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									                             CAVE RUN SAILING ASSOCIATION                                                   September-October 2009
                                                                                                            Volume 26, Issue #4

                             The Main Sheet
                             W W W. C AV E RU NS A I LI NG. O RG
                             From the Bridge
                             Chris Bollinger, Commodore                                  
                             The summer zipped by for me, and probably you           But I promise
                             too. I did not sail as often as I wanted, but I love    you will have
                             living in this climate because the best sailing of      a great time
                             the year is still ahead of me. We all know the          and learn
                             wind gets better in the fall. The temperatures          more about
                             stay mild well into October (I've sailed on beauti-     sailing your
Inside this issue:           ful days in November and others even through            boat in 2 days
                             the winter!). That's why we have so many of our         of racing than
C’est La Joie de Vivre   2   bigger events in the fall. In my view, the most         you learned
Flying Scot 2009 NAC     3   important event in which you can participate is         all season in
                             our annual Charity Regatta on Sunday, Septem-           cruising. So
Sailing Classes          4   ber 20th. We team up with the Ladies of Psi Iota        even if you
                             Chi (Theta Nu Chapter) to raise money for the           are beginner,
Down-the-Lake Regatta    5   Lexington Hearing and Speech Center. In these           come on out
2009 Schedule            6
                             tough economic times, our outreach is so cru-           and try this.
                             cially important. We need help with all kinds of        Of course the
Grand Annual Regatta     6   things, but mostly, we need people to race their        Regatta Din-
                             boats. There is NO FEE for this regatta. Any            ner (Saturday Chris Bollinger
Youth Sailing            7   club member can enter their boat. I know so             evening) is      Commodore
Social Chairs            8   many say "Oh, I don't know how to race," but if         open to any-
                             you can sail your boat, we want you there. The          one (there is a $12 per person charge) and a great
                             "serious racers" want you there. We want you            evening of fellowship, sailing stories and good
                             there because we believe in this outreach and it        times. Even if you don't want to race, come on
                             helps fund raising each year if we have a good          out that weekend and join us all for a great eve-
                             showing. If you are new to racing this is a great       ning. We need help though! To pull this re-
                             low key event. If you are new to racing and need        gatta off, we MUST have people who can help
                             some advice or just a basic "how to", talk to one       with registration, meals and race committee. We
  Upcoming Activities        of the experienced racers, we'll get you going.         have an expert running the races, so even if you
                             So please come sail.                                    don't know much about racing you can help on
  • September 12                                                                     race committee a lot. Jim Dinger is the contact
                             Our big regatta, the Grand Annual, is the first
      Race 8                 weekend in October (this year it's October 3-4).        person, and let me know too.

  • September 20             This is a great weekend of racing. I look back          I hope to see all of you out on the lake this fall, at
                             on the 8 or 9 Grand Annuals I have done, and            least at the Charity Regatta. And remember,
      Charity Regatta
                             these constitute some of the best days I've had on      keep the pointy side up and the roundy side
  • October 3-4              the water (OK, fine, sometimes frustrating). The        down!
      Grand Annual           weather is often beautiful, the trees are starting to
                             turn and the geese are flying over. It is beautiful.
      Regatta                                                                        Chris Bollinger
                             And it's great racing! If you have never raced
  November 14                before, I know this can be a little intimidating.       Commodore.
     Annual Banquet

                                                           CRSA Charity Regatta
                                                            September 20, 2009
                                             Help support the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center:
                                                           All YOU have to do is SAIL!
                                     The Main Sheet                                                                     Volume 26, Issue #4
Page 2

