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The Oblivians ...Play Nine Songs with Mr. Quintron is the Oblivians' third and
final studio album, released in 1997 on Crypt Records. The album features noted             ...Play Nine Songs with Mr.
Ninth Ward nightclub organist Mr. Quintron playing organ and percussion on a
number of tracks.

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                                                                                                  Studio album by Oblivians
The album's concept came about in part due to Greg Cartwright's fondness for
                                                                                        Released 1997
gospel music: "Greg had been really into black gospel music, and wanted to try
                                                                                        Recorded January 3, 1997 at Cotton Row
some gospels songs in Oblivians fashion, but only if they were kinda screwed up.
We didn't want to try to come off as religious, but we didn't want to make a joke
out of the whole thing, either. It was a tribute to the spirit of the music, more the   Genre        Garage Rock

holy ghost than the saviour." [1]                                                       Length       27:14

The album was recorded in a single day: "Quintron took a bus up to Memphis              Label        Crypt Records
from New Orleans for 8 hours, and we took him to my (Eric "Oblivian" Friedl's)          Producer Steve Moller
house to play him some songs that we were thinking of covering." [2] Mr.                              Professional reviews
Quintron began arranging his contributions upon arrival, without any prior
knowledge of the content of the album. "We had sent him a tape of the songs but                 The reviews parameter has been
it never got delivered to him- so he came up not knowing what songs we wanted                   deprecated. Please move reviews into
                                                                                                the “Reception” section of the article.
to do!" [3] The album was recorded in eight hours, at which point Mr. Quintron
                                                                                                See Moving reviews into article space.
returned home via bus to New Orleans. "He (Quintron) was on a bus for eight
hours then in a studio for eight hours and then we took him to the bus the same            Allmusic               link
day, so he had a tough 24 hours." [4]                                                                Oblivians chronology
The dramatic shift in styles between this album and its predecessors was one of          Popular      ...Play Nine          Melissa's
the reasons for the eventual break up of the band. As Greg Cartwright once              Favorites    Songs with Mr.          Garage
                                                                                         (1996)         Quintron            Revisited
explained, "this is really why the band ended - the ...Play 9 record sounded more                         (1997)             (1999)
like a Gamblers record than an Oblivians record. I'm not sure Eric was happy with
the direction of the band cause he has more of a punk rock aesthetic, but it was a good finale." [5]

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Greg Cartwright/Oblivians, except where noted.
 No.   Title                                                                                                                   Length
  1.   "Feel All Right"                                                                                                          3:26
  2.   "Live the Life" (Traditional)                                                                                             3:12
  3.   "I May be Gone" (Blind Charles White/Oblivians)                                                                           3:27
  4.   "I Don't Wanna Live Alone"                                                                                                1:56
  5.   "Final Stretch"                                                                                                           3:52
  6.   "What's the Matter Now" (Traditional)                                                                                     2:39
  7.   "Ride that Train"                                                                                                         3:38
  8. "If Mother Knew"                                                                                            2:53
  9. "Mary Lou" (Jesse Young/Sam Ling)                                                                           2:11

  Greg Oblivian – Lead and backing vocals, guitar
  Eric Oblivian – Lead and backing vocals, guitar
  Jack Oblivian – Drums, backing vocals
  Mr. Quintron – Organ, percussion

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  Mercury, M. "Life After Oblivian"   "www.littlecrackedegg.com". Accessed May 19, 2007.

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