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					                               Angie Hartman
           OneSight Sr. Manager, Global Programs and Development
Angie Hartman is the Sr. Manager, Programs and Development for OneSight, Luxottica’s family
of charitable vision care programs dedicated to preserving and restoring clear vision for those in
need. In her role she drives expansion and business development for OneSight resources and
programs globally and oversees development of OneSight community programs and partnerships
across North America. Hartman also oversees the OneSight development and financial teams for
North America.

Hartman has been with OneSight since she joined Luxottica in 1998 serving in various roles. She
began as Operations Coordinator for the Cincinnati-based Resource Center, North American
retail-based programs and Vision Van program which led to a promotion to Operations Manager
of North American Programs. She was then promoted into her current role. As a member of the
OneSight department, she has attended many Global Clinics around the world and participates in
numerous local programs.

During her tenure with Luxottica and OneSight, Hartman has been named one of the “Ten
Outstanding Young Cincinnatians,” by the Greater Cincinnati Junior Chamber of Commerce for
her work with OneSight and leading volunteers. She is a member of the Association for Volunteer
Administration, Greater Cincinnati Corporate Volunteerism Council, Growing Well Leadership
Council, AL!VE (Association for Leading and Engaging Volunteers) and Luxottica’s Women of
Vision Culture Team.

Hartman received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Hanover College in Hanover, IN,
in 1992 and received her Certification in Volunteer Administration in 2006. She likes to devote
volunteer time to both the Dress for Success organization and Freestore Foodbank. She lives in
Cincinnati, OH with her husband, their two sons and one daughter.

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