C’est la Joie de Vivre
Scott and Jeanie Lee                                                                          

                                               trips were relaxing and
                                               uneventful and every-
                                               one had a good time.
                                               We also spent a good
                                               deal of time working
                                               on the boat, getting her
                                               fixed up and ready for
                                               the next leg of our jour-
                                               ney. One of the big-
Being on a boat that's moving through the
                                               gest projects was in-
water, it's so clear. Everything falls into
                                               stalling new refrigera-
place in terms of what's important and
                                               tion systems. The
what's not - James Taylor
                                               shore-power system
We had a wonderful summer on Lake Erie.        that was on the boat       Hydraulic dredge working on the Erie Canal near Amsterdam,
We were lucky to spend a lot of time with      when we bought her         NY. They hold us up for about 20 minutes while they move out
family and enjoyed every minute. Not hav-      never worked and was of the channel so we can pass. We are happy to give them all the
ing children of our own, we love to watch      too old and rusty for      time they need - they help keep our keel off the bottom!
the nieces and nephews growing up. It is an    anyone to try and re-
endless source of amazement that the little    charge. So it was time to remove it and           to have a cold freezer without having to run
babies we first met so long ago are turning    install two smaller units. What should have       the engine twice a day. Next I need to fig-
out to be such wonderful people. Kudos to      been a pretty simple installation turned into     ure out how to compensate for the in-
our brothers and sisters for being such su-    a major ordeal as the installer could not get     creased drain on the batteries!
perb parents.                                  the new units to hold their charge. After         Once the refrigeration was working we
We took a few trips on the boat this summer    two weeks of frustration that delayed our         were able to move on and begin the trip
to the islands, visiting Put-In-Bay, Kelly’s   departure by a week, the problem turned           south for the winter. We’ve completed the
Island, and Middle Bass Island. Plus a few     out to be an issue with the installer’s pres-     trip back through the Erie Canal and are
day-sails thrown in for good measure. The      sure gauges. It’s working now and it is nice      now on the Hudson River in Castleton-On-
                                                                                                 Hudson, NY. We will spend the fall on the
                                                                                                 Chesapeake Bay and explore the Florida
                                                                                                 Keys this winter.
                                                                                                Our departure this time had a completely
                                                                                                different tone than our departure in May
                                                                                                from Maryland. Then, our emotions were
                                                                                                held in check by an overwhelming to-do list
                                                                                                and the trepidation of beginning a new life.
                                                                                                This time our to-do list was shorter and
                                                                                                there was far less trepidation as we had
                                                                                                already been living on the boat for several
                                                                                                months. So we were much more aware of
                                                                                                our sadness as we prepared to leave our
                                                                                                family and friends behind. They have all
                                                                                                promised to come visit us, but with the
                                                                                                bustling lives of modern families we know
                                                                                                their visits will be too short and too few.
                                                                                                But we will cherish every moment and look
                                                                                                forward to spending more time with them
                                                                                                next summer because nothing is more im-
                                                                                                portant than family and friends.
An early start near lock 17 on the Erie Canal. The sunrise is quickly burning away the fog      For more photos and information visit
making way for a beautiful morning to cross Oneida Lake.                              
The Main Sheet                                                                      Volume 26, Issue #4
                                                                                                                 Page 3
Flying Scot® 2009 North American Championship (NAC)
David Davison, Rear Commodore                            
David Davison – Skipper of Flying Scot 2194           were a three race series held on Sunday, August
Bob Summerfeldt – Crew                                2nd. Monday and Tuesday’s three race Qualify-
The first week of August was a series of firsts       ing Series divided the 74 entrants into the Cham-
for this sailor: first vacation in Wisconsin, first   pionship and Challenger Fleets with a four race
NAC as a skipper, first racing in 3 to 6 foot         Championship Series on Wednesday, Thursday
waves with steady 20 knot wind and first time         and Friday.
trailering a boat through rush hour Chicago. The      Different weather, wind and sea conditions than
first three were enjoyable and challenging, the       these pond sailors are used to. Ephraim’s lati-
last sheer terror.                                    tude is high enough that the weather patterns
The NAC is an annual series of championships          cycle through much quicker than in Kentucky.
                                                      New front arrives at dusk, terrific thunderstorms
sanctioned by the Flying Scot Sailing Associa-
                                                      at night and gone the next morning with very
tion. This year’s event was hosted by the Eph-
                                                      little land effects. Monday 10 to 15 knots out of
raim Yacht Club and the Village of Ephraim.
                                                      the south-west, Tuesday out of the north with 3
Ephraim is a picturesque summer vacation place
                                                      to 6 foot waves and 15 to 20 knots, Wednesday
located on the eastern shore of Green Bay in                                                              Enjoying a 2 hour postponement
                                                      was the same as Monday, Thursday the wind
Lake Michigan. This was the first event of its
kind hosted by Ephraim and the village gra-           died – races postponed then abandoned, and
                                                                                                          Clockwise from below left: Our
ciously provided use of the town’s launching          Friday from the East at 10 to 15 knots.
                                                                                                          heroes at the Ephraim "Fire House"
facilities, town meeting hall and village green.      Bottom line - we came in 61st of 74 in the quali-   Launch Ramp; Flying Scots at the
Their hospitality was well worth the 815 mile         fying series and 23rd of 34 in the Challenger       Ephraim Yacht Club; FS-2194
journey.                                              Fleet. We did not sink the boat and no manatees     Rounding the windward mark; The
The Junior’s and Women’s Championships                were killed in this exercise.                       championship fleet on Aug. 7th.
                                      The Main Sheet                                                                      Volume 26, Issue #4
Page 4

