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					                         Microsoft Outlook Web App Quick Steps for Getting Started,

                                  and other features…

Adding theme and signature to your email:

   1. Select ‘Options’ on the right of your Outlook Web App window.
   2. From here you can select a theme, as well as go to ‘all options’ to set
      your signature.
   3. After selecting ‘See All Options…’, go to ‘Settings’
   4. From here you can set your signature, as well as other email settings.

Creating Folders in Outlook Web App:

                             1. In your navigation window right click on the folder you want to create
                         the new folder in. (ie right click on your ‘Inbox’ folder)

                            2. Select ‘Create New Folder’
                            3. Type in the name of the new folder in the
                         window and ‘enter’

           To move emails into folders simply select the email and drag it to the folder you want to add it

Creating your own distribution lists/groups:

                         1. Select ‘Contacts’ in the navigation window to the left.
                         2. Select ‘New’ and ‘Group’
                     (please note this is where you also
       create individual contacts)

                                            3. A new window
                                       will open where you can enter the name of the group and add
                                       members to the group. Click on ‘Members’ to search your address
                                       book for member names.
                                            4. Once you find names and have added them as members,
                                       click ‘Add to Group’ and they will be added.
                                            5. Make sure you click ‘save and close’ when finished.

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Turning Conversation View on and off:

The new Outlook web app is defaulted to use conversation view. This may be confusing for some and
may not be how you want your inbox to appear.

To turn this feature off simply follow these steps:
1- Click on 'View' (top of email inbox list)
2- Click on 'use conversations' to make sure it is not checked

This will put your inbox back to the 'normal' view where emails appear

*This setting can be individually set by folder.

Searching your inbox:

Type your search term in
the window and then select
what folder to search in by
clicking on the down arrow
to the right. This feature is
defaulted to search your
‘Entire Mailbox’. To change
this default go to the down arrow and select ‘Set Default Location’ and choose this folder, this folder
and subfolders or entire mailbox as your default.

To organize the email in your inbox, or the emails that you searched, go to
‘Conversations by’ or ‘Arrange by’ (depending on how you have your inbox
set) at the top of your email list. From there you can select to show your
emails by date, from, to, size, subject, type, attachments, importance, or

For example: To search your inbox for emails from Ainslie, you would type
‘Ainslie’ into the search window, and then you would select ‘from’ to get all
the emails from Ainslie arranged at the top.

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Advanced Searching:

                                                   You can set advanced searching features by clicking
                                           on the double arrows to the right of the search window.

Other great features:

      You can now share your Outlook calendar with others within school and outside of school
            o You can also print out your calendar in a user-friendly format
      If your phone supports Microsoft exchange sync you can have your inbox sync to your phone
      Check to see when your email was delivered by opening the ‘Delivery Report’ (right click on the
       email and select ‘Open Delivery Report’)
      Use more browsers then our old version. Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox
       and Chrome

For a complete overview of Microsoft Web App go to:

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