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					Adrian Garza

       Friends are an essential part in a person’s life; they influence the path you

take in your life in many ways. Friends are also capable of influencing your state of

mind as well as your tastes. My friends and I have many activities in common; we

enjoy the same activities and laugh at the same jokes. Even though we might be

different in many ways there is something that makes us enjoy our company.

Friends can have many different attitudes, but the most common ones are

hypocrite friends, angry friends, funny friends and good friends.

       First, hypocrite friends are the worst kind of friends anybody could have.

There’s friends that deceive you or some other friend. Normally hypocrite friends

will treat you really good and they would act as if they were great friends, but

when you least expect it they will turn their backs on you. You should really be

careful with these kinds of friends because they might really affect your life. I think

hypocrites are coward people and this is why I would never be hypocrite. When I

have a problem with someone or a disagreement, I would tell them to their faces,

never to their back or tell someone else what they are saying. Of course there are

different kind of hypocrites; those who say they would do something and don’t and

those who try to mess up your life while pretending to be your friends, either way

it is always better to avoid them. I remember one time a friend of mine had a really

good friend for years; I knew they were really good friends who practically never

fought each other. But one of them threw their friendship away because of a silly

fight and then start telling lies to the whole school, they are not friends anymore

and the other girl finally realized the truth about her “best friend”, she was not a

person that could be trusted as a friend and even though it hurts so much they

could mot be friends again because trust is something hard to get once you show

your true colors.

       Second, angry friends are not a very positive kind of friends you can have.

Everybody has friends that are always mad at something but even though he is

angry most of the times it is much better this kind of friend that you can trust that

a hypocrite. Once I had a friend that was constantly mad at everything, you could

just see his face and he was always with angry gestures and never had something

positive to say that it caused everybody to laugh just because of his negativity we

were so used to it that it was funny to hear what he had to say. Anyways, angry

people are not always so fun to be around with, when people are angry sometimes

they say things they really don’t want to say but it may affect your relationship

with them; my recommendation would be not to avoid this friends because

actually they are very good friends but it will be good for you to try to change their

mood and slowly turn them into positive and not angry friends.

       Third, funny friends are probably the type of friends many people like to be

around and the ones that have the center of attention most of the time. Funny

friends are the type of friends that will make you laugh so hard your stomach will

hurt. These friends are very special because they always have their own opinion;

they are very creative and can have a conversation with anybody. Funny people

can make you enjoy the worst situations every. Personally I love my funny friends;

they are awesome and I have nothing bad to say about them, the only negative

thing I could say about them and that is just because I like to give both sides of

everything is that sometimes they don’t take things seriously. They might not be

the kind of friends you need when you are in real trouble; he might better your

mood but it will be hard for him to get you out of that situation. I remember one

time I was with a friend and I had just gotten into a fight with my girlfriend, I was

so angry I couldn’t speak with anybody, I just wanted to break something. It

probably took him no more than one sentence to have me laugh so hard I just

wanted to cry, even though he did not fix the problem with my girlfriend, I was in a

good mood and when you fill that way it is much easier to solve a problem than to

try to solve it when you are angry because you are not thinking right.

       Finally, good friends are personally the best friends you could have around,

but they are actually the hardest ones to get. These kinds of friends are the ones

who will tell you the truth even though it is not what you want to hear. The kind of

friends that will pick you up from the airport even though it’s 1 hour away from

home. These friends would never let anybody hurt you, they are simply the kind of

friends that no matter what will always have your back in any situation. It is very

hard to get this kind of friends and you never actually know who these are until

really important situations happen when you really need these friends and they

show. Most people are blinded and think that they have so many friends and that

all of them would leave anything for them but that is totally false. There are very

few good friends and as years go by you will start realizing it and noticing how

some of your friends even though you hang out with them, and enjoy their

company they are not necessarily this type of friends. I am an example of this type

of friends, of course not to every single friend I have but to one specially who had

just got back from a 6 month trip from Canada; I got together a couple of friends

and ride over to the airport to welcome him back, I have always had his back since

we were little to the date we are still as close as friends can be, we are very good


       Friends, as I said are very important in life; I gave just a small area of how

friends might be. This doesn’t mean they can’t be combined; you might have a very

funny friend who is also a good friend, or even an angry good friend. You should

always have this in mind and try to be the best friend possible to everybody

because the way you treat others is the way you will be treated. “ Truly great

friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget”. I really liked

this quote because it is exactly what I was talking about; good friends are very few

so when you find them treat them how they deserve to be treated and he will help

you be a better person.


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