Sailing Classes
Cliff Hynniman, Sailing Classes Registrar, ASA Instructor, Webmaster                  

While many would not associate Kentucky          was conducted at Kentucky Lake. The
with sailing, much less a model program          result is that we now have 7 instructors       Clockwise from Below: Captain Ed with the
which teaches large numbers of the public        certified to teach ASA 101, 103, 104, and      morning class; Captain Bill with the afternoon
to sail; the Cave Run Sailing School is just     105. The seven are Mark Arnold, Jim            class; Taking a break for lunch; Conferring
that. For the second consecutive year (2007      Bugay, David Davison, Jim Dinger, Cliff        diplomas to the graduates; Michelle at the
& 2008) we have been named an Out-               Hynniman, Jeff Lagrew, and Sam Moore.          helm; Chip at the helm; Tom at the helm;
standing School, from among over 300 pro-        Jeff is also certified to teach ASA 106,       Greg at the helm
grams affiliated with the American Sailing       107, and 114. In addition he has achieved
Association (ASA). In addition Jeff Lagrew       certification to teach other instructors via
was named Outstanding Instructor in 2008         Instructors Qualification Clinics. All of
by ASA. This year alone we have taught           the instructors use their own boats for
sailing skills to 55 people through all of our   teaching ASA classes.
combined classes. Thanks to all of the skip-
                                                 The ASA classes began in February with a
pers and instructors who have given of their
                                                 class of 8 gaining certification in ASA 105
time for sailing education this summer.          (Costal Navigation) taught by Jeff Lagrew
The Beginning Class offered in May was           with assistance from Cliff Hynniman. This
enjoyed by 33 new sailors, and most be-          summer ASA 101 was completed by 10
came new members of CRSA. The class              members at Cave Run Lake and was taught
was taught by Bill Lubawy and Ed Puter-          by Sam Moore, Jeff Lagrew, Jim Dinger,
baugh, with on the water instruction by          and me. Following this 9 members were
many CRSA skippers who volunteered their         certified in ASA 103 at Kentucky Lake,
time and boats. It was one of the weekends       which was taught by Jeff Lagrew, Jim
when we had lots of wind. Hopefully these        Bugay, Mark Arnold, and Sam Moore.
newbie’s will not be disappointed when
                                                 At this writing we have a number of mem-
they experience more typical weather at
                                                 bers interested in taking ASA 104 during
Cave Run.                                        an upcoming CRSA costal cruise. We
Our initial planning for ASA courses this        already have a few reservations for future
year was based on our having only two cer-       navigation and beginning classes. Please
tified ASA instructors. However, with the        contact me for scheduling or for more in-
Club’s assistance and ASA’s willingness, a       formation.
week-long Instructors Qualification Clinic
The Main Sheet                                                                     Volume 26, Issue #4
                                                                                                                 Page 5
                                        CRSA instructor Sam Moore teaching the ASA
                                        101 class this summer

Cliff Hynniman                                                                             ASA instructor Captain Lenny with CRSA’s
                                                                                           new ASA certified instructors Sam Moore, Mark
Webmaster, Sailing Class Regis-                                                            Arnold, Jim Bugay, Cliff Hynniman, Dave Davi-
trar and Instructor                                                                        son, and Jim Dinger. Congratulations!

