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OWA Archive Overview


									Using the Archive in Outlook Web App

Your inbox only stores e-mail within 30 days. After 30 days, all of your e-mail (including e-mail you have
in your Cabinet folders) will automatically move to archives. Outlook Web App archive enables you to
view mail 30 days and older. The archive setup mirrors your inbox setup. Your Cabinet and its sub folders
display in your archive as well.

   (1) To view the archive, log in to your e-mail account.
   (2) At the bottom-left of the window, there is a Navigation Pane.
   (3) Click on M+ Archive.



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After clicking on M+ Archive from the Outlook Web App, you will be taken to your Archive. It is important
to realize that ANY mail (including mail from your inbox or cabinet folders) that is 30 days or older, will
automatically archive here. The archive looks and is setup similar to your Outlook Web App inbox.

      Hit the BACK ARROW on your web browser
      to return to your Outlook Web App mailbox.

                                                Hit the arrow to
                                              expand and choose
                                               a preview option.

                                                   Enter a keyword or                     Hit the drop
                                                   name to look for in                   down arrow to
                                                     your archives.                       Log Out and
                                                                                         return to your

                                         ALL mail 30 days and
  Hit the
                                        older is located in this
 arrows to                              archive. Any mail that
                                        hasn’t been moved to a
                                       cabinet folder or deleted
                                             will be here.

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The calendar in Archive holds all previous meetings, events, and reminder notes. Any and all items you
have in your Groupwise calendar prior to the migration date (July 16, 2012) will be in your Calendar

                                                  There are different
                                                   calendar views to
                                                     choose from.

             You can go back
                and forth
             between folders.

                                                      Depending on the calendar
                                                      view (day, week, or month)
                                                      these arrows will move you
                                                         forward or backward.

                To view details,                                                                          The drop down
                double-click on                                                                          arrow allows you
                    an item.                                                                                to choose a
                                                                                                         month and year.

                                                                 Hover over an item
                                                               with your curser to see
                                                                the time, subject, and

              If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at 573-214-3333 or extension 25888.

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