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									3. Assignment: Pregnancy Nutrition Needs –100 points
             Due Date: Saturday--Day 6 in Assignments Link.
      Complete an analysis of a pregnant woman’s diet and provide
      nutritional counseling. (Use the pregnancy recommendations on the
      My Pyramid site, your online textbook and internet resources)
          Analyze this early pregnancy diet of a woman who has just discovered that
             she is pregnant. (Use the My Pyramid site you used the first week to help
             you analyze her macronutrient/serving and micronutrient intake—you
             can put in her intake just as you did with your own diet in week one).
             HINT: If you do not complete a thorough analysis as described, you will
             not be able to answer the rest of the questions satisfactorily.
          Then discuss and compare her intake to the pregnancy recommendations
             in your textbook, Chapter 12, and discuss where she needs to make
      Breakfast              Lunch                 Supper                Snacks
   Day one:                Arby’s regular 4 oz. grilled chicken  1 small apple
   1 cup of                roast beef     breast                 1 snack size
   Cheerios                sandwich       1 cup steamed          bag of
   ½ cup of 2%             Small fries    broccoli               SunChips
   milk                    12 oz Coke     1 cup corn
                                          12 oz. sweet tea
   Day two:            McDonald’s         6 oz sirloin steak     1 cup roasted
   Sausage             quarter pound 1 small baked potato        peanuts
   biscuit             cheeseburger with 1 tsp butter            1 slice
   12 oz. Coke         Small fries        1 cup mushrooms        provolone
                       Water              sautéed in butter      cheese
             Discuss dietary changes you would recommend to this woman
            based on her diet and her present pregnancy. Be sure to discuss
            her recommended servings, her macronutrient and micronutrient
            needs, and the changes she should make. Be very specific on
            where her diet is deficient.
             Be sure to explain why she should make changes in her diet
            (include scientific rationales with citations for the all necessary
            recommendations and changes in macronutrient and
            micronutrient intake).
             Format your paper according to APA standards (include a title
            page), cite your sources within the paper in APA format, and
            include sources on the appropriately formatted reference page.
This assignment will be graded using the following rubric.
 Content/Development—70 points            Points     Points   Additional Comments:
 All key elements of the assignment are   Possible   Earned
 covered in a substantive way.                70
Accurately analyzed the early pregnant        10
diet of a woman (servings, macronutrients
& micronutrients).
Discussed dietary changes and                 10
recommendations based on the diet
      Discussed changes and
         recommendations in food
         group servings
      Discussed changes and                  10
         recommendations in
      Discussed changes and                  15
         recommendations in
Discussed why the woman needs to make         15
changes in her diet. Included scientific
rationales with citations.
Content is paraphrased appropriately.         10

Readability and Style --15 Points             15
The tone is appropriate to the content and     2
Sentences are complete, clear and              5
Sentences are well constructed, with           5
consistently strong, varied sentences.
Sentence transitions are present and           3
maintain the flow of thought.
 Mechanics--15 Points                         15
The paper, including the title page,           3
reference page, tables, and appendices,
follow APA guidelines for format.
Citations of original works within the         3
body of the paper follow APA guidelines.
The paper is laid out with effective use of    3
headings, font styles, and white space.
Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation       3
are followed.
Spelling is correct.                           3
Total—100 points                              100
Late Penalty/Adjusted Points (10% per
day - cannot exceed four days)
Final Grade
Overall Comments:

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