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					                                            Referring a child for a hearing test
Staff                                       To make an appointment for a hearing
Lisa Mancl, M.S., CCC-A                     evaluation for a child, contact our clinic at
Lisa is a certified pediatric audiologist   206-598-9347.
and clinical supervisor of graduate         Referrals can be faxed to 206-598-7815.
students in the Department of Speech
and Hearing Sciences. Lisa has been the     Insurance/Funding
lead audiologist in the Pediatric Audiol-

                                            As part of the University of Washington
ogy Clinic since 1992. She is fluent in     Medical Center, we accept a variety of
American Sign Language.                     medical insurance plans, including medical
                                            coupons, for clinical services. For specific
Richard Folsom, Ph.D., CCC-A
Dr. Folsom is head of the Pediatric
Audiology Clinic and professor in the
                                            information regarding plans accepted at
                                            UWMC, call 1-206-598-4320. Some medical
                                            plans require that the family physician refer
Department of Speech and Hearing
Sciences. Dr. Folsom is nationally
recognized for his expertise in the areas
                                            for services. For families whose insurance
                                            does not fund hearing aids, we will assist in
                                            obtaining funding from other agencies.
of pediatric audiology, newborn hearing
screening, and physiologic assessment       Location                                                                                                     Center on Human Development and
of hearing.                                 The CHDD building is located directly                                                                        Disability
                                            behind the University of Washington
    Pediatric Audiology                     Medical Center.
    Center on Human Development                                                                                                                          University of Washington
    and Disability (CHDD)                                                                                                                                Medical Center
                                               NE 45th St
                                                            University Way NE
                                                                                15th Ave NE

    Box 357920                                                                                University
    University of Washington Medical                                                              of                     e B lv d
    Center                                                                                    Washington                                                   Comprehensive hearing
                                                                                                                      M o n tl a k

    Seattle, WA 98195
                                                                                                          Triangle                                         evaluations
                                                                                                                                       Lake Washington
    206-598-9347                                                                                                       Husky
                                                                                              NE P
                                                                                                   acific Garage       Stadium
    fax 206-598-7815                                    UW                                               St.                                               Services for infants and
                                                      Medical                              S-1                                                             children and their families
                                                      Center                             Parking                     Montlake Bridge
                                                                      CHDD                                             From Bellevue
                                         The Pediatric Audiology Clinic
The Pediatric                              Diagnostic Hearing Tests
                                           A child’s hearing can be accurately evaluated
                                                                                           Hearing Aids and Family Follow-up

Audiology Clinic                           as early as birth. A number of tests can be
                                           used to determine the degree and type of
                                                                                           Hearing Aids
                                                                                           If a permanent hearing loss is
The Pediatric Audiology Clinic at          hearing loss.                                   identified, hearing aids or other
the Center on Human                                                                        amplification devices are often
Development and Disability                 Behavioral Assessment                           recommended regardless of age. A range of devices
(CHDD) provides a full range of            Visual reinforcement and play audiometry        are fit at the Pediatric Audiology Clinic, including
audiological services for infants          techniques are used with infants and children   programmable and digital hearing aids as well as FM
                                           over the age of 6 months to determine           systems. The Desired Sensation Level (DSL) hearing
and children, including                    hearing sensitivity.                            aid prescription for children and real ear measures are
comprehensive hearing                                                                      used to custom fit hearing aids for an infant or child.
evaluations, follow-up and                 Brainstem Auditory Evoked
counseling with parents, and fitting       Response (BAER)                                 Parent Education and Counseling
of hearing aids and other                  The BAER is a physiological test conducted      Educating parents and helping them to make deci-
                                           during sleep that provides an evaluation of     sions for their children are integral parts of the
amplification devices.                     the auditory system. The BAER test is           process of diagnosing and managing hearing problems.
                                           routinely conducted in infants younger than
                                           6 months of age and with any child where        Follow-up and Referrals
                                           behavioral testing has not been successful.     If a hearing problem is identified, the child is moni-
                                                                                           tored closely through the clinic’s follow-up system to
                                           Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions                    ensure that children and their families are contacted
                                           (OAE)                                           for follow-up visits and do not “fall through the
                                           Recording of OAEs is also a physiological       cracks.” When a child is referred to other profession-
                                           measure of auditory function specific to the    als, the audiologist at CHDD may function as a case
                                           cochlea. In conjuction with the BAER,           manager to help the family coordinate visits and
                                           OAEs provide a complete evaluation of the       information.
                                           auditory system.
                                                                                           Multidisciplinary Evaluations
                                           Immittance Testing                              If there are concerns about a child’s general develop-
                                           Tympanometry is a measure of the function       ment, the audiologist may recommend that the child
                                           of the outer and middle ear and is used         be seen by other specialists. CHDD offers
                                           routinely to determine the status of the        multidisciplinary assessments by pediatricians, speech-
                                           conductive mechanism.                           language pathologists, psychologists, physical and
                                                                                           occupational therapists, nutritionists, and social

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