Flying Scot® Dominates Down the Lake Regatta
David Davison, Rear Commodore                                                                  
David Davison – Principle Race Officer          The race was abandoned as the MM-II con-        “clip”. The lightest teenager was only
                                                tinued to drag towards a lee shore and had to   hoisted 5’ above the deck before this ap-
This year’s Down-the-Lake Regatta was
                                                be rescued by a tow from the marina. The        proach was abandoned. Act II we decided
interesting to say the least. Beth Jett was
                                                higher winds and thunderstorms didn’t ar-       we could reach the line from the upper deck
gracious in loaning the club the Jett Set II
                                                rive until 10:00 p.m.                           of the Jett Set II. Not even close. For the
for the weekend. For the first time
                                                                                                         final Act III we heeled the Hunter
in the Down The Lake Regatta we
                                                                                                         over to get closer, lashed three boat
had an off-lake entrant, Ian Petko-
                                                                                                         hooks together with duct tape and
Bunney and his family, racing a
                                                                                                         successfully retrieved the halyard
Flying Scot.
                                                                                                         to the amazement of the F-dock
The weather forecast was ominous                                                                         community.
with 10 to 12 mph winds with
                                                                                                         Sunday, the MM-II started, and was
occasional thundershowers fore-
                                                                                                         not turned off until returning to her
cast for the weekend. This could
                                                                                                         mooring. The winds, forecast to be
allow for some extra-adrenaline
                                                                                                         10 to 12 mph, turned out to be a
rush sailing, but created near im-
                                                                                                         dead calm until noon. They then
possible conditions for the large
                                                                                                         picked up enough to start and com-
houseboat Jet Set II to navigate the
                                                                                                         plete a good race to Tacker’s Alley
lake. The six skippers and Princi-
                                                                                                         and back. By the time the last
pal Race Officer decided on a two
                                                The “raft up” cookout was held on the Jett      cruiser had crossed the finish line, our
long race series followed by a “raft up” on F
                                                Set II and the sailors provided plenty of en-   guests, the Petko-Bunney Family, had fin-
                                                tertainment for the house boaters. A Hunter     ished, retrieved their Flying Scot, taken
The starting line was set, but the club com-    29 lost control of its main halyard and it      down the mast and were on their way home.
mittee boat Margaret Mary II soon started       flew to the top of the mast. Act I was the
                                                                                                To quote the owner of the Hunter 29: “no
dragging her anchor and would not start.        bosun’s chair attempt in retrieving the
                                                                                                manatees were killed in this exercise.”

                                     Catalina 22 For Sale                                             The Main Sheet will run
     New bottom paint, faired keel, reconditioned trailer with all new tires.                         classified ads for members
                                                                                                      wishing to sell their boats
  This boat needs to be actively sailed and is capable of traveling anywhere.                         or for members and poten-
                                     $4,000                                                           tial members wishing to
                Chuck Emrich cell 859-270-2199 home 859-263-0030                                      buy boats. Contact Scott
                                                                                                      Lee - Main Sheet Editor
              Have suggestions or comments for The Main Sheet?                                        with details.
      We’d love to hear them! We are always looking for sailing photos!
           Send an email to Scott Lee at                          
The Main Sheet                                                                   Volume 26, Issue #4

