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Venn Diagrams Homework Worksheet

  1) Twenty-five girls are on a school’s volleyball team. Thirty-two girls are on
     the cross-country team. Five are on both the volleyball and the cross-
     country team.

           Part A       Complete the Venn Diagram below.

           Part B       How many girls are on at least one of the teams?

  2) In a house made up of 9 rooms, 6 rooms have painted walls, 2 rooms have
     ceramic tiled walls, and 1 room has both painted and ceramic tiled walls. How
     many rooms do not have either painted or ceramic tiled walls?

                                                                            Over 
3) A store selling major appliances has 550 sales this week. 300 sales are for
   appliances only, 10 sales are for extended service agreements only and 100
   sales are for appliances and extended service agreements. How many sales
   are not for appliances or extended service agreements?

4) There are 24 families living on Winding Road. 16 families have children with
   boys, 12 families have children with girls, and 10 families have both boys and
   girls. How many families do not have children?

5) There are 500 houses in a rural area. 300 houses get billed for electric, 60
   houses get billed for gas and 20 houses get a bill for both electric and gas
   usage. How many houses do not get a bill for either gas or electricity?

6) During lunch at Lakewood Middle School seventy-one students chose juice
   and sixty-two students chose milk. Thirty-two students chose both juice
   and milk. Each student chose at least one of these beverages. How many
   students ate lunch at Lakewood Middle School?

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