie", “Promkabel’elektrika”, “Magnitoelektrika”, NTUU "Kyiv polytechnic institute”, Riga
    technical university (“Rizhskii tekhnicheskii universitet”), “iC group”, etc.
        The main contingent of our seminars-cum-workshops consists of chief executives and chief engineers of enterprises and
    also heads of the energy services of enterprises.
       The final list of participants is usually known in 3–5 days before the beginning of the seminar-cum-workshop.
       4. The participation costs include the following:
      4.1. Registration fee €50 EUR in hryvnas in accordance with the exchange rate of the National Bank of
    Ukraine. You may participate free of charge in the mini exhibition.
         4.2. The estimated cost of accommodation and meals for the entire period of the seminar-cum-workshop
      (from 900 of the 5-th till 900 of the 9-th June) including the evening party of making acquaintances (5 June),
      stand-up party (9 June), and the book of reports:
                          one place in a two-bed room with all conveniences –  €470 EUR;
                           separate room with all conveniences –  €550 EUR;
                           two-room suite –  €990 EUR.
         5. Please communicate the name of the report, position, and also the family name, first name and middle
      name of the speakers before the 12-th of April 2012. The name of the report (reports) shall be included into the
      program that will be sent to the enterprises. It is advisable that your report-presentation (in the electronic form
      and having the volume of up to 30–40 sheets of A4 format, font Times New Roman, type size 14 should be
      ready and sent by the E-mail: or –
      before the 15-th of May 2012. Duration of your report-presentation should be up to 25–40 minutes.
      The main part of the report-presentation should consist of the materials specified above (see Item 1).

  Yours faithfully,
Executive Director of AUPO “EAЕМSCU”,
Consultant on energy saving at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,
Director of the “ELEKTROMEKHANIKA” Enterprise,
Ph.D., Professor, Master of business administration, Certified energy manager                     Vladimir M. Mamalyga
Tel. / fax. (+38-044) – 295-07-47.
Mobile phone: (+38-067) – 905-59-60

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