                                                                                                             Page 6
CRSA Grand Annual Regatta
Jim Dinger, Vice Commodore                                       

COME OUT TO MEET IN-               We also need volunteers to         Come out and enjoy the party
TERESTING SAILORS                  cook dinner on the grills for      in the newly designed West
FROM ALL OVER, The                 Saturday evening and staff the     Group at Twin Knobs Camp
GRAND ANNUAL IS AP-                breakfast line on Saturday and     Ground, with great camp sites,
PROACHING FAST                     Sunday morning.                    large fire pit, new bathroom
(OCTOBER 3 AND 4): We                                                 facilities, and even electrical
                                   Any musical talents would be
need many volunteers to staff                                         hookup. You’ll meet the most
                                   appreciated on both nights
registration/sales Friday eve-                                        interesting people!
                                   around the large fire pit.
ning Oct 2 and Saturday morn-
                                                                      Contact Jim Dinger, Vise Ad-
ing, Oct 3, and after racing on    Non-racers are really encour-                                        Jim Dinger
                                                                      miral, at 859-338-7939 or
Saturday and Sunday, Oct 4.        aged to help CRSA make this                                          Vice Commodore
                                   event enjoyable and profitable.

                                  CRSA 2009 Calendar                                                              Photo Credits
                                                                                                            David Davison, Cliff Hynni-
                                                                                                            man, Scott Lee, Jeanie Lee,
 Sept 12 (Saturday)                                        8th Race
                                                                                                            Bill Lubawy, Derek Eggers,
 Sept 20 (Sunday)                                          Charity Regatta                                   Ben Askren, Valerie Ask-
                                                                                                               ren, Chip Towns, Ted
 Oct 3-4 (Saturday-Sunday)                                 Grand Annual Regatta                             Brandewie, Jim Dinger, and
                                                                                                                    many others.
 November 14 (Saturday)                                    Annual Banquet 6-10 PM                                   Thank you!

Above: Approaching lock 34 on the Erie Canal. Note the old locks on
the right now replaced by the big locks on the left. Top right: A pigeon
joined us for several hours as we crossed Lake Erie. Right: Overlook-
ing Put-In-Bay with Joie de Vivre in the foreground to the right.
The Main Sheet                                          Volume 26, Issue #4
                                                                                      Page 7

Youth Sailing
Ted Brandewie, Youth Sailing Instructor                  
The new Optimists are great! Thanks to the Club
for buying them; they have been a treat for the
Youth to sail. Though we try to give each Youth
their own sailboat, if there is a heavy turnout or we

                                                              this year, and more trips to Jacobson will be com-
                                                              ing as the water continues to be warm and the
                                                              winds get better in the Fall. Last year I even tried

have a brand new sailor, we will double up and the
boats still sail well, even for me with a smaller
child in the boat. We have gone out 5 times so far

                                                              on Halloween day, but the young sailors had other
                                                              plans! See the pictures of the Youth in action.
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 The Cave Run Sailing Association is an all volunteer, non-
 profit association dedicated to (1) promoting both leisure and
 race sailing, (2) conducting sailing education classes, (3)
 providing a forum for good will and social activities among
 those interested in sailing, and (4) participating in charitable             See this newsletter in full color on our website:
 activities. Membership information can be obtained on our
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From the Social Chairs
Ben and Valerie Askren                                                                

A big round of applause to Bob                     and lots of new faces. Facing
Woods, chef extraordinaire, for                    adversity with our best genoa
hosting the July summer social at                  forward, the crews capped off
his home. Bob not only provided                    an excellent day of fiascos with
the venue, but also the barbecue                   ice cold beer, fabulous food,
ribs, wonderful sides, and spec-                   and famous Jett Set II hospital-
tacular desserts. Needless to say,                 ity.
we feasted. Thanks also to the
set-up and clean-up crews. The                     Please go ahead and mark your                   CRSA
club was also able to auction off                  calendars for the annual ban-              Annual Banquet
three of our used prams, with                      quet, to be held Saturday, No-                Saturday,
possible takers for the other two.                 vember 14, at the Bodley-
                                                                                               November 14th
                                                   Bullock House, 200 Market St,
The Down-the-lake Regatta was                      in the Gratz Park Historic Dis-          Bodley-Bullock House
highlighted by an uncanny string                   trict of Lexington. The dinner              200 Market St.
of mechanical failures, 40 mph                     will run from 6 pm - 10 pm,                 Lexington, KY
winds that never materialized,                     with more details forthcoming.

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